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Discount for Podcast Award Nominees and Finalists


Congratulations to the nominees and finalists for The 8th Annual Podcast Awards, which are hosted by Podcast Connect, emceed by Leo Laporte, and held in conjunction with New Media Expo in January at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas. We look forward to meeting the many nominees and finalists in person and want to extend an invitation to all of them to join us at the awards ceremony on January 7th.

Since the people who nominated the shows are not required to provide the podcaster’s contact information, we’re unable to reach all 5,000 nominees directly. However, Podcast Connect has compiled a list of the finalists below and we would like to invite each of them to provide their contact information so we can correspond with them. Additionally, all 5,000 Podcast Award nominees who confirm contact info will be added to New Media Expo’s Podcast Directory and will be given a discount to attend New Media Expo.

If you’re one of the nominees, we’re pleased to offer you a 30% on any NMX conference pass so you can attend our three-day event. A minimum purchase of an Exhibit Hall Only Pass is required to attend the 8th Annual Podcast Awards.

Nominees: Confirm your contact information here

If you’re one of the finalists below, we’d like to sweeten the deal and offer you a 50% discount on any NMX conference pass. Again, a minimum purchase of an Exhibit Hall Only Pass is required to attend the 8th Annual Podcast Awards.

Finalists: Confirm your contact information

New Media Expo is the world’s largest conference for bloggers, podcasters, and web TV and video creators. We hope you’ll join your fellow podcasters and other content creators at the conference and come congratulate the Podcast Award winners in person!


