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Video Trick: Smooth Panning Using Rubber Bands [Video]


Not every trick to shooting professional video has to include the purchase of a high-cost tool or fancy editing software. In fact, sometimes, the answer is a “tool” you already have – in your junk drawer of all places!

Check out this very quick video on creating a smooth panning motion using nothing more than a rubber band. If you’re a beginner at creating videos (like me!), little budget-friendly tips like this can be lifesavers, right?


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  • bobWP

    Love this tip, and it’s so simple but perfect. I think some may wonder if it really makes a difference, but I bet if you were to try and compare it with just using your hand, you would be surprised. I did  : )

    • allison_boyer

       @bobWP Yeah, I tried it too, and was super surprised! Glad I’m not the only one who thought it seems like something that would make no difference.

  • rosemaryoneill

    Mind. Blown. Thank you!

  • CAL_Living

    Great Idea, simple and effective… the price is just perfect 🙂

  • CAL_Living

    Great Idea, simple and effective… the price is just perfect 🙂
    This concept of the smooth movement, is the same concept used in the High End Tripods, with the “Fluid Head” movement.
    Make sure your band is flexible and wide enough to handle the 75% stretch as shown, to allow for the smooth panning.
    Perhaps the best tip to date.

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