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NMX Welcomes Megan Enloe as Podcasting Community Manager


NMX Welcomes Megan Enloe as Podcasting , Community Manager

The NMX community team is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition to adding Jessica Spiegel as Community Manager for our travel blogger conference, TBEX, we’re also pleased to announce the addition of Megan Enloe as our new Podcasting Community Manager.

We’ve been throwing around the idea of having different community managers for the specific niches, especially in podcasting and video, because we feel we haven’t done enough to reach the individual communities. There’s no one better to handle this task than Megan who is a passionate podcasting fan and supporter. In fact, Megan’s Twitter handle is @podcastjunky, so she proudly owns that title.

In addition to being a fan of podcasting, Megan runs the Podcasting Community on Facebook (where she invites all podcasters and podcasting fans to join the community) and works as a social media consultant.

Megan will be holding podcasting related discussions on the NMX Facebook page, and on a soon to be created Twitter account. She’ll also be reaching out to individual podcasting communities to see how we can best serve them and join our communities together. In addition to social engagement, Megan will assist our Podacasting Track Leader, Cliff Ravenscraft in finding speakers for the podcasting track at NMX.

We’re very pleased to add Megan to our growing team.



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