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What is NMX, Really?


When I tell people about my job working for a conference, they often ask me, “Okay…what is your conference about?” So I tell them: it’s about blogging, podcasting, video production, social media, mobile, and all other things involving new media.

That’s the blanket answer, the informative answer. But I think the real answer is much deeper. What is NMX all about, really?

NMX is about having a voice.

NMX is about the people who get in front of the camera…

…and the people who are behind the camera.

NMX is about networking with people who really “get” you and your passions.

NMX is about meeting new friends…

…and seeing old ones after months or even years apart.

NMX is about speakers who will change the way you see the world.

NMX is about companies who will change the way you do business.

NMX is about meeting friends you “met” on social media in person for the first time.

NMX is about being proud of your accomplishments, and sharing them with the world.

NMX is you.

Thank you for making this the very best community in the world. Happy holidays, NMX. We hope to see you at our next event in Las Vegas this January!



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