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NMX Keynote: The Future of Podcasting with Leo Laporte, Norman Pattiz, and Noah Shanok


We’re happy to announce that Leo Laporte, Norman Pattiz, and Noah Shanok will be taking the keynote stage at NMX 2014 for “The Future of Podcasting.” This keynote is starting at 9:00 AM on Monday, January 6 – don’t be late!

Leo Laporte Leo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, most recently focusing on technology coverage for radio, television, and the Internet. Leo launched his network in 2005 with its first show, “This Week In Tech”, and continues to host that show and 10 others on the network, including “Macbreak Weekly”, “The Giz Wiz”, “Before You Buy”, “Security Now”, “This Week In Google”, “Triangulation”, “Windows Weekly”, “iPad Today”, “Know How…,” and “The Tech Guy”. He also directs the network as a whole, hiring staff, originating new shows, and approving all advertising.

Read his full bio here.

Norm Pattiz Norman Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One which under his leadership became America’s largest radio network and provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry. In 2010, Norm created Courtside Entertainment Group and most recently (January 2013) introduced PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales, the leader in national podcast marketing and sales and digital audio content on demand. The PodcastOne platform is home to over 200 of the most downloaded podcasts in the industry. The company now produces its own original content including The Steve Austin Show, Kathie Lee Gifford, Chris Jericho, Dennis Miller, Brandi Glanville, Dr. Drew and Bret Easton Ellis. PodcastOne is also the home of The Adam Carolla Network, Dan Patrick, Jillian Michaels, NPR New York and Los Angeles, CBS 60 Minutes, The Nerdist and Jay Mohr, most of which are represented exclusively for national advertising by PodcastOne Sales.

Read his full bio here.

noah shanok Noah Shanok is the CEO of Stitcher, Inc. He is furthering the movement to bring personalized, on-demand, quality, and always-current audio content to listeners everywhere. He was the founding VP of Sales for StubHub, an online ticket market- place that sold to eBay in January 2007. Noah also worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and as a fixed-income trader at JP Morgan Chase & Co. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BS from Skidmore.

Read his full bio here.


If you don’t have your ticket to NMX 2014 yet, there’s still time. Secure your seat today so you can be in the audience for this keynote and the rest of our keynotes and sessions.

Join Us for the 2014 Military Track at NMX!


We’re proud to announce that we’re bring the military track back to NMX for another year. Did you know that a huge percentage of NMX speakers and community members are vets or active duty military? We believe this is telling – the military prepares you for success in the new media world!

This track is sponsored by the U.S. Army. Special thanks to John and Antonio from High Speed Low Drag for helping us with this track!

You don’t have to be in the military to learn from our speakers in our military track. Join us for the following sessions on Sunday:

antonio centeno 1:30 – 2:15: Reinventing Yourself Through Social Media: From The US Marines To The Fashion Industry

Antonio Centeno made what would seem like an unlikely career change–he went from being a marine to working in the fashion industry. At his session, he’ll be talking about how he made this transition and how social media helped him reinvent his brand. If you’re thinking about making a branding change or beginning to work in the new media world after working in another field, this is a session you don’t want to miss.

Add this session to your schedule here.

Scott Fussell 2:30 – 3:15: Skills the Military Teaches that Can Help You Succeed in Business and Life

The military teaches you skills you need on the battlefield, but those skills can also help in other areas for your life. Scott Fussell from Command Your Business will be moderating this session. Panelists include Jared Easley, Brian Selke, and Jenn Selke. Join us to learn about the valuable skills learned in the military that make vets successful in the business world.

Add this session to your schedule here.

john dumas 3:30 – 4:15: What The Military Taught Me About Building A Multi-Million Dollar Company Via Social Media

Vets are often great entrepreneurs. Why? Join John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire and Dre Armeda and Tony Perez from Surcuri to learn why their military experience was invaluable and how they grew multi-million dollar business. You can learn from their successes even if you aren’t a vet (and if you are, you have a special advantage!). This is must-attend session if you want to grow your business!

