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May 2012

The BlogWorld New York 2012 Super Sessions


I’m both pleased and excited to present you with the BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012 Super Sessions (for those who don’t know, Super Sessions were called Track Keynotes in years prior). There will be multiple Super Sessions going on from 9:00am – 10:00am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during our June conference in New York.

We have an impressive lineup and I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to both the topics and the speakers.

Tuesday, June 5th (9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)

“7 Deadly Sins Of Social” – Scott Stratten

Come see one of the most amazing speakers you will experience in a very long time.  When Scott takes the stage, you will not only be fully engaged, but you will learn and walk away with something you soon won’t forget.  This session will cover what not to do when engaging an audience, not only in social media but offline as well. Does a unicorn really die if you ask the ROI of social media? Can Pinterest save your unread blog? Can you legally smack somebody who adds you to their mailing list after getting your card at an event? These and many more sinful questions will be answered.

“The Social Habit 2012: How Americans Really Use Social Media” – Tom Webster

Come watch Edison Research VP of Strategy (and famous spam reader) Tom Webster as he presents the premiere of The Social Habit 2012.  This session covers the latest in Edison’s series of reports on how Americans use Social Media.  Attendees will not only learn the latest research on social media platforms and behaviors, but Tom will also walk through some actionable insights and recommendations based upon the data.

“Measuring Social Media Using Google Analytics” – Linus Chou

Join us for something very special, indeed.  Linus Chou from the Google Analytics teams will be delivering an amazingly essential and educational Super Session helping you learn about the challenges of measuring social media and how you can use the Google Analytics social reports feature to take an ROI-based approach to your strategy and campaigns.  We are excited to have a member of the Google team join us and if you want to really know how to use the newest features of Analytics (a free tool) then this is one session you don’t want to miss.

Wednesday, June 6th (9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)

“Vow to Wow: Being Helpful To Customers Online” – Robert Scoble with Jeremy Wasner, Robert Collazo, and Matt Wilbanks


If you haven’t seen Robert Scoble speak before then you definitely want to join us for this amazing session. One thing you can say about Rackspace is that they know how to WOW when it comes to customer experiences online.  But you don’t have to be as big as them to take these principles and apply them for your own success stories.   Do you know how to react if a customer complains about your brand on social media? Do you ignore them, or do you vow to wow them?  Rackspace’s social media response team, led by Sr. Manager Rob Collazo and also including engineers Matt Wilbanks and Jeremy Wasner, monitors social networks around the clock to provide “Fanatical Support” to those airing grievances with the company online, from Twitter to message boards.

“When It Gets Real: What Happens When Your Fun Little Personal Brand Has To Grow Up” – Peter Shankman & Jelena Woehr


If you haven’t seen Peter Shankman speak, then you definitely do not want to miss this session.  He had one of the most talked about keynotes at BlogWorld Los Angeles last year and it’s easy to see why: Peter delivers punch after punch of riveting insight based on real world experience.  In this session, Peter discusses the “Facebook Generation’s” strengths and weaknesses, from the perspective of a successful, seasoned professional whose ADHD functions as his superpower. Jelena Woehr, a young professional “native” to the social Web, gives an under-25’s take on turning millennials’ unique values and traits into workplace advantages. Whether you’re a new grad or an old hand, this session will offer new insight into how young adults see the modern working world–and how that world sees them.

“A World Gone Mobile” – Chuck Martin

Join Chuck Martin, CEO of the Mobile Future Institute, This fast-paced, high energy presentation will highlight the technological and, more significantly, the behavioral changes caused by the mobile revolution.  Chuck will also trace the evolution of mobile and the smartphone and show how it is a consumer-led phenomenon, put in context SMS, MMS, apps, 2D barcodes and location-based activities, and include how mobile is local and how consumers will be searching for information and reading content and blogs based on where they are and on their own timeframe.

Thursday, June 7th (9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)

“Gaining The Attention Of Top Brands: What You Need To Know From the 2012 State Of Social Media Sponsorship Study” – Ted Murphy

Join Ted Murphy of Izea for the unveil of the 2012 State of Social Media Sponsorship Study and learn about top trends and gain strategic guidance for maximizing the money made through a blog. Ted will be educating you on setting your valuations, how much blog posts are really worth, and he will be giving you relevant and valuable information you can use from leading brands/well-known influencers on social media sponsorship.

