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8th Annual Podcasting Awards to Be Held at New Media Expo (#NMX)


New Media Expo ’13 is going to be a great time for podcasters. In addition to a stellar podcasting track put together by Cliff Ravenscraft, we’re happy to report that we’ll also be holding the 8th annual Podcasting Awards ceremony at our event.

That’s right. We’re going to feature one night where we celebrate all things podcasting and pay homage to some pretty special people.

To make it easy for all nominees to attend, NMX is offering:

  • A free exhibits pass or 50% off Content Creator pass for every finalist
  • A 50% off or exhibits pass for every nominee
  • Special speaking and live podcasting opportunities

Stay tuned for announcements regarding nominees and the date, time and location of the 8th Annual Podcasting Awards. If you’re interested is sponsoring the podcasting awards, please contact the intrepid Patti Hosking at patti@blogworldexpo.com

NMX ’13 Podcasting Track Lineup

We also think you’ll be pretty pleased with the lineup track leader Cliff Ravenscraft put together to form our Podcasting Track. Check out our speakers:

  • Cesar Abed – The Benefits Of Being The First To Podcast Within Your Niche
  • Darnell Darnell – Tips and Techniques for Building a Successful Fan Podcast
  • Craig Duswalt – How to Create New Content & Think Outside the Box When Podcasting
  • Gordon Firemark – Ten Legal Cases Every Podcaster, Blogger or Media Producer Should Know About
  • Erik Fisher – What You Need To Know To Reach Your Audience On Facebook: Understand Facebook Edgerank For Content Creators
  • Rob Greenlee – Learn About The Largest And Fastest Growing “Must Be On” Distribution Platforms In 2013
  • Karin Hoegh – How To Effectively Podcast To A Global Audience
  • Perry Lawrence – Video Podcasting – What You Need To Know To Get Started
  • Lou Mongello – 7 Ways to Find, Sign and Profit from Sponsors for your Brand
  • Leslie Samuel – How To Podcast Like A Pro And Never Edit – Say Goodbye To Post Production
  • Jonathan Shank – How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast
  • Jaime Tardy – How to Create Amazing Interviews for your Podcast
  • Jason Van Orden– Media Money: 5 Action Plans for Profiting from Your Blog, Podcast or WebTV Show
  • Rob Walch – Audio Podcasting – Doing it all from your iPad

Hope to see you in January. And don’t forget – Early bird pricing for New Media Expo ’13 ends this Friday, September 28th. Act quickly to save up to 50% on all pricing. REGISTER NOW!



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  • Ray Harris

    Looking forward to this so much. Saving up my lunch money. Can’t wait to learn how to interview properly. Hopefully, I’ll see some of my History Podcasting buddies there. What happens in Vegas…

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