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15 Past Presentations by Current NMX (BlogWorld) Speakers


When it comes to our conference content, the NMX/BlogWorld team doesn’t take things lightly. Our speaker selection can sometimes take a while, but that’s because we want to be sure our attendees are getting the most educational bang for their buck. Though some of our speakers are popular influencers in their space that you’ve seen at other conferences, we also look for leaders and experts you may not have heard of who bring a fresh perspective to some of your favorite topics and niches.

We thought it would be a nice way for you to learn about our speakers and their presentation style by viewing some of their previous presentations. What follows are slides from the past to give you a preview of what to expect in the future at New Media Expo ’13:

Slide presentations are presented courtesy of Slide Share.


1. Andy Hayes: “Why Your Website Sucks” from BlogWorld ’10

Andy will be presenting “Live Website Critiques: When You’re Too Close You Won’t See It” at NMX ’13.

2. Bob Dunn: How to Attract More Readers With a User-Friendly WordPress Site from WordCamp Chicago ’11

Bob will be presenting : “How to Laser Focus Your WordPress Blog in 60 Minutes” at NMX ’13.

3. C.C. Chapman: The Best Content Strategy: Tell Your Story and Be Amazing from Brand Camp ’12 Detroit

C.C. Will be presenting “How to Add Photography to Your Marketing Mix” at NMX ’13.

4. Chris Ducker: 10 Effective Tips on Managing Virtual Assistants

Chris will be presenting “45 Things New Media Content Creators Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants” at NMX ’13.

5. Ann Handley: How to Craft Your Company’s Storytelling Voice

Ann will be presenting at BusinessNext: Social at NMX ’13.

6. Justin Levy: Harness the Power of Webinars from Social Fresh West ’12

Justin is presenting as part of BusinessNext Social at NMX ’13.

7. Jay Baer: 18 Social Media Quotes My Wife is Sick of Hearing Me Say

Jay is presenting a Super Session at NMX ’13 called “Youtility: Why Smart Companies Focus on Helping, Not Selling.”

8. Rand Fishkin: Can’t Buy Me Love from Distilled’s Searchlove ’12

Rand is presenting a Super Session called “The Future of SEO: Social Meets Content” at NMX ’13.

9. Amy Vernon: Creating Content That Works from Social Fish.

Amy is presenting “How To Build Your Blog Community: Three Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets” and “Walk The Talk: How To Write For A Global Audience“at NMX ’13.

10. Tim Street: 10 Things You Should Do Before You Upload Your Online Video

Tim is presenting “It’s Alive! Livestreaming Tactics for Success“at NMX ’13.

11. Dr. Natalie Petouoff: Great Social Marketing is About Great Data: The State of Content and Engagement from OMMA Social

Natalie is presenting “How to Build A Personal Brand That Benefits Your Company” at NMX’s BusinessNext.

12. Lee Odden: Optimize – Attract and Engage More Customers: a Social Media Club Webinar

Lee is presenting “Companies That Hit The Bullseye With Their Social Campaigns” at New Media Expo.

13. Tamsen Webster: A Chaos Theory for Change

Tamsen is presenting “A Case Study for Maximizing Influencer Outreach (or Glasses, A Love Story)” at BlogWorld/NMX.

14. Guy Kawasaki 10 Hindsights Accumulated in the Past 35 Years from his Meno College Keynote

Guy is presenting at NMX’s BusinessNext.

15. Michael Brito The Rise of the Social Customer and Their Impact on Business from Meltwater Group’s Customer Event

Michael is presenting “The New Influencers: Brand Advocacy Inside & Out” at NMX’s BusinessNext.

What speakers and presentations are you looking forward to the most at New Media Expo ’13?



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