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November 2012

Social Media Crisis Management [Infographic]


Although teen and young adult students are some of the most entrenched in social media, it’s ironic that more colleges aren’t taping into social trends when it comes to crisis communication. The following infographic from OnlineColleges.net shows some interesting stats (and missed opportunities!) for today’s institutes of higher education. Although, truth be told, many businesses outside of academia are all too slow to embrace social media and implement it into their crisis communications plans, as well.

Social Media Crisis Management
Brought to you by: OnlineColleges.net

To learn how to incorporate social media into your business strategies, be sure to register for our BusinessNext Social conference which takes place in Las Vegas, January 6-8, 2013.

20 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Time Management


Brilliant Bloggers is a bi-weekly series here at NMX where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every other week, we’ll feature a brilliant blogger, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see more Brilliant Blogger posts or learn how to submit your link for an upcoming edition here.

This Week’s Topic: Time Management

Blogging takes a lot of work, so it’s no wonder that people with the best time management skills often make the best bloggers. At NMX 2013 in Las Vegas, speaker Craig Jarrow will be teaching us some can’t-miss time management tips in a session entitled “Productivity Power Panel: Learn the Tools, Tactics, & Workflows of Highly Productive Bloggers.” If you want to get started with time management today, though, check out today’s list of Brilliant Bloggers who have covered the topic.

Brilliant Blogger of the Week

Time Management Ninja by Craig Jarrow

Today’s edition of Brilliant Bloggers doesn’t feature a single post – it features an entire site! Craig isn’t just an a-list speaker for NMX; he’s also an awesome blogger. Craig writes at Time Management Ninja, where you can find all sorts of posts on being more productive in your career and at home.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

Remember, check out Craig’s upcoming NMX session to learn how to be a more productive content creator, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter at @TMNinja.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

  1. 25 Time Management and Blogging Tips for Creative People by Riyaz Sayyad (@riyaznet)
  2. A Tactical Guide To Increasing Your Blogging Productivity By 250% by Jason (@methodsem)
  3. Effective Blogging Time Management Tips For Lazy Bloggers by Sadhil Kumar (@mokshis)
  4. How to Blog Almost Every Day by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)
  5. How’s your Blogging Time Management by Nikk Parkingson (@stylingyou)
  6. Time Management For Bloggers! by Bosco Anthony (@boscoanthony)
  7. Time Management for Bloggers: Streamline and Maximize your Time Online with Tools by Marcela De Vivo (@marceladevivo)
  8. Time Management Tips for Bloggers by Jasmine
  9. Time Management Tips for Bloggers: The Major Time Absorbers by Korah Morrison
  10. Time Saving Apps for Busy Bloggers by Raul
  11. Tips from the Trenches: Best Blogger Productivity Tools by Darren Rowse (@problogger)
  12. The Top 50 Productivity Blogs (most of which you haven’t heard about) by Leo Babauta (@zen_habits)
  13. Top Productivity Bloggers Share their #1 Tip by Ciara Conlon (@ciaraconlon)
  14. Top Ten Productivity Tips for Bloggers by Harsh Agrawal (@denharsh)

Did I miss your post or a post by someone you know about time management? Unintentional! Help me out by leaving a comment below with the link.

Next Brilliant Blogger Topic: Small Business Blogging

I’d love to include a link to your post in our next installment– and if you head to the Brilliant Bloggers Schedule, you can see even more upcoming posts. We all have something to learn from one another, so please don’t be shy! Head to the schedule today to learn how to submit your post so I won’t miss it.

015 The Podcast Report – The Benefits of Being The First To Podcast Within Your Niche!


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report with my co-host, Megan Enloe.

In this episode we talk with Cesar Abeid from the Construction Industry Podcast. Cesar has an interesting story, in that he was the person to launch a podcast related to the construction industry. He will be leading a session at our next NMX event titled “The Benefits of Being The First To Podcast Within Your Niche!” We highly encourage you to attend this session to learn about the creative ways that Cesar has found to build his target audience who are not typically familiar with what a podcast is.

Also, in our conversation with Cesar, we share some tips for those who will be attending NMX for the first time. Some folks may be interested in checking out the New Attendee Orientation that will be held at the opening of the NMX event in January.

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Discount for Podcast Award Nominees and Finalists


Congratulations to the nominees and finalists for The 8th Annual Podcast Awards, which are hosted by Podcast Connect, emceed by Leo Laporte, and held in conjunction with New Media Expo in January at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas. We look forward to meeting the many nominees and finalists in person and want to extend an invitation to all of them to join us at the awards ceremony on January 7th.

