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Getting Social Online at NMX ’13


If you’re taking photos at #NMX, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page, or on Twitter or Instagram using the #NMX hashtag.

If you’re coming to NMX in Las Vegas, it’s a good bet you’re social savvy. You know how to tweet, have a presence on Facebook, pin on Pinterest and even give G+ a whirl from time to time.  That’s good, because being social is a great way to not only share with NMX attendees, but it’s also a way to make those who can’t attend feel as if they’re with us anyway.

While we hope the majority of your conference socializing is of the offline variety, what follows are the different things you need to know about getting social (online) at New Media Expo.

Where to Follow Us

First and foremost – Come to where the action is.  We’re going to be quite busy and probably won’t be updating all of our channels every day, but you can bet there will be plenty of activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What follows is a list of places to follow NMX so you don’t miss a thing:

  • Facebook: Look to be inundated with photos and updates coming from New Media Expo ’13.
  • Twitter: We announced earlier this year that we have a new Twitter handle – @NewMediaExpo
  • Google+: We still have a regular presence on Google+ and will do our best to update when we can.
  • Instagram: Follow us on Instagram @NewMediaExpo and use the tag #NMX to view photos or upload your own. And don’t forget to take part in our Instagram photo contest!
  • Pinterest: We may not be updating Pinterest from the show but check out our speaker board to learn more about NMX ’13 presenters.
  • The NMX blog: For goodness sakes, don’t forget about the blog. We’ll offer regular updates and news.

Using Hashtags

The official hashtag for New Media Expo ’13 is #NMX. Use this hashtag when referring to our conference on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. The social business portion of NMX, BusinessNext also has a hashtag: #biznext.

Many speakers offer hashtags for their specific sessions which they’ll announce at the beginning of their presentations. It helps them to gauge the enthusasiam, support, and reaction of attendees if you tweet about their sessions using their hashtags, and it’s also a way to share feedback to both NMX and speakers.  If you have room in your tweets, do try and use the #NMX hashtag in addition to others.

The “Boots ‘N Blogs” country music showcase and closing night party also has a hashtag – #bootsnblogs. Use this hashtag to tweet about the musicians, the venue, the people you meet and the sponsors.

Reaching out to the NMX team

The NMX team is here for you. Please feel free to approach us with any questions, comments, hugs, handshakes, and feedback at any time during #NMX. Many of us will be hanging out in the New Media Lounge, so please have a seat and chat with us. If you have a question and you don’t see anyone from the team, or, if you’re feeling a bit shy, we’ll be checking the social networks regularly. Reaching out to us on Facebook and Twitter are your best options because we’ll be checking them the most. And please, feel free to email me at deb@blogworldexpo.com with any questions or concerns.

Sharing your stuff with the #NMX community

There are so many people who wanted to make it to NMX so bad but just couldn’t swing it this time. Your social participation will help them to attend vicariously. We would love for you to post your photos and comments on our Facebook page, share images on Instagram using the hashtag #NMX, and share tweets, images and more on Twitter.

Sharing on the social networks also helps us to track the success of NMX. Through your social sharing, we know which aspects of  New Media Expo worked out well, and where the clunkers happened. We know which exhibitors are receiving the most buzz, and who was the most accommodating to the NMX community. We learn if the NMX team is being helpful and supportive to our community, or if we need to take someone out back to the woodshed.  You help shape our conference, so please don’t be shy.

We look forward to your sharing on the social networks next week at NMX. Let’s see what we can do to make the hashtag really explode!

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