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Build a Pinterest Presence from Scratch: Staying Active in 15 Minutes a Day (Day Five and Beyond)


Pinterest logo This is part five of a five-part series to help you create a Pinterest presence from scratch for your business or online content. Start at the beginning with this post.

It doesn’t matter how well you set up your Pinterest profile if you don’t stay active. On Pinterest, pins have the ability to go viral again weeks or even months after initial interest fades if the right person checks out your profile and repins something. However, no one will check out your profile if you’re inactive. People want to follower users who are actually pinning stuff on a daily basis.

I know it’s daunting when you already have tons of tasks to do every day. But with the following plan, you can conquer Pinterest in just 15 minutes per day! It’s doable for everyone who wants an active presence on Pinterest.

This post assumes that you already went through days one through four of this series, and that you have a profile set up with boards and are following a good number of people (50 or so to start). So if you haven’t done that yet, start at Day One of this series and go through it to get your profile up to speed.

Morning Duties (10 Minutes)

First, make Pinterest one of the things you do every morning, like checking your email. This part of your Pinterest upkeep will take about 10 minutes and is great to do over coffee, since Pinterest is as much fun as it is work. Here’s what you do:

  • Pin one thing (post, product, etc.) from your own site. Do this first, since it has the most potential to show up on category pages.
  • Pin one thing from a site other than your own. The goal is to highlight really great content that might not otherwise be found on Pinterest. Tag the author/company if they are on Pinterest.
  • Repin three pins from people you are following. Try to pins stuff to different boards.
  • Respond to any comments you received since last time you logged in.
  • Leave at least three comments on others’ pins.
  • Find at least three new people to follow via search, category pages, etc. (See our “finding people to follow” post here)

That’s it! Then, just go about you day. If you come across cool stuff in your travels, pin it, but otherwise, you don’t have to focus on Pinterest during your day.

Afternoon/Night Duties (5 Minutes)

You should log in again during the day at some point. Exactly when depends on your niche. I find that with business-related stuff, late afternoon, when everyone is trying to kill time before leaving work, is a sweet spot. With a more hobby-related niche, like cooking, late night works better – after the kids are in bed, parents are browsing Pinterest. So log in that second time whenever it makes sense for the kind of stuff you’re pinning. Here’s what I recommend you do:

  • Pin at least one original thing from your own site or from someone else’s site.
  • Repin at least three pins from people you’re following, to different boards than you did that morning if possible. Comment when relevant.
  • Find at least three new people to follow.
  • Respond to any comments you received since you last logged in.

That’s it!

Now of course, you can spend a lot more time on Pinterest than what I’ve listed above, but this list of tasks allows you to stay active in just 15 minutes per day. It’s super easy to fit into your schedule, so no excuses! And actually, once you start really getting used to Pinterest, these activities don’t even take 15 minutes, so you have even more time for pinning, repinning, commenting, and following on Pinterest during your allotted 15 minutes. The more active you are on this network, the faster you will grow.

Have questions that this series hasn’t answered? Check out our free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Blog, Podcast, or Videos with Pinterest for more detailed information about rocking on Pinterest. You can also leave any questions you might have in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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