Since the people who nominated the shows are not required to provide the podcaster’s contact information, we’re unable to reach all 5,000 nominees directly. However, Podcast Connect has compiled a list of the finalists below and we would like to invite each of them to provide their contact information so we can correspond with them. Additionally, all 5,000 Podcast Award nominees who confirm contact info will be added to New Media Expo’s Podcast Directory and will be given a discount to attend New Media Expo.

If you’re one of the nominees, we’re pleased to offer you a 30% on any NMX conference pass so you can attend our three-day event. A minimum purchase of an Exhibit Hall Only Pass is required to attend the 8th Annual Podcast Awards.

Nominees: Confirm your contact information here

If you’re one of the finalists below, we’d like to sweeten the deal and offer you a 50% discount on any NMX conference pass. Again, a minimum purchase of an Exhibit Hall Only Pass is required to attend the 8th Annual Podcast Awards.

Finalists: Confirm your contact information

New Media Expo is the world’s largest conference for bloggers, podcasters, and web TV and video creators. We hope you’ll join your fellow podcasters and other content creators at the conference and come congratulate the Podcast Award winners in person!


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A Survival Guide 4 Christian Men – Religion Inspiration
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Amateur Traveler – Travel
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Astronomy cast – Science
Authentic Life Radio – Entertainment
Awakenings – Cultural / Arts
Bad Dice Podcast – Gaming
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Caustic Soda – Education
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There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills: Finding Hidden Content Treasures for Your Blog


After blogging for a year or two, you likely have a rich library of evergreen content. Your blog is just bursting at the seams with these high-quality posts, but what gets the most attention? Whatever you’ve posted most recently. Some of your best content might never see the light of day again.

This content is gold. Older blog posts can be absolute treasures, helping you create new content and drive new readers to your blog. You just have to dig it out, dust it off, and repurpose it in the best way possible.

The Inspiration Bank

Since new content often gets the most attention, maybe it’s time to repurpose some of your old content into brand new posts. I keep a list of the very best posts I’ve ever written, and this is my inspiration bank. Even posts that are timely (i.e., not evergreen) can be part of your bank. What was most popular in the past and why? How can you replicate that success? Think about the topic matters you’ve covered and consider doing an update on them to create a brand new post for readers.

For example, let’s say you’re a political blogger. You probably covered the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections pretty closely. A year from now, it probably seems like those posts aren’t relevant – but they are! Posts that discuss candidates’ promises or predictions from yourself and others can be turned into excellent follow-up posts on the topic.

You can also use this kind of “updating” technique to produce high-quality guest posts. With guest posts, people are often more likely to visit specific posts you mention in the text rather than a general link in your bio at the end.

Build Your Mailing List

Old content – or should that be gold content – can also be extremely helpful in building your mailing list. Instead of writing a free ebook from scratch, are there post series that could be combined, edited, and formatted into a short ebook to give away in exchange for mailing list sign-ups? Or, you might be able to expand upon a post, breaking down your advice into more detail so you can turn the post into a longer format giveaway.

You can also look to see which posts were most popular and then offer a free webinar or e-course on the topic. Use your older posts as a jumping off point for this kind of education. It’s much easier than starting from scratch.

Reshare Instead of Repurpose

If a post is truly evergreen, repurposing it might not make as much sense as simply resharing it. The key is to share it with a new audience. For example:

  • When you first published the post, were you active on Pinterest or Google+? If not, share them with these communities.
  • Have you ever shared the post with your mailing list? Maybe it’s time to promote it in one of your newsletters.
  • Was the post shared at a certain time of day? Change things up and share it at a different time of day to hit different time zones.

Breathe some new life into that old content!

Of course, to have great evergreen content in your library, you have to be adding new evergreen content to your blog regularly. For blog content creation tips, check out our upcoming Blogging Track at NMX in Las Vegas 2013!

Photo Credit: Bigstock

BlogWorld’s BusinessNext Social: A Sneak Peek and Some Frequently Asked Questions


We’re receiving a lot of questions lately regarding the BusinessNext aspect of NMX. What follows is a look at what you can expect as an attendee of BusinessNext Social and some responses to frequently asked questions.

What is BusinessNext?

BusinessNext Social is the world’s premier conference for social business, marketing and IT executives.

Attendees come from across the globe to learn how to create highly adaptive, competitive organizations and rapidly grow their businesses by harnessing powerful new strategies, cutting-edge social media and mobile technologies, compelling content marketing and engaged communities.