Add this session to your schedule here.

Are you active duty military? Please join us at NMX as our special guest. Simply bring your military ID to the registration desk to get a free pass to our military track on Sunday.

Why Blogs Are the Future for 2014 and How to Prepare Your Blog for the New Year


blogs are the future

As the calendar inches ever closer toward the new year, there’s never been a better time to talk about blogging. Everywhere you go these days, someone’s saying something about how many blogs there are and how the blog world is over-saturated. Could these ideas actually be true? Are blogs over, or is 2014 a good time to start your own? What will 2014 hold for blogs—how will things change, and how will they stay the same? If you already blog, how can you prepare your blog for the next season?

To help answer those questions, let’s look at what the experts are saying about why blogs do matter—along with strategies for making the most of your blogging efforts.

Blogs Still Matter

Despite what you may have heard, blogs are not done yet. “The need for an online presence has never been stronger,” says Jayson DeMers at Search Engine Watch. “[But] the landscape has never been more competitive.” Whether you’re thinking about improving your business’s search results or looking to become an authority in a specific niche, blogs are powerful, especially when you know how to use them. Below, consider what experts are saying:

  • “Extremely Relevant.” In February 2013, Clayton Lainsbury wrote at the content marketing site Crowd Content Resources that “intelligent marketers still know that blogging is extremely relevant if you apply it properly in a social and mobile driven world.” His point is that the world is online—and blogging gives you a way to reach it.
  • “There’s No Better Way.” In an April 2013 blog post at Social Media Today entitled “Blogging is More Important Today than Ever Before,” author Nicole Beachum said, “There is not a better way to add relevant content to your website on a regular basis than to utilize a blog.” Citing reasons like search engine optimization and keeping up with the competition, Beachum goes so far as to say hiring a professional is a savvy step.
  • “Effective Marketing Strategy.” According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Report for B2B content marketers, 62% of marketers still see blogging as an effective content strategy.
  • “A Public Record.” There are intangible benefits to blogging, which is something personal bloggers like Lisa Endlich understand well. For individuals as well as businesses, blogging offers a place to chronicle your story and connect with like minds.

How to Blog Strategically in 2014

Based on a Google Talk given in October at PubCon 2013, staying ahead in the blog world is simply a matter of knowing what to expect. With that in mind, here are some tips for making the most of your blogging efforts, at least in terms of search results, next year:

  • Focus on Quality: Search engine algorithms are always changing, but one bottom-line principle stays the same: High quality content works. Rather than worrying about how to trick the search giants, focus on publishing the highest quality content you can.
  • Benefit Your Reader: If you aren’t answering the #1 reader question of “Why should I care?” you’re sabotaging your own blogging efforts. Look at your blog right now—what does it offer? What do your readers gain? Why should they come back? Make those answers crystal clear in order to prepare your blog for the new year.
  • Blog Like You Talk: As voice searching grows in popularity, blogs that are written the way people talk may rank higher.
  • Niche = Authority: The more specific and focused your blog topic, the better your chances of becoming an authority in your field. Rather than blogging about food, for example, blog about gluten-free, dairy-free recipes. Rather than blogging about lifestyle, blog about being a stay-at-home dad of twins in New York City. Look for ways to specialize, and you become more valuable.
  • Make the Most of Social Media: Social profiles are not only good for building relationships, but also they help you increase online authority. Search engines look at social activity—how often your blog is mentioned, linked to, etc.—to determine ranks.
  • Know Your Goals: Gone are the days when all you hope for with a blog is a reader. Moving forward, bloggers will need to determine their exact goals (Conversions? Subscribers? New leads?) to quantify success.

Your Thoughts

Will you or your business be blogging in 2014? What changes are you making to prepare for the new year? What changes do you think are important?

