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The Top 10 Public Relations Blogs


About two years ago, I started a small blog about public relations. But before I even drafted my first post, I spent some time trolling the Internet for other PR blogs to see how the pros do it.

The following is my personal list of the top ten blogs about public relations—it is by no means an end-all-be-all list.

I have bookmarked and enjoyed these blogs for the past few years—I hope you do too!

1. Bad Pitch Blog

This was one of the first blogs I started reading “back in the day” (circa 2007).

It is essential for PR pros because the authors do not merely mock media pitching mistakes; they use them as case examples of what not to do.

And PR folks might want to check this blog periodically—just in case they see their own wares!

2. Spin Sucks

I’ll be honest– this is probably one of the best blogs to read not only for PR, but also for social media, marketing, entrepreneurship and current topics in social media.

Gini Dietrich sticks to her blog’s mission and has such a consistent tone that you feel as though you hear her voice when you read them.

Gini’s got an incredible drive for constantly creating original and helpful content, as well as a steady stream of guest posts that run daily from a variety of experts in their own fields.

All together, this is a great example of what it means to create a social media community around a topic and maintain it.

3. Proper Propaganda

I was initially attracted to the title of this blog and the author’s penchant for vintage socialist propaganda art.

But Jackson Wightman is more than a snarky PR/communications professional.

He’s got a particular sort of wit to his posts, almost as if he never quite takes himself seriously, although he is a seriously talented guy.

Plus, Jackson writes about aspects of PR as they relate to nonprofit organizations and start-up companies, including his own solo PR shop.

4. Waxing Unlyrical

Shonali Burke’s blog is like serenity in blogging form—I feel at peace when I read her posts!

Her blog content consistently hits on many current topics as they relate to PR and social media (including some of her own successful social media campaigns), but she’s also not afraid to take a break and to simply blog about life and reflection.

And while Shonali is working full time at a PR agency now, she hasn’t given up her torch nor her wonderfully delightful blog, thank goodness.

5. The Sword and the Script

Here is the perfect blog for PR/communications folks who want to feel challenged and to stretch their opinions a little.

Frank Strong features a good balance of content that is both challenging to the reader but also approachable at the same time.

You may have to read his posts more than once (it’s okay, I do it all the time), but once you soak it in, or engage with Frank in discussion in the comments, you’ll realize it is well worth the effort.

6. Communications Conversations

I may be biased because Arik Hanson hails from my home state of Minnesota. But his blog is a great resource for PR and social media topics.

Arik is also a huge advocate for bloggers—having organized the Minnesota Blogger Conference and created a truly collaborative environment for bloggers.

His content is always engaging to read and he often features guest posts and interviews with many interesting Midwestern PR/communications pros.

7. KD Paine’s PR Measurement Blog

It’s the dreaded part of working in PR or any communications field—what is the return on investment? How are you going to measure your success?

Fear not, PR pro—KD Paine has your back and she’s blogging about it!

This blog is like the holy grail of measurement tips, case studies, and overall great content.

It’s not as scary as you think measurement is—give KD’s blog a read and you might just find an extremely helpful resource.

8. PR 2.0 Strategies

Here is another of my favorite blogs that I’ve enjoyed over the past few years.

Deirdre Breakenridge is an incredible social media and PR author; her blog is pretty nifty as well.

She’s also a proponent of supporting PR pros with the #PRStudChat series for students, teachers and practitioners of public relations.

Deirdre definitely has her finger on the pulse of where public relations and communications are going, so it’s well worth bookmarking her blog.

9. PRtini

Here is another incredibly helpful blog for PR pro’s run by Heather Whalig, founder of Geben Communication.

Heather is a prolific writer and national speaker, but she never forgets to share helpful resources and links to other articles of interest with her readers.

And who couldn’t like a blog that has an official cocktail?

10. 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One

Okay, so this isn’t a blog in the sense as the others on my list, but c’mon.  We PR people need to laugh sometimes!

So, in between your client emails and press releases drafts, check out his Tumblr and bookmark it for daily lulz or to simply feel assured that you are not alone.

Again, this list is simply my personal list and I hope you find some of these blogs as enjoyable as I do.

What are your favorite PR blogs? Any blogs I may have missed? Feel free to share your favorites as well!


  • prtini

    @pr_in_pink Hi Krista! Thanks so much for including me. I share your love for many of those same blogs, too!

  • jacksonwightman

    @PR_in_Pink . VERY kind K. Esp since each of the other folks is far brighter than I. Thanks.

  • Shonali

    What touching tributes, Krista – thank you! You know, better than many, how I’m trying to figure out balance (sad to say, I ain’t there yet!) with the new gig and all… so to read what you wrote really warmed my heart and gave me a boost I needed. Thank you!!

    • Krista

       @Shonali You’ll always be one of my blogger heroes! Balance is more important than blogging sometimes, so I hope you continue to be happy and healthy– just be sure to post now and then to stay in touch 🙂

  • Frank_Strong

    Wow, Krista, thank you. Some real heavy hitters on this list.  Not sure I rank with this crew, but appreciate your kind words!

