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Social Media and Higher Education [Infographic]


College and universities are embracing social media as a means to connect with the current student body, alumni, prospective students, and donors. According to BestCollegesOnline.com, one in three schools indicate that they achieve better results with social media than through traditional media.

According to recent data conducted by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth:

  • 98% of colleges and universities report having a Facebook page
  • 84% have a school Twitter account
  • 66% have a blog
  • 41% have a podcast

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how those in higher education are using social media:

Goals Behind Social Media Use

Compiled By: BestCollegesOnline.com



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    Really informative…

  • Charlene

    The social media propaganda has formed a lot of guesswork among educators on how these media can be used to support learning. In this extraordinary issue, we would like to see the sights how social media can be taken advantage of in higher education to support informal and formal learning.

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