Image credit: Bigstock (altered)

Lynette Young and Lee Odden are Kicking Things Off at NMX 2014


Five days from now, I hope you join me for what promises to be an amazing opening keynote at NMX 2014.

Actually, you’ll get two for the price of one with this keynote! We’re happy to be welcoming both Lynette Young and Lee Odd to the stage for two mini keynotes that we know will inspire you to create better content and build your business.

lynetteyoungpic002 Our opening keynote will start with Lynette Young presenting “The Myth of the “Overnight Success”: How to Build an Iceberg in 25 Years or Less.”

There is a myth in the online space about lucky people that become an “overnight success” out of nowhere. It’s bunk. Or more specifically, an iceberg.

However you look at it, it takes a lot more than showing up to the party to achieve success. Lynette Young has been a technology and marketing professional for 25 years, one of the earliest bloggers and podcasters, and now a huge Google+ fan. Find out how it took her so long to become an “overnight success” – including how to dig deep and find your own version of instant stardom.

Make sure to add Lynette’s keynote to your Sched schedule to let others know you’ll be in the audience.

lee odden Following Lynette, Lee Odden will take the stage to present “Blogs to Riches: 10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Blogging.”

In the process of writing 2,600 blog posts and over a million words over 10 years, Lee has learned numerous lessons about where blogging fits in a digital marketing and PR mix. For Lee and his boutique digital marketing agency, blogging has lead to a successful, growing business that includes a social network community of over 300,000, a book deal, mentions by WSJ, NY Times, The Economist, speaking engagements all over the world, consulting engagements with large companies and major brands like McKesson, Dell, HP, General Mills and LinkedIn as well as media partnerships with major marketing conferences.

In his keynote presentation at NMX, Lee will share key lessons that any business can use, on how he and a very small team have been able to leverage smart, creative and results focused blogging to earn huge returns on their efforts – from blogs to riches.

Lee’s keynote can be added to your Sched schedule as well by clicking here.

We’re pumped to see both of these keynotes and hope you are as well! If you don’t have your ticket to NMX 2014 yet, you can pick it up here.

Going Viral: Learn How to Write Popular Posts from This Blogger’s Success


Paula Pant Going viral: we all want it, yet it seems impossible to achieve unless you’re already a popular blogger. What about up-and-comers? Do we have any chance of hitting that traffic jackpot with one of our posts?

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Paula Pant about how she writes popular posts. Paula will be speaking about the art of jaw-dropping content at NMX 2014 (get your tickets here). Here’s a little preview of what you can expect at the show:

Allison: What has been your most popular post of all time and why do you think it was?

Paula: My most popular post is one that I think the NMX community would also love: Stop Crying That There Are No Jobs. Create One.

I wrote this post after speaking back-to-back at two conferences: one for journalists, and one for bloggers.

I felt that many of the people I met at the journalism conference were feeling pessimistic about the future. Newsrooms were on hiring freezes, were laying off their reporters, or were shutting down entirely. Major newspapers like the Rocky Mountain News had recently collapsed. There was an undercurrent of “we’re screwed.”

Then I went to a blogger conference. Most of the people there had no formal training in writing or storytelling. But they were ultra-optimistic about the future. They spotted online opportunity everywhere they looked.

I’m a journalist-turned-blogger, and I write about shattering limits, ditching the cubicle, and living life on your own terms. My readers are the type of people who refuse to get confined by limits. If no one will create a job for them, they’ll create one for themselves. That’s the Afford Anything way of life.

You write so many awesome posts – what do you think it was about this one in particular that resonated with so many people?

I’ve intentionally cultivated a readership that loves the idea of entrepreneurship, location independence, freedom, and controlling your destiny. The themes of this post fit my readership perfectly, and I used storytelling as my tool to illustrate that theme.

This isn’t an instructional post — it’s a motivational post — but not in the cliche-drenched, “rah-rah” cheerleader sense of the word. It motivates through telling a true-life story, not through reiterating feel-good slogans. Storytelling is our most primal form of linguistic communication; even young children love hearing stories.

