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Where to Find Quality Blog Writers Online


Running a successful blog is no easy task. Just the thought of being responsible for creating original and quality content on a daily basis can be quite stressful. For times like these, many bloggers are looking to hire new content writers for their blogs. Not only will this bring a new twist of writing to your blog, but it also frees up your time so you can take care of other important areas such as monetizing your site and working on your long term marketing and business plans.

There are many places to look for writers for your site, but not all of them are created equal. In this post we are going to list a few places that you should be listing your blog writing jobs and maybe even help you find some long term writers for your job.

Create Writing Jobs on Content Marketplaces

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of expansion in the content marketing places available. Everything from micro job sites to writing full articles and ebooks on demand. The goal of content marketplaces is to match advertisers, site owners and writers together. As a blog site owner you can post the details of articles you would like written for your site, then one of the hundreds of thousands of writers on the site will complete the job for you. A few of the many content writing sites out there are Blogging.org, Fiverr.com and TextBroker.com.

Blogging - Buy Articles - Write Articles - Freelance Writers | Blogging.org

Post Your Blog on Blogger Job Boards

One of the best ways to find quality blog writers is by posting on blogger job boards. The reason why job boards are an excellent place to find high end writers is because they are usually targeted towards people who already know how to write good content and know their way around WordPress. There is usually a small fee to include your listing on a job board, but it is well worth the attention and job applications you will get from the posting. You can see some of the top blogger job boards from my previous post on this topic.

WordPress Jobs

Use Freelance Sites to Find Quality Writers

We mentioned content marketplaces and blogger job boards, but if you are looking for writers with a full resume who can complete many different tasks online, you may want to focus your search towards freelance job sites. Sites likes Elance.com and Freelancer.com are excellent for posting writing jobs. Once you listing is live on their network, you will get a ton of people who would like to work for you. Each will have their own resumes, work examples and feedback from previous clients. Hire one individual for your job, or a whole team. Both sites are setup with a great platform for managing your jobs and workforce.

The world’s largest online workplace, oDesk is where savvy businesses and professional contractors go to work! - oDesk

There are plenty of content creation and job based sites for you to look through, but it’s not as simple as just posting a job and picking anyone who replies. As a site owner you will need to review content and make sure it’s in perfect English and high in quality content. Lots of people are out there and looking for writing jobs, which means it’s a very competitive market, but it also means you can hire writers at competitive rates. Take the time to do your research, build a quality team of writers and watch your blog rankings and content explode!


  • jsrampton

    Great post Zac, I love quality blogging tips like this!

  • TextBroker

    Thanks for the mention! We hear this question a lot in Internet Marketing circles. While we are a great resource, I think the question we need to ask is “How do I get the best content out of my writer?” The more information you give the writer, no matter how you find them, the better content you’ll get back. 🙂

    • WordsDoneWrite

       @TextBroker That’s so true. As a writer, I can attest to that. The more good information I’m given up front, the better I’m able to succeed in providing the best piece possible.

      • Nick

         I can attest to this too, but sadly it comes from bitter experience.  In fact, it just happened yesterday.  I was part of a team of freelance writers that was creating daily blogs for a series of e-commerce websites.  We were all just given the old heave-ho by management, which told us they decided to discontinue the blogs.  Their level of communication and direction was virtually non-existent, and it was left to us to try to figure out what they wanted.  I know that I was stumbling around in the dark, trying to write the best content I could for a series of websites selling some pretty mundane crap (dog doors, infrared heaters, bean bag chairs, etc.) Despite repeated requests, I got no feedback and no guidance.  I have some background myself with SEO practices and was seriously puzzled as to how these guys thought they were going to compete online with dozens upon dozens of websites that were set up to sell similar products.  Despite trying to engage with them on content strategy, I got…nothing.  This kind of thing has unfortunately happened to me in the past as a freelancer and also in a past life in news radio.  I think there are lots of able, willing and superb content creators out there, but if management can’t decide what the hell they want, well….garbage in, garbage out, as they say.

  • Jake

    Hey, thanks for the great read.. I will eventually need to hire writers for my blog and will start by trying some of the things you have mentioned in this article.. Thanks again..

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