BusinessNext Social provides an up-close look at how the world’s best companies have replaced stodgy, command-and-control models with highly effective, highly adaptive ones; businesses that have built empowered communities inside the organization and out.

Conference Director Mark Fidelman has lined up a dream team of business luminaries and change-makers who understand how to grow and influence their own networks. Many have experienced first-hand how disruptive technologies and social strategies are accelerating the rise and fall of companies.

BusinessNext Social is designed with varied formats to give attendees ample opportunity to learn hallmark strategies, tactics and secrets from the most successful social businesses and social business influencers, intermixed with ample opportunities to meet face-to-face with social business luminaries, IT venders and influencers.

What will take place at BusinessNext?

Day 1 A series of 20-minute sessions will be featured that inspire social business change, including:

  • Guidance from SlapCompany CEO Stan Slap on how to achieve maximum commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures;
  • Instruction from Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen on how to build digital communities — like the one he built for Lady Gaga — which unite people around interests, affiliates and movements in unprecedented ways;
  • Actionable strategies from harmon.ie CEO Yaacov Cohen on designing the optimal social collaboration experience for employees; and
  • A challenge from Econovation author Steve Faktor to think differently about the next decade of the US economy and respond with big, sustainable innovations
  • And  so much more. See the full lineup at the BusinessNext website.

…all interspersed with live entertainment.

Day 2 Forbes columnists will conduct on-stage interviews with business luminaries — including Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White, angel investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, AllTop.com Co-founder Guy Kawasaki; and Benjamin Moore director Nick Harris – in manner similar to an Actor’s Studio session.

Day 3 Social media strategy sessions fill the day, including how-to advice to master LinkedIn; foster brand advocacy and navigate emerging legal issues and obligations when engaging customers, partners and suppliers through social media channels.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with social business leaders, influencers and IT influencers in small group settings so you can discover, firsthand, relevant scenarios on how to thrive in these increasingly social, mobile and data-driven times.

A new form of speed dating enables you to identify and network with the people who can help you build external digital communities that foster engagement and loyalty; high performance internal digital villages that enable people to share a common view of customers and products; and Darwin’s Funnel, a marketing and channel with a social wrapper that enables marketers to measure the performance of marketing initiatives to speed up lead nurturing and dramatically improve businesses’ ability to convert leads into sales.

BusinessNext attendees also have the opportunity to network with top content creators and online personalities as part of New Media Expo. In addition to networking in the hallways and New Media Lounge, you’ll also take in the latest tools and technology on the Expo floor. New Media Expo and BusinessNext are considered “not to be missed” events for all new media and social media professionals and enthusiasts.

BusinessNext: Frequently Asked Questions

What is BusinessNext Social?

BusinessNext Social is the world’s premier conference for social business, marketing and IT executives. This event is presented by BlogWorld, the leading new media events company, in conjunction with New Media Expo (NMX). Find out more here.

When will BusinessNext Social take place?

Jan. 6-8, 2013, colocated at New Media Expo and right before the Consumer Electronics Show.

Where will BusinessNext Social take place?

Rio Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV. 3700 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103

How is BusinessNext Social different from BlogWorld or New Media Expo?

BusinessNext Social is geared toward businesses, with conference sessions and presentations for social media business, marketing, advertising, PR and IT professionals. New Media Expo (NMX), formerly called BlogWorld & New Media Expo, is geared toward content creators and is attended by bloggers, podcasters, web TV & video content creators.

BlogWorld, LLC is the company that produces BusinessNext Social and New Media Expo (NMX).

Who attends BusinessNext Social?

CMO’s, VPs of Marketing, Marketing Directors, Advertising and PR professionals, IT executives and social media and marketing professionals all attend BusinessNext Social to learn more about growing their online presence and engaging with customers and community.

What do I get with my BusinessNext Social pass?

BusinessNext Full Access Pass includes:

  • All BusinessNext Social conference sessions
  • Bonus access to all NMX conference sessions within same conference center (blogging, podcasting, web TV & video content creator focused)
  • Food & Beverage (each day: Morning Coffee Break, Lunch, Afternoon Coffee Break)
  • Networking Parties and Receptions
  • Virtual Ticket Conference Recordings
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Free copy of Socialized!, your copy of the book can be picked up on-site at the event (must register by 11/21)

What is the theme of BusinessNext Social 2013?

This year’s theme is: “Great Ideas Worth Executing.”