    • Krista

      You’re welcome, Frank! This is my little tribute to bloggers who have inspired and helped me learn– and you deserve to be on that list 🙂

  • Frank_Strong

    @TDefren You’re high on my list Todd. 🙂 @PR_in_Pink

  • MyMediaInfo

    @pr_in_pink Great post, big fan of all the blogs on your list. Also love PRBreakfastClub too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • WordsDoneWrite

    Thank you for compiling the great list of resources, Krista! I know of some of these, but not all. I’ll definitely be checking them out.

    • Krista

       @WordsDoneWrite Thanks for the opportunity to contribute some of my favorites!

  • allison_boyer

    Great list, Krista!

    • Krista

       @allison_boyer Thanks, Allison! Hope you find some new favorites from this as well. 

  • Maxdbwqv9tkpb

    @allison_boyer http://t.co/zpXtpwCR

  • Clarehgdqxm

    @wordsdonewrite http://t.co/aZzfWA9Q

  • wordsdonewrite

    @PR_in_Pink Thank YOU for embracing the topic and doing such a great job with it, Krista!

  • badpitch

    Wow Krista, thanks for including us. Honored to be on the list with so many folks we follow. ^KD

    • Krista

       @badpitch No need to thank me– it’s my minor tribute to your blog for keeping PR people in check!

  • shonali

    @wordsdonewrite Thank you very much! And @blogworldexpo too (I loved speaking last year, ahem ahem) – so kind of @PR_in_Pink!

    • wordsdonewrite

      @shonali My pleasure, Shonali! Are you coming to #NMX (formerly BlogWorld) in January?

      • shonali

        @wordsdonewrite I don’t know yet… are you?

        • wordsdonewrite

          @shonali Yep! I’ll be there with bells on! Can’t wait! I hope you can come!

  • wordsdonewrite

    @TDefren Todd, would you be interested in doing a follow up to Krista’s post? I have an idea in mind!

  • dbreakenridge

    Krista, thank you so much for your kind words regarding my work in PR and for including PR 2.0 Strategies in your Top 10 List.  You’ve created a great list and I truly admire the work of these dedicated professionals who are helping to propel PR forward!  

    • Krista

       @dbreakenridge The honor is all yours, Deirdre! I have always admired your work and dedication to this ever-changing communications world. 

      • dbreakenridge

         @Krista You just made my day, Krista. Thank you!

  • dbreakenridge

    @wordsdonewrite Thank you! Honored to be on the Top 10 #PR Blogs on @blogworldexpo! http://t.co/cCgZqJ9H

  • ginidietrich

    Krista! Thank you! I love your description of Shonali’s blog…it’s so true. She DOES make you feel at peace after you read her. All of these are in my Reader, as well, but I don’t know 99 Problems so I’m off to check them out. 

    • Krista

       @ginidietrich You will LOVE 99 Problems! Seriously, anyone who has worked at an agency can relate. 

  • shonali

    @dbreakenridge Hey! How are you?

    • dbreakenridge

      @shonali Hi! I’m doing really well. Just started teaching a social media class at #NYU. Are you up in NYC at all? How’s everything by you?

      • shonali

        @dbreakenridge I wish! All my planned trips end up getting canceled. My bet is I’ll see you in SF for #prsaIC…! So glad all’s well.

        • Robb_Wexler

          @shonali @dbreakenridge I want to see you both with flowers in your hair.

        • dbreakenridge

          @shonali Thanks & something to definitely look forward to at #PRSAIC. Hope we can get together to catch up.

        • dbreakenridge

          @Robb_Wexler LOL! Not sure about the flowers in my hair 🙂 @shonali

        • shonali

          @robb_wexler Hahahahah!!! I can totally see @dbreakenridge with flowers in her hair!!!

        • dbreakenridge

          @shonali I’m the only one who can’t!! Too funny. Okay, maybe I’ll have to try it sometime and take a vote 🙂 @robb_wexler

        • shonali

          @dbreakenridge We can take pix at #prsaic 🙂 @robb_wexler

        • dbreakenridge

          @shonali This could be a new look for me 🙂 @robb_Wexler #prsaic

  • PR_in_Pink

    @ericamallison Thanks for the mention! Hope you have a happy Friday 🙂

  • rajmalikdc

    @rachaelseda Congrats on the great news. Best of luck on the move and hope to see you again soon.

  • robfreedman

    @Vocus you should check out @JCPR they have a great blog too.

  • shonali

    @rachaelseda That’s really a #w00t for the entire #WUL team which includes you!

  • IvanHernandez_

    @pawelbanaszak Thank you for your RT! Have a nice weekend!

  • podmedic

    @MPR_PR thanks for the RT. enjoy your weekend!

    • MPR_PR

      @podmedic You’re welcome! Have a great week ahead!

  • alpinepr

    Hi Krista, I agree with many of your selections, especially Gini Dietrich’s blog – one of the first I subscribed to and still enjoy reading. While I’m not new to PR, I have recently started blogging regularly. Please check out my budding blog at http://www.alpinepr.com/blog. Thanks!

  • Kelsey McBride

    Great list! I recently started a small blog about public relations too. Check it out – http://www.kelseymcbridepr.com/public-relations-blog/

  • Paul Shapiro

    This is such a great list. I’ve been reading The Sword and the Script a lot lately. I can’t wait to check the other ones on this list.

  • Devit

    Great list ! Thanks for this.

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