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Top 7 Reasons to Speak at New Media Expo



Talk with anyone who’s spoken at one of our events and they’ll tell you the benefits of presenting at the world’s largest conference for bloggers, podcasters, Web TV producers, and social media innovators. But, in case you’re too busy to track them down, we’ve assembled the top seven reasons here for you. Remember, if you’d like to submit a speaker proposal, there’s still time.

1. Amplification of speaker’s reputation, authority, and profile in the industry

Presenting to the live, far-reaching audience who shares with millions of people is extremely powerful. Word gets around. Did you know attendees tweeting from our last event in Las Vegas made over 330 MILLION impressions in just 3 days? And that’s just Twitter, that statistic doesn’t include blog, Facebook, Google+, podcasts, or videos. This event is a great, big megaphone that can help speakers amplify their messages, brands, and reputations.

2. Meet the Press

Journalists cover this event from ABC, NBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Inc. and more, hoping to scoop other news sources on new ideas breaking at this big, industry event. It is a prime opportunity for speakers to make publicity opportunities happen.

3. New Business Leads

This conference has the unique benefit of putting speakers and their businesses face to face with their target markets. There is no amount of marketing in the world that can duplicate this quality interaction. Sharing a sharply-prepared educational session with succinct takeaways is better than a marketing pitch. It provides valuable insight that builds demand for a speaker’s knowledge beyond the event. Speakers frequently find new business opportunities from companies who’ve sent delegates to attend sessions. Furthermore, speakers often strengthen relationships and confidence with existing customers when they command a large and engaged audience at the conference.

4. Funding or Selling Your Company

Speakers have sold their blogs, businesses, and raised capital as a result of meeting attendees after their presentations at our past events. Investors have been known to come looking to acquire a company or media property with a certain expertise. Speakers sell companies and raise funding each year at this event.

5. Get Discovered and Hired

Companies are in attendance at our shows who may want to hire you for a better job than you have now. Our speakers get snapped up for new jobs every year. Speakers with bustling sessions who put out the word prior to the event frequently get the largest crowds—and the biggest opportunities.

6. Get a Book Deal

At every event, publishers are in the session audiences, looking for the industry’s brightest minds. And guess what happens? Our event speakers get book deals. No kidding. The publishers know the highest caliber new media and social media minds on the planet present at this conference, so they look for the most popular, packed sessions, and they sit in and watch those speakers. Every show, new book deals happen. (And we’ll set up a book signing at the next New Media Expo conference when your book comes out!)

7. Help the Industry Grow and Content Creators Succeed

This event started back in 2006 as the place where we could all learn how to make better online content, grow our audiences, and monetize in sustainable ways. This is the place where the new media industry is thriving, growing, and it was built for all of us. This is where we come together as an industry; where we succeed together.

If you’ve ever attended one of our events, you know the power of our conferences. And, if you’re looking to get up on stage, there’s no better time to throw you hat into the ring than now. Fill out a speaker submission form today!


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