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The Future of Content: Social Over Advertising, Longform Content, CCOs, and More


Today at BlogWorld & New Media Expo, Shane Snow from Contently co-presented Future of Content Creation – What’s Next? Shane talked about the past and present of content online, but most interestingly, he speculated about what the future holds for content online. Knowing what’s coming can help you stay on top of your game. So, what can you expect in the future? Here are Shane’s predictions:

  • Social Content Will Replace Advertising

Instead of banner ads, brands will be producing more and more sharable content related to their industry. Readers have “ad blindness” in many cases, and rarely share advertisements, but with related blog posts and other content, brands can build their following and increase awareness. We’re already seeing major companies like Pepsi move into creating more sharable content instead of focusing on information and advertising.

  • Longform Content Will Make a Comeback

Right now, we’re often focused on very “quick” content – content that can be easily digested. However, more and more, we’re seeing consumers open to the idea of reading longer content, especially since e-readers are now so popular. So while list posts and other quick pieces of content are great, don’t be afraid to do longer research pieces as well.

  • Brands Will Dominate Online Publishing

Right now, we’re finally seeing big brands get online. In the future, we may see them dominate online content. As brands begin to beef up their online presence, they’ll be hiring CCOs – Chief Content Officers and turning to a network of freelancers and other content creators to work for them.

Do you agree? And more importantly, do you want more predictions on what the future will hold for online content? Pick up a virtual ticket to get a recording of this session and other BlogWorld New York sessions.

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