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2012 Social Sharing Trends [Infographic]


With each passing year, we share more, invest in new tech toys, and the way we get the news of the day evolves. Information is everywhere and all of us are a part of shaping the social sphere around us. As we get ready to wrap up 2012, what will the year be known for? Who was the most talked about athlete this year? What country had the biggest growth in social? What was the most shared event? See what AddThis has to say about the trends from 2012 in this infographic.




  • Peter Elmhirst

    It’s amazing that Google+ continues to grow so slowly even with all of the emphasis on it and it’s info being put into search results. Maybe google can’t force it on us?!? 🙂

    • Amber Avines

      Yeah, it seems like it’s been slow to catch on. But, so was Twitter. It was full of die hard users before it ever really hit the mainstream. Time will tell.

  • Mark Kens

    Social media is growing year by year and its good for businesses, organization and for common people. I must say that its nice infographic of social media sharing trends of 2012. I am surprised that pinterest is growing with this pace, seems that soon it will become one in top 5 social media.

  • Christy Birmingham

    Well of course my eyes went straight to the title ‘Geek Stuff’ = excellent!

  • Lee

    took me a minute to get on board with social networking but after reading all the emedia and posts like this one how could i not?. So yea facebook and twitter were my first stops but now linkedin is looking like it might take over as the new mega trend social site getting over 2 signups a second

  • Bradley Anderson

    Did you know that 79% of Pinterest users are women? Did you know that Zappos users are 13x more likely to share a purchase on Pinterest than on Twitter? Did you know that Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites?

    Pretty surprising, eh? LOTS of other great Pinterest facts and figures here:


    Pinterest is the proverbial sleeping giant, ready to awaken. I’ve been convinced of this for quite some time.

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