Who is speaking at BusinessNext Social?

Business icons and influencers including: The Winklevoss Twins of Facebook fame; Dana White, President of the UFC; Guy Kawsaki, Co-Founder of Alltop.com and former chief evangelist of Apple and many more. See the speakers list here.

Who is exhibiting at BusinessNext Social?

BusinessNext is a conference, and all attendees get access to the NMX tradeshow floor, where you’ll find social media and new media resources, products and services. Exhibitors include: WordPress, Yahoo!, Feedblitz, Simul-TV and many more. See full exhibitor list here.

How can I speak at BusinessNext Social?

Speaking opportunities are closed for the 2013 event, but subscribe to the newsletter from the sign-up box on the home page of http://biznextlive.com and you’ll be included when the next event’s call for speakers is sent out.

How can I exhibit at BusinessNext Social?

Exhibiting is easy, get all the info and contact details here.

How can I write a guest blog post for BusinessNext Social?

Email our editor with your blog post idea, and she’ll review and respond soon.

Where can I follow BusinessNext Social on Twitter?


Where can I follow BusinessNext Social on Facebook?

Join the whole New Media Expo community, including BusinessNext Social attendees and speakers.

Does BusinessNext Social have an affiliate program?

Yes, and you can promote both the BusinessNext Social Conference and the NMX conference by contacting our affiliate program manager, Joel, at: joel@gtomanagement.com

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook or reach out to me, Director of Community Deb Ng, at deb@blogworldexpo.com

How to Get More Fans for Your Web Series


No matter what kind of content you create online, it can be hard to find new fans who are interested in checking out what you’re offering. In this short video from Jonathan Robbins, creator of the dramatic web series Clutch, he gives some advice on how to reach a half a million views – without even giving up your creative license.

In this video, Robbins makes a good point: often, it is challenging to make strides growing your audience if you are also sticking true to the story you want to tell. It’s a balancing act between giving the people what they want and doing what you think is best. But as he points out, you don’t have to sacrifice your artistic freedom in order to get more fans. It’s about being smart with your resources.

Do you think you have to sell out to make money with your web series? Sound off in the comments below!

If you want more great advice straight from the experts about creating web series, check out the Web TV & Video track at NMX Las Vegas. See what the pros like Andre Meadows, Tara Platt, Kristen Nedopak, and Casey McKinnon have to say about finding your audience in their panel, In Search of Super Fans, just one of the sessions you can attend this January!

Daniel M. Clark: Chat Transcript


Daniel M. Clark was our special guest for our most recent Facebook Chat. Daniel is the author of NMX’s new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster. Daniel answered questions about how to get started podcasting and the best tools and resources. Check out the chat transcript below.

To get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster, click here! 


