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Confession: I Bought Facebook Fans (And I Don’t Regret It)


I have a confession to make. Last month, for the first time ever, I pulled out my credit card and bought Facebook fans. Yes, I actually paid money for bigger social media numbers. I just started a new food blog, and I wanted to quickly grow my presence on this network.

But perhaps the more shocking part of my confession is this: I do not regret my decision. In fact, I recommend that you consider buying Facebook fans too.

How to Buy Fans the Right Way

I don’t recommend that you pay a social media company to boost your numbers. They might say they can get you “real fans,” but in actuality, what they do is pad your page’s numbers with dummy accounts and foreign users who are paid to like pages. They aren’t really fans. These fans are never going to buy your products, share your posts, or click though to your website. They don’t give a hoot about you or your business. You’re throwing money away if you buy fans this way.

But there’s another way to buy Facebook fans. If you’re brand new, building a Facebook presence can be done, but it certainly takes time to gain momentum. A way to more quickly build a following is to purchase fans – through the use of Facebook ads. Facebook ads help in a few ways:

  • More fans means more people sharing your updates, and with every share, you’ll be reaching new potential fans. So, one you have that base of fans, you can start growing exponentially if you update your page well.
  • If your page is empty, it can scare off people who come to it. With more fans, there will be more interaction on your page.

When you pay for ads on Facebook, you are buying fans – but you’re only buying fans who are actually interested in your page. I bought fans this way and I don’t regret it at all. I think every business can benefit from running Facebook ads.

Facebook Advertisement Choices

Facebook gives users two ad choices: CPC and CPM. With a CPC ad, you’ll pay for every person who clicks on your ad. With a CPM ad, you’ll pay for every person who sees your ad.

In both cases, you aren’t paying for a like – you’re paying for the potential of a like. If you choose to go with a CPC model, make your ad as clear as possible, since you want people to only click if they are actually going to like the page. If you choose to go with a CPM model, make your ad as enticing as possible so it grabs people’s attention when they view it and they click through to your page.

I recommend trying both CPC and CPM ads to see which you like best. Set a dollar amount and run your ad with each model to see which performs better. For me, the CPC ad was more effective, but that may not be the case for you. So do some A/B testing first before committing tons of money to one type of ad.

Creating Targeted Facebook Ads

Remember, with Facebook ads, you can also set parameters so only certain users see your ads. I especially recommend doing this if you go with CPM ads, since you don’t want to pay for your ad to be viewed by people who won’t be interested in your page. If you run a car detailing business, for example, a Facebook ad that isn’t targeted is going to be seen by a lot of people who don’t like cars – and even people who are too young to own cars.

Using targeting functions can also help you reach people who aren’t currently part of your fan base. For example, let’s say you run a fashion blog and most of your readers are female, even though you talk about male fashion too. A targeted Facebook ad that you set to only be seen by males who list fashion as an interest. This will help you reach people who will likely enjoy your content, but who have previously not found your page.

Reading More About Buying Facebook Fans

Here on the NMX/BlogWorld blog, we often write about Facebook , and we’ve also compiled a list of people in our community talking about Facebook likes in a past edition of Brilliant Bloggers. For specific advice about how to get more Facebook fans, check out these posts:

For me, Facebook fans were extremely effective for my needs: a short burst when my newest blog launched. If you already have a fan base, an ad may or may not work well for you. Have you tried running a Facebook ad to increase your fans? What were the results?


  • Harold Johnson

    This is total linkbait. You’re not buying fans at all. You’re buying advertisements, or the opportunity for people to become fans of your page. 

    • MelanieMontheiNelson

      Gotta say, I thought the same thing, Harold. I’m a fan of NMX, but this falls into the linkbait category and I expect better from NMX.

    • allison_boyer

      In my opinion, the difference between buying other advertisements and buying Facebook ads is that you’re paying for people to like you page. It isn’t exactly the same as advertising in other ways, and I personally consider it buying fans. Or, more accurately as you say, the opportunity for people to become fans.