How did you come up with a title for your post? Do you think that the controversial message contributed to the popularity?

Prior to this article, I wrote gentle headlines. The headline of this particular article is far more “in-your-face” than what I usually wrote.

After I saw it’s success, I began writing more controversial and opinionated headlines, such as “Quit Thinking About Consumption. Start Thinking About Creation,” and “The Rebel with a Retirement Plan.”

Popular posts are great, but as we all know, readers’ attention spans are limited. How do you keep people engaged after reading the post instead of bouncing onto the next thing?

I keep a call-to-action at the bottom of each blog post, encouraging readers to join my email list. After all, my goal is list-building, not just pageviews. I also internally link from the article to numerous other articles, use the nRelate plugin and the LinkWithin widget, and keep a list of my most popular posts on the right-hand sidebar site-wide. Lately I’ve also started using Opt In Monster to increase my list sign-ups, as well. I’ve been pleased to see that I consistently have strong metrics in average time-on-site and pages-per-visit.

When you were writing this post, did you have any idea how popular it would be? Or did it surprise you?

I had no idea that this post would become so popular. To be perfectly honest, I feel as though I’ve written plenty of posts that are better than this one. But my readers seem to adopt a different view.

I’ve found, in general, that the posts that become most popular catch me off-guard. I’ve learned to stop making any predictions about which posts will leap to the top of my most popular list. Instead, I focus more on the process — writing top-notch posts — and allow the results to unfold as they will.

Thanks, Paula, for a great interview! Remember, you can grab a ticket to see Paula speak live at NMX 2014. Make sure you’re in the audience to ask her any questions you might have about writing great content that goes viral!

Marshall Sylver is Taking the Stage at NMX 2014


Marshall Sylver We’re excited to announce that in a little over a week, our Platinum Sponsor Marshall Sylver will be joining us on stage at NMX 2014. Check out Marshall’s bio:

Marshall Sylver celebrates 45 years of entertaining, educating and empowering people. He has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Russel Simmons, Richard Branson and so many more.

He is a master at teaching people how to monetize in any business. He is also the world’s leading expert in subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. His training programs are sold around the world and over 5,000,000 people have used his programs.

Read the full bio here.

You are invited to enjoy our headline entertainer Marshall Sylver starring in Real Hypnosis Really Funny! Direct from the main stage of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino and with multiple appearances on David Letterman, Howard Stern and more.  Marshall will have you gasping in amazement and laughing until  you hurt.  What an astounding experience to take back to your blog, podcast or webcast. See the show or be the show just make sure you don’t miss Marshall in Real Hypnosis Really Funny!

Mark your calendar: Join us for a reception on Saturday, January 4 from 7:30 – 8:00 PM in Brasilia 4-7 (the NMX Keynote Ballroom) to network with other attendees, then stay to attend Marshall’s show, starting at 8:00 PM!


Marshall will also be taking the NMX stage for the Sunday afternoon keynote. At 4:30 PM, make sure you grab your seat for “Making Massive Money in New Media.”

In this keynote he will teach you how to lose the fear of making money, specific strategies you can put to immediate use, the power of irresistible influence and so much more. You will experience the power of full awareness hypnosis and watch the master himself persuade someone from the audience to buy something they didn’t even know they wanted and be grateful they did.

Plus Marshall Sylver is giving away tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. If you want to make more money than you ever imagined in new media you want to be there!

Don’t have your ticket to NMX yet? Make sure to grab your ticket now so you don’t miss Marshall’s show or keynote.

Super Session Spotlight: 5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand


Michael Hyatt At NMX 2014, we’ll be presenting several Super Sessions, which are longer and more in-depth sessions to kick off our Blogging, Podcasting, Web TV, and Business Tracks every day. Today’s Super Session Spotlight is all about Michael Hyatt, who will be presenting “5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand” in the Podcasting Track on Day One.

