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New Media Expo Announces Scholarship for Content Creators #NMXU #NMX


There’s no denying New Media Expo offers valuable learning opportunities.  With almost 90 educational sessions presented by the leading experts in new media content creation, podcasters, bloggers and webTV and video producers always return home inspired and ready to put what they learned to good use.  We love that our attendees  take time to share with us that we’ve provided such a valuable educational opportunity, but we also hear from content creators who would love to attend our event but can’t get here for a variety of reasons.

We’re about to make it easier for one person.

Throughout the month of October, we’re accepting applications for the first ever (and hopefully not the last) New Media Expo University scholarship. Offered as part of our new New Media Expo University (#NMXU) educational project, this scholarship will provide a complete educational experience at NMX in Las Vegas from January 6th through 8th 2013 for one lucky recipient.

What does the #NMXU Scholarship Entail?

The beneficiary of the #NMXU scholarship will receive a complete educational experience while at New Media Expo. The scholarship recipient is going to receive airfare from within the Continental U.S., four nights hotel at the Rio Hotel Suites & Casino in Las Vegas, and a three day Blogger/Podcaster/WebTV & Video pass (Excluding BusinessNext). Also, two runners up will also receive a three day Blogger/Podcaster/WebTV pass.

Now, this is no random drawing and we’re not awarding you a spot on the party plane to Vegas. This application is open for people who are truly interested in learning how to take their content creation to a whole new level. There’s even a scholarship application form complete with essay question. Since you’re all creative people, we’re allowing the essay question to be in the form of a 30 second video, 30 second audio, or 250 word paragraph so you can totally stay in your comfort zone and we hope you’ll have some fun with it.

Don’t forget. The #NMXU scholarship is, first and foremost, an educational experience open to all content creators. For this to work, we have to have a few guidelines in place before getting started.

Ready? Here they are:

  • The scholarship is only open to content creators. Since NMX focuses on blogging, podcasting and webTV/video, we request all who apply for the scholarship fall into one of these categories.
  • The #NMXU scholarship is open to folks who are in the early stages of their careers or who are promising up and comers, but don’t necessarily have the financial means to get to #NMX. We’re totally going to be asking you why you feel you should receive this scholarship.
  • We can only get you to Las Vegas from the Continental U.S. That doesn’t mean we’re not accepting overseas candidates, however if you’re from a different continent, you have to land on U.S. soil before we truck you out to the conference.
We have some fine print too, mostly having to do with you not being related to certain people to make it fair. You can find all the details you need, including fine print, on the landing page for the #NMXU Scholarship.

What’s the catch?

This is to be an educational experience. As such, the winner is expected to:

  • Attend at least 10 educational sessions while at NMX
  • Attend at least two networking events
  • Spend at least two hours on the exhibit floor learning about the latest tools and technology
  • Complete at least one guest post for the NMX blog describing your experience so future scholarship applicants can see what a great time you had.

Who Are the Judges for the #NMXU Scholarship?

To make this a fair and level playing field, we brought in a few judges to help us. All are experienced content creators with expertise in blogging, podcasting, webTV/video.

Deans (aka judges) include:

  • Rick Calvert – Co-Chancellor, NMXU (CEO/Co-Founder, New Media Expo)
  • Dave Cynkin – Co-Chancellor, NMXU (CMO/Co-Founder, New Media Expo)
  • Deb Ng – Dean of Students, NMXU (Director of Community, New Media Expo)
  • Kelby Carr – Dean of Blogging, NMXU (CEO Type A Parent )
  • Todd Cochrane – Dean of Podcasting, NMXU (CEO RAW Voice)
  • Mark Friedlander – Dean of WebTV/Video Series, NMXU (National Director, New Media for SAG-Aftra)

How to Apply for the #NMXU Scholarship

  • Fill out the application at the bottom of the landing page and include as much information about yourself as possible.
  • Tell us why you want this scholarship
  • Make sure you take special care with the essay question, which can be given in the form of a 250 word paragraph or a link to a 30 second video, 30 second audio.
  • We’ll let you keep your first born. We’re easy.

Well…what are you waiting for?

Do you think you’re a good fit? The application is open for the entire month of October so you have time to come up with some unique and creative ways to respond to the essay question. Do you know someone else who can benefit? We’d be so grateful if you can share the news about the #NMXU scholarship with your community.

Click here to get started, and good luck!



  • Rochelle | The Single Status

    THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITYYYY 😀 I’m so grateful that my friend Leslie Samuel from Become A Blogger told me about this 😀 I will definitely apply. WOW… i hope i get in!!! 😀 Now to put my creative cap on 😉 TOTALLY gonna make a video for this.

  • Hunter Boyle

    This is a great idea. Looking forward to sharing this opportunity with a few emerging content creators. Way to go, NMX crew!

  • Tina

    I’ve been trying to find out who won. I believe it was supposed to be announced on Nov 8th? Anyone know? Thanks!

    • Paul Hermanson

      I haven’t heard anything yet either. I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

      • Deb Ng

        Thanks for your patience. We made some announcements on Friday that we would be announcing the winner today, hopefully. We really took this responsibility and want to choose the absolute right person to win.

        • Tina

          Hey Deb,
          Anything yet? Anxious I am! Ha 🙂

          • Deb Ng

            We chose a winner and two runners up yesterday. We’re waiting until that person responds to our phone messages before announcing publicly.

          • Tina

            Great thanks Deb. Curious, how many entries were there total?

        • Ambassador Bruny

          Looking forward to the announcement. Does a message go out to the folks who did not make it as well?

          Ambassador Bruny

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