  • RBCud

    I think you have to approach this with the knowledge that you’re just going to get social proof out of this with an increased fan count –  you’re not suddenly going to manage to buy customers that will propel you to success. However, buying fans isn’t really anything out of the ordinary in the business world – everybody uses tricks to present the best image possible. Businessmen spend lots of money on fancy suits and watches to act as if they are successful. Restaurants seat people at windows to tell people passing by that people like its’ food. Nightclubs in cities rope crowds outside in the cold so people think that everybody is desperate to get in. I don’t think raw numbers are worthless in and of themselves because it is a filtering signal to others. The fact that there are so many companies listed at http://www.buytwitterfollowersreviews.com that help boost up follower counts is proof positive that a lot of businesses see this as valuable. That being said, the best way to do social media over the long run is to create great content that people will want to share. There’s no shortcut to creating great content, and that’s where I think a lot of companies really struggle with social. Buying fans isn’t a bad thing, but do it for the right reasons and with proper expectations.

  • emmaensign

    @Kiwihits yes we have…. It was worth the exposure for new releases, as for a long term thing it’s unaffordable for independent acts

    • Kiwihits

      @emmaensign ahhh interesting. What did you end up paying per fan, if you can remember? How did you target them?

      • emmaensign

        @Kiwihits we’ve run them a few times for single releases and gigs but I change the cost per click depending what it is we’re promo-ing!

      • emmaensign

        @Kiwihits and obviously picking the targeting depends on what you’re promoting! 🙂 Don’t you guys have a marketing sect?

        • Kiwihits

          @emmaensign good to chat: interesting to see how it worked for you guys. Best of luck with everything…

        • emmaensign

          @Kiwihits cheers man!

  • philipisross

    @Kiwihits i usually click the ads down the side of fcebk I wouldnt buy any likes tho you want to attract people who are genuinely interested

    • Kiwihits

      @philipisross yeah, the piece was about buying FB ads rather than buying likes. Interested to know if any local bands have done it…

  • loganlights

    @Kiwihits I’ve been using Facebook ads to boost an audience for my music video production company. At $1 a day, it’s working a treat.

    • Kiwihits

      @loganlights great. Much luck generating business/likes/whatever? What creative seems to work best?

  • Tom L

    You aren’t necessarily paying for fans at all – facebook adverts link to a multitude of things, external sites, external promotions, fb events, promoted status’, videos etc etc – I get the idea that you can taylor your message and then are indirectly paying for a “like” – but it totally depends, half the adverts I see aren’t encouraging me to like anything (lame dating sites, the classic $1.00 iPads bla bla)

  • business telephone

    Some people do this especially when it comes to competitions. There are lots of online competitions that will matter if you have lots of fans so some people prefer to buys their fans.

  • Michael

    Hi Allison,
    Interesting post. 🙂

    When I saw the title I really thought you really bought facebook fans because I know those people are being paid to like your page and nothing more. Then only I know is about buying facebook ad. Although I was a bit disappointed but I was still glad that you are recommending the easy way out. 🙂

    I have used facebook ad before but to no success. Is not that I wasted money on the ad. I was prepared to pay the money but the problem was the click through was really bad. I did multiple testings but still unsuccessful that I need to stop the ads. Maybe I am just not competent enough with this ad thing.

    When I first sign up for the ad and saw the demographic setting, I thought this is what I am looking for so long. Instead like Google PPC which I open my ad to everyone, I can now control who to see my ad. Then again, the demographic option was so limited which I hope they can expand the interest targeting further.


  • Raj

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    they have money back policies i am satisfied with there service

  • ScottBrown

    I bought Facebook Likes and i don’t regret it too 🙂
    I bought from http://socialspreaders.com/ and e get more likes than i asked for 😀

  • Leticia

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