Michael Hyatt is the author of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. His blog also helps thousands of people learn to become better leaders through leveraging their influence. So, who better than Michael to speak about developing your personal brand?

We’re excited to be welcoming Michael to the stage at NMX to present the Super Session “5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand.” Get your ticket to the show here if you haven’t already!

Michael’s Super Session is one of the smartest time investments you can make at NMX 2014 if you’re interested in building your brand. Don’t just take my word for it! Here are some of Michael’s posts on this topic so you can get a feel for yourself about what to expect at this Super Session:

I also want to encourage you to check out this podcast episode with Michael (and one of our other awesome speakers, Chris Ducker) about the topic of personal branding. And of course, definitely check out Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael’s latest book.

Why are we bringing Michael back to the NMX stage?

1. He does it all.

We’re a conference about blogging, podcasting, web TV/video, and social business. Michael is a master of all four. He writes a wildly successful blog, releases a new podcast episode every Wednesday (in addition to being a guest on others’ podcasts), records video interviews with experts like Guy Kawasaki, and is former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S. Is there anything this guy doesn’t do?

2. He made the transition from old to new.

Our conference is all about new media, with respect to older media like traditional publishing. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be like pulling teeth to convince people in traditional media that Twitter, podcasting, and other online activities have merit. Michael has traditional publishing routes, yet fully embraces new media, and we love that about him.

3. You’re going to walk away feeling inspired – and with awesome tips you can put into effect immediately.

Motivation is important, but at NMX, we always strive to give you speakers who will not only inspire, but also give you actionable tips to implement. Michael delivers on both fronts. You can expect to walk away from his Super Session feeling motivated to make position changes and with sound advice on how to make those changes happen.

Will you be in the audience for Michael’s talk at NMX? If you don’t already have a ticket, make sure to secure your seat here! Michael will also be talking later in the conference on a Podcasting Track panel, so if you come to the show, you have the opportunity to hear him speaker twice. Hope to see you there!

How to Partner with Brands to Host Events


carol cain Looking for a unique way to monetize your blog? Tap into your influence! Brands are looking for bloggers who can host events, and one of our 2014 speakers, Carol Cain, has experience doing this. She was generous enough to share some of her tips and experiences working with brands to host events. Check out her advice:

I first started hosting events early in my blogging career, but after I had established myself as a local expert in my city (New York). I was able to leverage my experience and knowledge of the city as a destination and partner with attractions who wanted to reach out to a larger audience, in the most effective way possible. I would partner with local businesses and host Twitter parties and small media gatherings that would deliver the exposure they wanted, but also introduced them to a new group of influencers.

One of my most successful events was a brunch I hosted at the end of a blogging conference, off property, at a Loew’s Hotel in NYC. I partnered with RedPointPR, who represented the hotel at the time and also with Chevy/GM, who offered transportation to guests from the conference site to the event site. That event not only connected media with brands, exposed them to the hotel executives and provided everyone with a networking opportunity, but also reached an audience of over half a million on Twitter. Not to mention, the event was beautifully done.

The key has always been to choose the correct brand image and message as it relates to my own brand and message, over the money.

I also add value to my brand and influence by connecting businesses with opportunities that are not a good fit [for me], with bloggers and media who would be a better fit through references. I don’t make any money doing this, but it adds value in that is continues to support my role as a “expert” for lack of a better word in the space. Part of building a reliable brand and trusted reputation in a way that would bring financial opportunities is not totally wrapped around oneself. A valuable blogger is also one who can serve as a resource and connector to others. This also requires careful consideration, as these referrals are based on trust and confidence in delivery.