7th Row Center – Movies / Films
A Survival Guide 4 Christian Men – Religion Inspiration
Alcohollywood – Food and Drink
Amateur Traveler – Travel
Americana Rock Mix – PodSafe Music
Ardent Atheist – Religion Inspiration
Astronomy cast – Science
Authentic Life Radio – Entertainment
Awakenings – Cultural / Arts
Bad Dice Podcast – Gaming
Basic Brewing Radio – Food and Drink
Be Our Guest Podcast – Travel
Beat Feed – PodSafe Music
Beauty and Da Beast – Comedy
Bend Over and Take It – GLBT
Best of the Left – Best Produced
Between the Sheets – Mature
Bleeding Edge TV – Peoples Choice
Bleeding Edge TV – Best Video Podcast
Build and Analyze – Technology
Career-Tools – Business
Caustic Soda – Best Produced
Caustic Soda – Education
CBSSports.com Fantasy Football Podcast – Sports
Citizen Radio – Comedy
CoasterRadio.com – Travel
Cocktails and Cream Puffs – Peoples Choice
Cocktails and Cream Puffs – GLBT
Cognitive Dissonance – Religion Inspiration
Comedy Bang Bang – Comedy
Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Politics / News
Coverville – PodSafe Music
Day in Tech History – Education
DH UNPlugged – General
Dining with Doug and Karen – Food and Drink
Disney Parks Podcast – Travel
Doug Loves Movies – Movies / Films
Dubious Intent – Best Produced
Electric Politics – Politics / News
Encouraging Others Through Christ – Religion Inspiration
Ending Human Trafficking Podcast – Education
ESPN Fantasy Focus Baseball – Sports
ESPN Fantasy Focus Football – Sports
ESPN Fantasy Underground – Sports
ESPN Football Today – Sports
ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football – Peoples Choice
F5 Live – Technology
Feast of Fun – GLBT
Film Sack – Movies / Films
Foul Monkeys – GLBT
Freakonomics – Business
Freight Train Boogie – PodSafe Music
FUHCast – Comedy
Gamertag Radio – Best Produced
Gamertag Radio – Gaming
Gay Sunday Brunch – GLBT
Geek in the City – Cultural / Arts
Geekazine – Best Produced
GeekBeat.TV – Best Video Podcast
Get Fit Guy – Health / Fitness
Giant Bombcast – Gaming
Golf Smarter – Sports
Google At A Glance – Technology
Grammar Girl – Education
Greetings from Nowhere – General
Gunfighter Cast – Education
Half Size Me – Health / Fitness
Hardcore History – Education
Hollywood Babble On – Entertainment
Homoground – GLBT
How Did This Get Made? – Movies / Films
Internet Box – Peoples Choice
Internet Box Podcast – General
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast – PodSafe Music
Iron radio – Health / Fitness
Is It A Bicycle – Movies / Films
James VanOsdol Show – PodSafe Music
Jillian Michaels – Health / Fitness
Life on the Swingset – Mature
Live Wire! Podcast radio – PodSafe Music
Livelihood Show – Best Produced
Livelihood Show – Business
Locked on Jazz – Sports
Manager Tools – Peoples Choice
Manager-Tools – Business
Marek vs. Wyshynski – Sports
Mars Hill Church Sermons – Religion Inspiration
Metrobuzz – Comedy
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks – Food and Drink
Minecraft Me – Gaming
Mommys cocktail hour – Food and Drink
More Than One Leason – Religion Inspiration
Mormon FAIR-Cast – Religion Inspiration
MouseChat – Travel
Mousetalgia – Travel
My Brother, My Brother, and Me – Comedy
Mysterious Universe – Science
NASA EDGE – Best Video Podcast
NASA ScienceCasts – Science
Nightlock Podcast – General
No Agenda – Politics / News
NSFW – Entertainment
Nutrition Diva – Health / Fitness
Old Time Radio Westerns – Cultural / Arts
ONCE Podcast – Entertainment
OperaNow! – Cultural / Arts
Orange Lounge Radio – Gaming
Paging Dr. Nerdlove – Mature
Paracast – Science
Philosophy In Action – General
PNSexplosion – Mature
Podcacher – Best Produced
PodCacher – Technology
PolyCast – Best Produced
Radiolab – Science
Ramble Redhead – GLBT
RBR Weekly Wrestling Talk – Entertainment
Reasonable Doubts – Religion Inspiration
Rebel FM – Gaming
Rebellion Radio – General
Recovered: #1 Recovery Podcast – Health / Fitness
Rob Has a Website – Entertainment
Rooster Teeth Podcast – Peoples Choice
Ruby Rogues – Technology
Rundgren Radio – PodSafe Music
Savage Love – Mature
Scam School – Best Video Podcast
Science Friday – Science
Scream Queenz – GLBT
Secretly Timid – General
Sex Nerd Sandra – Mature
Should I Drink That – Food and Drink
Sklarbro Country – Sports
Slate Political Gabfest – Politics / News
Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn – Peoples Choice
Smart Passive Income Podcast – Business
Smart People Podcast – Education
Spill – Movies / Films
Spilled Milk – Food and Drink
Star Wars in Character – Movies / Films
Stolen Droids Podcast – Technology
Strangers and Aliens – Religion Inspiration
Stuff to Blow Your Mind – Science
Stuff You Should Know – Science
Super Human Radio – Health / Fitness
Sword and Laser – Cultural / Arts
Tech Chop – Best Video Podcast
TechStuff – Technology
Ted Talks – Best Video Podcast
The Adam Carolla Show – Mature
The Americana Music Show – PodSafe Music
The Audacity to Podcast – Technology
The Beerists – Food and Drink
The Best of the Left – Politics / News
The British History podcast – Education
The Bugle – Politics / News
The Captain SIB Show – PodSafe Music
The China History Podcast – Cultural / Arts
The Comedy Button – Peoples Choice
The Conversation Hub – General
The Dave Ramsey Show – Business
The Disciplined Investor – Peoples Choice
The Disciplined Investor – Business
The Engaging Brand – Business
The Fringe Podcast – Best Produced
The Fringe Podcast – Entertainment
The Geekbox – Gaming
The Green Light Show – Comedy
The Higherside Chats – General
The History Chicks – Education
The History of WWII Podcast – Cultural / Arts
The Hollywood Outsider – Movies / Films
The Independent Characters – Gaming
The Indoor Kids – Gaming
The iPad Show – Best Video Podcast
The Josie Show – Entertainment
The Majority Report – Peoples Choice
The Majority Report – Politics / News
The marathon Show – Health / Fitness
The Matthew Aaron Show – Entertainment
The Mental Illness Happy Hour – Health / Fitness
The Morning Stream – Politics / News
The Moth – Cultural / Arts
The Naked Scientist – Science
The Naughty Show – Mature
The Newbie Writers Podcast – Education
The Open Book Audio Podcast – Cultural / Arts
The Other Side of Live! – General
The Paleo Solution – Health / Fitness
The Queen City Experience – GLBT
The Rachel Maddow Show – Politics / News
The Ramen Noodle – Comedy
The Rooster Teeth Podcast – Gaming
The Scif-Fi Christian – Religion Inspiration
The Season Pass Podcast – Travel
The Skeptics Guide to the Universe – Science
The Splendid Table – Food and Drink
The Sporkful – Food and Drink
The Stuart Bedasso Show – Mature
The Totally Rad Show – Best Video Podcast
The Townstone Financial Show – Business
The Tribe – Best Produced
The Unofficial One Piece Podcast – Entertainment
The Vergecast – Best Video Podcast
The Young Turks – Best Video Podcast
Theatre Geeks – Cultural / Arts
This is Hell – Politics / News
This Is Only A Test – Technology
Throwing Shade – GLBT
Ventchat – Mature
W.E.D.nesday Show – Travel
Walking The Room – Comedy
Wall Street Journal This Morning – Business
WDW Radio – Travel
We Hate Movies! – Movies / Films
Wedway Radio – Travel
Who-Dey Weekly – Sports
WTF with Marc Maron – Comedy
Yeah Its That Bad – Movies / Films
Your Website Engineer – Technology

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