Daniel M. Clark I’m happy to be able to participate here today, and please don’t be shy. Anything and everything about podcasting – fire away!
Nick Seuberling Hi Daniel! What are some of your best tips on getting listeners to ACTUALLY use your affiliate links/programs?
Daniel M. Clark Thanks, Nick. There’s nothing you can do (legally!) to force anyone to use your links, so you need to make them as enticing as possible. Repetition helps, too – but don’t overdo it. Too many ads is a turn-off, right? If you can identify a problem or concern that your listeners might have, you can try to match up a product that can solve it.
Daniel M. Clark Also – shorten those links using a plugin like Pretty Link. Make them easy to speak and easy for your listeners to remember.
Megan EnloeDaniel M. Clark What are some benefits and down sides to podcasting with co-hosts vs alone?
New Media ExpoDaniel M. Clark – One of the reasons I haven’t started podcasting is because I’m a little intimidated. I’m technically challenged and no nothing about the equipment. What are some of the basics we all need to get strated?
Daniel M. Clark Big question, Megan. I prefer co-hosts because it gives me breathing room. I can take a moment and think of where to take the show next while my co-host is speaking. Downsides? I have to share the credit ;) lol – I suppose the reverse is true about going it alone. The pro is that I can take all the credit. The con is that when I have a bad show, it’s all my fault :D
Daniel M. Clark The basics to get started are pretty simple. Head to Amazon or Walmart and pick up a $25-$30 USB microphone headset. Plug it in to your computer. Open some recording software like Garageband or Audacity, and press Record. Talk for a while… then press Stop. Congrats, you’re a podcaster!
Daniel M. Clark That’s the first half of course. The second half is that you need to publish it. For that, you need a media host like Blubrry.com or Libsyn.com, and preferably a website of your own to publish it to.
Megan Enloe Feedburner or no Feedburner?
Judi Moore Will you share your thoughts on making a podcast interesting enough to get return listeners?
Daniel M. Clark I say no Feedburner unless you absolutely need it – non-Wordpress users might want to use it to make their efforts easier. WordPress users have virtually no reason to use it. Plus… I personally don’t trust Google to keep it alive.
New Media ExpoDaniel M. Clark – There’s a rumor that you have to buy fake positive reviews to make it to the top of the iTunes podcasting charts. Is this true? How does one get people to notice their podcast?
Shane Ketterman Hey Daniel. A question I often hear from people is the use of live streaming online “radio shows” that can also quickly be transferred to a Podcast. What is your advice for this and do you have any favorite providers?
Daniel M. Clark Judi, I think the key is to identify your audience, or your desired /potential audience, and ask yourself “what would they find interesting?” If your show is about kangaroos, find out what it is about kangaroos that people love, and then make that a central theme of your show. Of course, as a host, you need to be personable and lively, too. A dull host with a great topic won’t have much of a crowd listening. The opposite is true, too – an awesome host who talks about something nobody cares about won’t have many listeners.
Daniel M. Clark Fake positive reviews… are controversial. There’s no doubt they can work – until you get caught. And you WILL get caught. It reminds me of all the search engine tricks that people have tried over the years that Google eventually caught on to – they worked at first, but when you got caught, you found yourself out of the search results. It’s not worth it, in my opinion. Word of mouth and genuine reviews, even if they aren’t perfect, work far better.
Daniel M. Clark Thanks Shane! Streaming is a lot of fun, but it adds a few elements of complexity. You have to work on bringing in your audience at a certain day and time, which you don’t really worry about with a straight podcast. You have to (well, ideally) juggle doing your show and keeping one eye on the chat room (there should be one, again, ideally). Advice in this area: I like Mixlr.com. I don’t like BlogTalkRadio (poor audio quality) and I recommend recording your show locally on your equipment and then releasing *that* as a podcast, rather than using Mixlr’s (or whoever’s) recording. The quality will be better that way.
New Media ExpoDaniel M. Clark – Do you prepare a script before you record?
Nick Seuberling What is the one thing in your podcasting career that you know NOW that you wish you would have known when you first started?
Daniel M. Clark A script. Nope. Not for me. I tried it, but I didn’t inhale.
Daniel M. Clark (I tend to sound very stilted and wooden when reading from a script, so I prefer to work off of bullet points.)
Dave Cynkin Okay, let’s geek out a minute here, Daniel M.:) What about making mobile podcasts from your phone or tablet? Have you tried this? If so, what do you use for recording, editing and uploading on the go?
Daniel M. Clark Thanks, Nick. One thing I wish I knew then… I wish I understood the potential right at the beginning. For the first… 18 months maybe? that I was podcasting, we did it just for a goof. I didn’t take it seriously, didn’t really try to build an audience, didn’t try to make any money with it… and I feel like if I knew how big it could be, I would have tried harder early on.
Shane Ketterman Thanks Daniel!
Laurie Hale What are some good ways to get an audience response? We would love to get voicemail or email but no one seems to do it. iTunes ratings would be nice too! :) Any suggestions?