Thanks for the advice, Carol! Here are a few more tips for successfully hosting brand events:

  • Make sure you’re not breaking any rules. Often, brands want to host networking receptions and cocktail parties in conjunction with other events, like conference and trade shows. If this is the case, make sure you’re following event rules about outboarding. Don’t jeopardize your relationship with the event to work with a brand that is breaking these rules.
  • Set expectations before the event. It goes without saying that you should have a clear contract with the brand that outlines everything you will be doing before, during, and after the event. But also go a little further and have a conversation about expectations down to the last detail. What are the client’s goals? What do they hope to see from you? Why are they working with you instead of another influencer? For example, your contract might say that you’re going to tweet during the event. Are they expected pre-scheduled tweets so you can spend more time talking to guests? Are they expecting you to tweet pictures? Are they expecting you to use a certain hashtag?
  • Have a backup plan. With live events, nothing ever goes off without a hitch. What if your guest of honor misses his/her connecting flight and doesn’t make it? What if it is snowed out? What if the venue has a problem and cancels the day before? The list of what-ifs is never ending, and you don’t want to pay (or rather…not get paid) for circumstances that are out of your control. Make sure there is a backup plan discussed for postponed or cancelled events so you aren’t left standing without any options.

Have you ever hosted an event in conjunction with a brand? What are your best tips for making sure it goes smoothly?

Join Us for a Photo Walk at NMX 2014


photo walk Recently, we confirmed that Aaron Hockley and Darlene Hildebrandt will be leading a photography workshop, “Photography for your Website: from Camera to the Web” at NMX 2014, and now we have even better news for photographers: this dynamic duo will also be leading a photo walk at NMX 2014.

The official NMX 2013 Photo Walk will be held on January 3 starting at 3:30 PM. Meet us out front of Bally’s Hotel on the Strip – look for the gang with cameras near the garden and taxi stand area.

You do not have to be a professional photographer, or even have a fancy camera. Just come with whatever you have to take a few photos, even your Smart Phone is fine!

Then, attend Aaron and Darlene’s workshop to learn how to take those pictures to the next level.

This special event is free, but please register here if you’re thinking about attending so Aaron and Darlene know how many people to expect. See you at the show!

Introducing the .ME Loyalty Program: Awesome rewards from .ME to you! (Sponsored Post)


NMX December blog post_ME

For over ?ve years, the .ME domain has been the perfect virtual home for talented bloggers looking to personalize their online presence. We are therefore extremely excited to be back in our NMX booth for the opportunity to interact with some of the best and most promising bloggers, from all over the world.

We have developed a wonderful relationship with the NMX family over the years, and have enjoyed seeing the conference blossom and evolve, always at the cutting edge of digital content delivery. Having attended fantastic keynotes year after year, and having seen the work of talented bloggers that came to our booth, we truly have a special appreciation for the effort it takes to produce relevant content of outstanding quality, gain readership and be consistent about maintaining your blog while, oftentimes, juggling other commitments. Blogging is truly a labor of love, and can only be done if backed by great passion – the kind that can overcome burnout, blank page terror and procrastination fairies (yes, these are real. It’s been scientifically proven).

This is exactly the kind of passion we admire, and to honor the wonderful bloggers that are a part of the .me family, we are proud to introduce the .ME Loyalty Program. The platform, which will be available as of January 2014, is an exciting way to collect points and redeem rewards for showing your love for .ME. Rewards include T-shirts, domain name and hosting packages, gift card vouchers and much more!

It’s incredibly easy – all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up at http://dot.me
  2. Collect points
  3. Redeem rewards

Join the conversation, spread the word, bring your friends and become eligible for awesome perks and prizes!

You can join the .ME Loyalty Program during NMX by signing up with Facebook, and using the #domainME hashtag. We would also like to invite everyone attending NMX to stop by booth number 607 to chat with us, pose for personalized photos and take home awesome swag that we’ve designed for the blogger on the go.

For more information about the platform and program, follow our social media channels and keep an eye out for announcements:

We appreciate your support and hard work, and are looking forward to being able to give back to our outstanding community. Become a part of it today and help us make the Internet more personal!

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