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Marcus Sheridan talks about making speeches more social


When I went to BlogWorld Los Angeles, I had one overwhelming thought. I LOVE that Marcus Sheridan guy! I had never seen him speak before, nor even heard of him, yet after his session, I was an immediate fan. Seriously, I can’t gush enough about what an incredible speaker he is, how he engages the audience, and how many fantastic insights he has for the small business owner. (You can hear his session from the most recent conference in New York by purchasing the Virtual Ticket!)

Check out what Marcus has to say about presenting and what makes for a memorable session in this interview from Blogcast FM‘s Srinivas Rao. Also, think that you can just blog when you feel like it? Marcus has some thoughts on that, too.

What do you think? Should speakers interact with their audiences more? Do you like a monologue or would you rather interact with the speaker throughout the session?


  • Vanetworking

    I enjoy attending conferences where the speakers interact with the attendees. Some of the most informative times I’ve had were at the after parties. This is where you really learn the tricks of the trade.

  • JudyHelfand

     @WordsDoneWrite This is such a good post, I have attended #nmx or BlogWorld three times, 2009, 2010, and 2011…the one regret is that I always struggle to decide when to arrive.  That is, do I come for the first 2.5 days or the last 2.5 days or try to come for the whole event. Usually my business dictates the amount of time that I can travel. The one regret from BWLA was that I missed hearing and meeting Marcus Sheridan.  But the good news about BWLA is that I met you. For that, I am forever grateful. Nice to see you are now the managing editor at BlogWorld and New Media Expo or as we now say – NMX!

    • WordsDoneWrite

       @JudyHelfand Any time you have the opportunity to hear Marcus speak, I highly recommend it!
      It was wonderful meeting you at the LA conference, too, Judy! No sepia in real life; you were in living color, baby! 😉
      Hope you can come to the Vegas conference in January. It’s going to be really great! And, thanks for helping with the NMX rebranding campaign! 😉

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