Daniel M. Clark Mobile… not my strong suit, Dave. I have recorded things on the go, but not too often. My workflow is actually very similar to when I’m in the home studio though – I use my Tascam DR-07 to record into, and transfer the recording for upload to either my Macbook Pro or my iPad, depending on which device I have with me. If I have the MBP, I can do all the same post-production I do in the studio. If I have the iPad, I might just upload the recording as-is, because I haven’t investigated mobile apps for editing yet (since I haven’t had a need). Gooooood question, though. One that many podcasters will want to know more about. I’ll have a better answer next time I do this chat ;) lol
Shaun Daily I use BTR for my podcasting needs. My live audience is low but my podcast downloads are solid. How can I boost my live audience and participation?
Daniel M. Clark Good question, Laurie. I’ve noticed that audience response depends greatly on the size of your audience. There’s probably some magic number that says “expect only x% of your audience to call, if you have an audience of a certain size”, but I couldn’t tell you what that number is. Most of my contacts are via email, from the contact form on my site. I sometimes get a voicemail, but iTunes reviews have been the toughest for me – because I don’t push them. You get what you ask for, for the most part – or at least… you won’t get what you don’t ask for. I’m not the aggressive type, so I don’t push… I should probably suck it up and do that, though lol
Megan EnloeDave Cynkin I know that Rob Walch recommends BossJock ipad app for mobile podcasting. He will be speaking at NMX on how to produce a podcast 100% from an ipad.
Daniel M. Clark Thanks, Shaun. Actually, I’d say the same thing as I said to Laurie, and that’s to come out and ask – but don’t badger – your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do. If you want interaction, mention it a few times consistently. I’ve seen this work for shows that have a lot of call-ins. Have you ever noticed, especially on talk radio, whenever they come back from a commercial break, the host says his/her name and the station’s phone number? It works!
Daniel M. Clark Good info, Megan, thanks! I’ve heard of BossJock (I even mentioned it briefly in my book) but I haven’t played with it yet.
New Media ExpoDaniel M. Clark What are some mistakes first time podcasters make?
Daniel M. Clark First timer mistakes… well, to me the biggest mistake I think is not being yourself and trying to put on some kind of persona. If you’re a first-timer, you *probably* don’t have the skills to pull that off. Listeners of podcasts want to hear you be yourself. Also, too much post-production can kill you. Don’t remove every single “um” and “ah” from your show. You end up with something that sounds unnatural and forced. Plus, it’s very, very time consuming – time better spent promoting your show and planning future episodes.
Daniel M. Clark Oh – and legally speaking – don’t use music on your show that you down have the rights to! If you didn’t make the music, you probably don’t have the rights to it. Sources like Music Alley are great for finding good, “podsafe” music to use in your show. Commercial music, not so much.
New Media Expo As I hinted to in the promotion for this chat, no one is leaving here empty handed. Daniel M. Clark has put together something very special for you. Daniel, would you like to share your news with the NMX community?
Megan Enloe Do you consider radio shows that add an rss feed to be podcasters?
Daniel M. Clark I alluded to it a few minutes ago, but the big news is that I’ve written The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster, the latest in the Ultimate Guide series from NMX! It clocks in at, I think, about 170 pages (not sure if that changed in the final, final layout), but it’s the complete guide for podcasting basics. I cover beginner and some intermediate level topics, and anyone will be able to go from zero to podcast in no time flat!
Daniel M. Clark And it’s available TODAY :D
Daniel M. Clark Radio shows that have an RSS feed… sure. I think “podcasting” is broad enough to include those shows. You mean like when the morning radio show here in town says “go to the website and listen to the show again as a podcast”? Sure, I think that qualifies.
Daniel M. Clark To me, a podcast is online, syndicated audio. Doesn’t matter if it originates in someone’s home office or in a radio station studio.
Megan Enloe A radio show making that exact announcement is how I discovered podcasting years ago. I think it helps grow the community of podcasters. Rising tide brings up all boats.
Daniel M. Clark My thoughts exactly, Megan. And thanks Judi!
Megan Enloe So excited to read your Book Daniel M. Tell us a little of what you did to prepare for and/research to write it?
New Media Expo Thank you so much for joining us today for our Facebook chat today. Don’t forget to download Daniel M. Clark‘s free ebook – produced by NMX: The Ultimiate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster https://www.blogworld.com/podcasting-ebook/
Daniel M. Clark I wrote the book over a period of about 8 weeks, with the first half being about research, filling in gaps in my own knowledge, and handling the outline. The second four weeks was the bulk of the actual writing, and that was the most stressful (and fun) part. I write using an app called Scrivener, which is brilliant for writers.
Daniel M. Clark Since I always spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and recording my own, I can’t say that I did any more of that specifically for the book, but it definitely helped along the way.
Daniel M. Clark I guess the hour is up… thanks everyone who participated, and thanks everyone who lurked in the shadows and just read all the questions and answers ;) Any follow-up, feel free to get in touch via the contact page at QAQN (http://qaqn.com/contact) or catch me on Twitter (@QAQN). And let me know what you think of the book, too!


