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How to Make More Money by Writing Killer Content for Clients


The world of blogging is always changing and as more and more people are looking to outsource their content, it’s more important than ever to make sure those of you who produce posts for other sites, load up articles with as much quality content as possible.

In this post we are going to provide you with some helpful tips to create quality content that will make your clients keep coming back for more. There are plenty of low paying content solutions out there, but if you focus your efforts on quality, you can earn five to ten times more than the average content writer!

Everyone Loves Graphics, Especially Infographics!

There is only so much ongoing text that someone can read. If you are going to be writing on a topic that can be spruced up with some exciting information or stats, be sure to throw them in! Nothing is better than adding a nice numbers chart or some exciting stats to back your statements up. Better yet, why not provide an up sell to your clients by including an infographic with your articles. Through services like Piktochart you can easily create infographics in just minutes for virtually any topic. The only thing better than a killer article is a killer infographic to go with it!

Link Bait Reels in the Readers

Infographics are an excellent example of how to take advantage of viral traffic and getting people to share your stuff, but so is focusing your content on link bait! Link bait is basically writing for the purpose of getting people’s attention and stirring up a commotion. No matter what niche you are in or what you are writing about, you can link to top players and blogs in your space and write content about them, their growth or what they are doing. If you are lucky they might even link back to your or send your content to their social networks. Keep your link bait in good taste your will yield much better long term results!

Include Resources, Quotes and Pictures

As someone who often hires content writers for various sites, it’s honestly a pain when I get an article back from a writer and it’s just a bunch of text blocked together. This is just time consuming and when a reader sees a ton of text, it will probably turn most of them off. Make your articles look better and go further by including pictures, resources and links to other web sites and also some quotes. Once you upload that simple txt file with nothing but text and add in these features, you will have a real work of art!

Perfect English and Grammar is Key!

As mentioned earlier, there are now more content writing services and people looking to do guest blogging than ever before. The problem with having so many people in this space is that the quality is lacking and those who are providing the quality simply cost more money. If you want to be the best in the world of freelance writing, you need to make sure your English (or respective language) is perfect, along with your grammar and how well your articles read. There is nothing worse than having a blog where people are leaving comments and complaining about the quality of your content!

No matter if you are writing for yourself or for a client, it’s all about knowing how to improve your writing style. Not everyone writes the same way, nor should they. This is what makes writers unique and why some writers can earn $5 for an article while others may earn $50-$100. Take the time to write the best content and focus on your high end clients. It’s much easier to write five killer articles at a premium rate than trying to rush through ten articles of low end content for just a few dollars each.


  • jsrampton

    Great post Zac, writing killer content is always key to having people come back to your blog!

  • Alvin Baldwin

    I get your point about quality. I have recently joined a guest blogging exchange platform at blogsynergy.com and I can certainly notice the difference in qualities; however, I must say that sometimes I get approached by a fellow member who’s writing skills are not the best, but his/her style makes it interesting to read.
    I am very interested about this growing trend of info graphics

  • Stanley Rao

    People always forget the quality and give more importance on the quantity.

  • webseo

    Content writing is not limited to blog Alvin. it is a really a very big concept because you have to write in many ways about your products your service and on many resource like articles writing , website writing. So content play important role not in content but also in many ways.

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