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The Top 10 Restaurants Using Social Media [Infographic]


Who among us wouldn’t love having nearly 31.4 million likes on Facebook or 2.8 million Twitter followers? That’s the kind of social media following Starbucks has–and it’s also dominating Google+ and Pinterest (and they come in second for YouTube and Klout, following Burger King and Taco Bell respectively).

Restaurant Social Media Top 10

Obviously, Starbucks and most of the other restaurants on this list have so many followers not only because they run their social media accounts well, but because people like their products. That’s a great lesson for all restaurant owners interested in boosting their social presence. Just like “content is king” in the blogging world, your content (i.e. your products) is king in the restaurant industry. It doesn’t matter how engaging you are on Facebook or Twitter if your food doesn’t taste good.

Some other observations I have about the above lists:

  • Restaurants are just starting to realize the importance of Pinterest. You don’t have to be a huge chain to break into the top ten list, since there’s not a ton of competition on Pinterest yet. (Check out our five-day series on creating a Pinterest profile from scratch if you don’t yet have an account there.)
  • YouTube is another place you can dominate, even if you aren’t a massive chain. Create interesting video content (not just commercials), and ask people to subscribe to your channel.
  • People aren’t really “checking in” to restaurants, but they are using apps to read about restaurants online. So make sure your restaurant has a presence on Yelp and other mobile apps.

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  • Larsskou

    @TobiasHyldeborg Du glemmer nok lige: http://t.co/9OpSU8ky

    • TobiasHyldeborg

      @Larsskou Nu er den jo kun målt på “Synes godt om”, følgere og abonnenter.. Og der kan Bryggen’s Facebook-side i hvert fald ikke hamle op:-)

      • Larsskou

        @TobiasHyldeborg Klassik fejl.;-) Bryggen er 1000X mere relevant for mig end Dunkin Donut. Anmelder: http://t.co/57xCXNbn @LDaugaard

        • LDaugaard

          @Larsskou En fan mere af Bryggen, udmærket, det fortjener den 🙂

  • yucasla

    @Eva_Smith These are all fast food chains…not my idea of a restaurant.

  • socialstudiocan

    @JulianaP16 thanks for the RT, Juliana!

  • jaybaer

    @sierratierra too true.

  • PRNfood

    @World_of_Todd right?!

  • Ayudos

    This is a great infographic. I can understand Starbucks and Burger King but Taco Bell is at the top of Klout? Weird.

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