Podcasts and New Media. Built on Awesome.™

Remember, podcasting is a fun and effective medium and it’s never too late to learn how to do it. Download The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster to get started! And, be sure to check out the podcasting track at NMX in January to learn even more about podcasting!

Self-Publishing Stumbling Blocks (and 27 Tools to Get You Back on Your Feet)


Today, you don’t need to work with an agent or ebooks publishing house to get your book published. In 2011 alone, writers self-published 211,269 books according to Publishing Perspective, and this isn’t counting all of the free ebooks bloggers and marketers offer on their blogs. So if everybody’s doing it, why aren’t you?

Self-publishing might be easy, but doing it well is anything but. If you’ve never self-published a book or even an ebook, you aren’t alone. Despite the benefits, there are several stumbling blocks that can make a self-published book or ebook unsuccessful. The following tools can help you jump these hurdles and publish a book or ebook that you’re proud to offer to your audience, whether you’re doing it for free to promote your blog or you’re selling it to make some money.

Stumbling Block #1: “I don’t have time to write a book right now.”

Here’s a little secret: No one has time to write a book right now. We’re all super busy people, yet somehow thousands of people do manage to write books every year. So it’s not a matter of not having time. It’s about whether or not you want to make time by optimizing your schedule. Here are some great tools that give you the time to write a book:

How are you spending your time? Toggl will tell you. There are lots of time tracking tools out there, but Toggl is one of my favorites. You can track your time on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android with Toggl, as well as integrate into programs like Basecamp if you’re managing your writing project elsewhere. Toggl also allows you to budget time for different tasks so you can stay on track throughout the day.

Remember The Milk is an easy-to-use tool to help you manage your to-do list. You could use it to organize your life in general, but also consider making a book-specific list for the tasks you have to complete. “Write a book” sounds large and daunting, but if you chunk it out into smaller pieces, it doesn’t seem so bad after all. Ta-da Lists is a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of Remember The Milk.

Rescue Time is a handy little tool like Toggl that will help you track your time, but the premium version of this app is extremely useful if you want to take your time management a step farther. “Get focused mode” allows you to block distracting websites for a set period of time, you can set up alerts when you’ve spent too much time on a specific website (like Facebook), the tool will track your offline time, and more. All of this comes for a fee of $6 per month (or there is a free version as well).

If you need help staying accountable when it comes to large writing projects, 750 words is right for you. This makes the work into a sort-of game, where you try to accumulate as many points as possible every month. You get points for writing, points for writing more than 750 words (your target goal each day on this site), points for writing contiguous days, etc. It’s a great way to stay motivated. One Page Per Day is a similar tool to help you stay motivated to write every day.

Stumbling Block #2: “I don’t have the skills/talent to write a book.”

Do you have some kind of knowledge that other people might what to know? Or do you have an idea about something and the ability to do research and interviews? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you have the skills/talent it takes to write a book or ebook. Even if you aren’t a good writer, here are some tools to help you turn your thoughts into books:

Maybe your problem isn’t that you’re not a good writer, but rather that you’re trying to write using the wrong tool. If Microsoft Word just isn’t doing it for you, try Scrivener. This program is perfect for creating and editing longer documents, and while it isn’t free, there is a free trial that you can check out before purchasing. Features include a “cork board” for thoughts and reminders, an outlining tool, the ability to create document collections, and more. It even syncs with Dropbox.

If you want to find experts to interview for your stories, check out Help a Reporter Out (HARO). Founded by one of NMX’s speakers, Peter Shankman, this site allows you to put out a request in order to find people who are ready and willing to give you quotes and full interviews for your project. ProfNet is a similar tool.

If you truly don’t want to write your own book, you can use a site like Elance to hire someone to write it for you. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to several thousands of dollars to write a manuscript, depending on length and subject matter, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I like Elance because people will bid on your project and you can read profiles and exchange messages to find the best person for the job. Once you have a writer, present them with your notes and ideas (the more, the better), set up some interview time so they can talk to you about your ideas, and let them do their magic. Freelancer.com and oDesk.com are two good Elance alternatives – or just ask for writer recommendations via social media.

Stumbling Block #3: “I can write a book, but I have no idea how to turn a manuscript into a book.”

The very first thing you should do after you finish writing a perfect, polished, ready-to-print ebook is hire an editor. Trust me on this one. I constantly find typos even in books published traditionally, so don’t be so arrogant as to think there’s not a single flaw in your manuscript. Even if your draft is typo-free, a fresh set of eyes belonging to someone who is not close to the project will help pick out weird wording, confusing passages and other potential places to tighten your text. Elance and the other sites listed previously can help you find a great editor.

From there, it’s time to design and get your book out there. Here are some tools to help:

Booktype is a tool that helps you collaborate with your editor (or other authors), and then export your book so it’s ready to sell or give away. If you plan on publishing on multiple platforms, Booktype is a great option, since you can correct problems once and have each version update automatically. Booktype makes it easy to format for web, mobile, print, tablets, and e-readers, all at once.

