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Announcing the NMX ’13 Instagram Contest


Nothing is more rewarding for conference organizers like us than seeing photos of our events shared online. Though we have an official photographer roaming the New Media Expo floor, it’s your candid shots that really capture the essence of NMX and what we feel it’s all about. At BlogWorld NY, our #BWENY hashtag showed great activity on Instagram.  At NMX ’13 in Las Vegas, we’d like to reward our community for sharing their photos on Instagram, by offering a chance at three different prizes.

First, the details.

NMX ’13 Instagram Contest: The Guidelines

We’re not going to be too strict about this, but we do have a few guidelines:

  1. All eligible photos must be posted on Instagram using the #NMX hashtag: We love to see your photos on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, but for your images to be eligible, they must be posted to Instagram using the correct hashtag – #NMX.
  2. Photographs must be posted between the dates of Saturday, January 5th and Wednesday, January 9th: The contest is being held while #NMX is in session, though we will add a day before or after to allow for parties, travel, etc.
  3. For a photo to be eligible, it must be taken at #NMX sanctioned events: it can be taken at NMX in any of the sessions, hallways, the New Media Lounge, the Expo floor or anywhere else in the Rio Conference Center while NMX is in session. Photos can also come from official #NMX parties, including the speaker reception. However, if the party isn’t an NMX event, it’s not eligible for submission in the Instagram contest.
  4. Photographs must be appropriate: We know you’re having fun, and the NMX community is generally well-behaved, but please, no middle finger salutes, boob shots or tasteless photos.

The Prizes

Of course you want to know why you should participate in the NMX ’13 Instagram contest. While we hope you’re going to post your photos online anyway, we do want to offer some incentive. Three winners will receive passes to New Media Expo ’14. The winners will be chosen in the following categories:

  • Humor – Make us laugh!
  • Geekiness – One random, geeky photo of NMX co-founder Dave Cynkin’s choosing will win a prize. What does that mean? We don’t know either. Surprise us!
  • Spirit – The photo that best captures the spirit of NMX – why we do what we do and why people come to our show every year. Is it the networking? Is it the learning? You tell us!

See you at #NMX!

We can’t wait to see you at NMX and look forward to seeing your photos on Instagram. Every photo meeting the above criteria is eligible. See you in a few days!


  • Aaron

    Is Facebook sponsoring this? Disappointed to see the contest restricted to Instagram rather than something more open…

    • Allison

      Hey Aaron,

      Deb can probably answer this question better when she gets back online, but I think there were a few reasons we decided to limit to Instagram. One is that we’d love them to come to our conference, so we want to show them what we’re all about! But more importantly, we’re also still a very small staff and need to create contests that are scalable. When spread across multiple networks, it’s harder to manage a contest especially during the show (not to mention directions for entering are more confusing for participants). The good news is that Deb is always coming up with new, cool ideas for contest and special stuff for the community, so even if Instagram isn’t your thing, there will be other stuff to enter in the future. 🙂

  • Linda Sherman

    I look forward to participating in this contest. I love posting NMX photos on Instagram anyway. I have many photos on the #BWENY hashtag. But I do see Deb’s point about being at the event. In NYC, I included photos of “here I am in NYC walking on my to the conference center” … well you have to admit NYC is one giant photo opp.

    The link below has tips for maximizing connections at conferences – which includes taking and posting photos.

  • Thanh Pham

    I like this idea. I’ll be taking plenty of pics as soon as I arrive tomorrow!

  • Dan Gorgone

    So… were any results posted? Looked like there were a lot of pictures from the event on Instagram.

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