If you like using Word or another format rather than Booktype, don’t worry – you can easily design and convert your book as well. After your manuscript really is ready to go, Calibre is one of the best tools out there to help you format the book correctly for all e-readers. Calibre is free to download and makes the process pretty painless.

Want professional looking graphics in your ebook, all formatted correctly? Learn how to use Adobe InDesign. This program isn’t free, nor is this something you’ll learn to use well in an afternoon, but it’s definitely a great design option for self-publishers. Alternatively, you can hire a graphic designer who knows how to use InDesign well.

Stumbling Block #4: “I have no idea where to sell my book or how to handle sales.”

Okay, so now you really do have the perfect book just waiting for buyers (or downloaders, if you’re giving it away for free). How do you reach the masses? The three major tools for getting your book out there are:

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon)
  2. Barnes & Noble PubIt
  3. iTunes Connect

If you want to offer print versions of your book as well, I recommend checking out Lulu.com, which allows you to print on demand with no upfront costs. Alternatives to Lulu include Blurb and CreateSpace. There are tons of print-on-demand options for authors beyond these three options, but make sure you do your research so you know exactly what percentage of the profits you’ll see.

It’s also important to track your sales, even if you don’t have to do any work to ship your product. Here are some tools to help you with that task:

This tracking tool for self-published authors allows you to track sales on all major sites. You can compare your sales from month to month or from site to site. This tool is $49.95, but if you’re a blogger and do a review, you can get it for free.

The BookBaby team will actually help you with any number of self-publishing tasks, but the best and most useful, perhaps, is their tracking system. They’ll distribute your book (in ePub format) for you and then you can log in to see your sales across multiple sites and even download reports. Their one-time fee is $99, and then you’ll pay $19 per year after the first year for continued access.

Stumbling Block #5: “Why would anyone care about my book? I’m not a popular best-selling author.”

You don’t have to be a best-selling author to sell lots of copies of your next ebook. You just have to be smart about distribution and promotion. Remember, all best selling authors were once beginners too.

First, it helps if your book has been reviewed, especially on sites like Amazon. You can send your book to your friends to review, but even better is to put your book out there for others to review. Here are some places to find reviewers:

They receive a ton of books for review, and they don’t choose to read all of them. So, it’s the luck of the draw. But if your book is reviewed on this site, you receive a lot of exposure. You can also enter your book for consideration in their contest called Discovery Awards, but be warned that there is an entry fee.

On Ning, the group Book Blogs is home to over 19,000 members, and many of them are extremely active and looking for books to review on their blog. Often, you can work out a deal for them to also leave an honest review on Amazon, especially if you’re willing to send them an extra copy to give away.

You can also leverage others’ audiences, even if you’re not hugely popular yet. You can do this through affiliate programs. If your product is high quality and you offer a generous commission, others will do the selling for you. My favorite affiliate tool for ebooks is E-junkie, with ClickBank being a close second.

No Excuses!

Hopefully, all of these tools will help you resist the urge to make excuses and start writing your next book for self-publishing! If I didn’t cover your biggest self-publishing stumbling block, leave a comment below with your problem. I’ll do my best to recommend some great tools to help you get over that hurdle.

And don’t forget to check out Publishing 101 For Content Creators: From Decision To Market – an upcoming panel at NMX Las Vegas 2013 featuring publishing pros from Grand Central Publishing and Wiley who can answer all of your publishing questions!

Scholarship Winners Announced


Congratulations to #NMXU scholarship recipient, Allissa Richardson.

The New Media Expo team is thrilled to announce the winner and first and second runners up of the New Media Expo University scholarship. We received almost 300 entries and every single one of them had something to offer.  Our judges, Blogger Kelby Carr, Podcaster Todd Cochrane and WebTV Producer Jeff Keonig took their jobs seriously and chose finalists based on experience, talent, passion for learning and ability to use their new found knowledge well into the future. Make no mistake, our winners are going to be forces to be reckoned with.

Congratulations to scholarship winner Allissa Richardson, who will attend New Media Expo on our dime. We’re going to fly Allissa to Las Vegas, offer her lodging at the Rio and provide a top-notch educational experience at New Media Expo. We chose Allissa as our scholarship winner because she’s already doing good things. She’s using her knowledge to help others learn how to create slick videos using their smartphones. Allissa has so much to offer content creators and her time at NMX will help to not only elevate her career, but also to enrich her students’ lives.

Please meet Allissa Richardson:

Congratulations also to first runner up Riley Blanton and second runner up Jen Reeves. They are also receiving complimentary content creator passes. We look forward to seeing good things from them in the future.

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