“Optimize And Socialize For Better Content Marketing” – Lee Odden

Lee is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever met and he not only has an incredible new book out, Optimize, but he is going to deliver an amazing session based on his years of experience in social. You’ll learn how to use content marketing best practices to design information that inspires audiences to share, buy, and recommend your brand.  During this one hour you will learn the framework for an optimize and socialize approach to content marketing, understand the framework for optimizing across the customer lifecycle, and know the difference between KPIs and business outcomes for web and social measurement.

“Podcasting: Lessons From A Noob” – Michael Hyatt

World renowned leadership blogger, author, and now podcaster, Michael Hyatt will be at BlogWorld for the first time and we are very pleased to welcome him for this Super Session. Michael’s blog is one of the top in the country on leadership and his books have been enjoyed by many.  He recently started his podcast which has been equally amazing.  He will be discussing his own personal lessons on how he started his podcast, and grew it to explosive growth in a relatively short period of time.  You definitely don’t want to miss Michael speak as he is going to leave you with very valuable lessons on how you can start and grow your own podcast for your content, community, and commerce.

Join Us!

If you haven’t already registered for BlogWorld New York, there’s still time (get your ticket now!). Remember, we have 175 sessions, 140 speakers, an exhibit hall, and the best networking parties around! We can’t wait to see you in New York!


Knowing Me, Knowing You


Extra points to those of you who recognized the title of the post as being an ABBA song from the 80’s! Music is a bit of a passion of mine. I have music playing all the time when I am writing. The other major passion in my life right now is Mobile; mobile technology and mobile platforms. That’s why I was incredibly excited to partner with Qualtrics, who provides survey tools and are enabling me to reach out to a huge slice of the U.S. population and ask them questions about how they use their mobile tech (you can take the survey here).

Mobile technology is moving at an amazing speed. As Apple CEO Tim Cook said recently, “Apple’s lifetime iPad sales across all generations have now topped 67 million. To put that into context, it took us 24 years to sell that many Macs, five years for that many iPods, and three years for iPhones.” The world is shifting its preference for consuming and producing content to mobile devices. What can you, as a content producer, do about it?

With the increasing use of mobile devices for the consumption of content, you, as content producers, have to understand the mobile consumer so that you can produce content that reaches and appeals to them. This is not just about having a mobile-optimized website, this is about having the type of content that actually captures attention through all the other distractions that surround a mobile user. Content producers have to understand the setting and context of the mobile user and how it differs from that of the non-mobile user (even though those two may, in fact, be the same person at different times in their day).

The experience of consuming content while sitting at a desk is vastly different from that of sitting on a train or in front of the TV. While you may well believe you have optimized your existing content for mobile, did you do it because your audience needed it or did you do it because you were told it was something that should be done? If nothing else I suggest checking out your Google analytics and seeing how many of your readers/content consumers are viewing your content from a mobile device, and seeing which areas they are consuming. Then, place your focus for optimization on that content.

Remember mobile optimization isn’t about your content as much as it is about the audience experience. In our efforts to be better at what we do as content producers one of the most valuable assets in our arsenal is knowledge. Aside from reconnecting with friends and making new contacts, attending a conference like Blogworld Expo is one of the easiest ways of gaining new knowledge.

If you come to my session in New York, “Smartphones, Smarter Users – The Who, When, What of the Mobile Consumer,” I am going to discuss the day in the life of the mobile user. The research I will be unveiling is brand new, never seen before, and the presentation is tailored specifically toward content producers. So if you want to know the when, how, why and what of the mobile content, consumer I’ll see you in my session.

Why the Virtual Ticket Will Feel “Even Closer to Being There Live” This Year


As the guy in charge of BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket program (which allows people who can’t make it to the live event to “attend” on their own timetable from their home or office), I’ve been given a very interesting puzzle to solve.

Here are the two questions I keep asking myself:

  1. How can we most effectively bring the content and experience of BlogWorld to people who want to go to New York to attend…but can’t?
  2. How can we make an online conference as much like being there in person as possible?

See, BlogWorld is HUGE. There are over 140 speakers, and at the live event, ten sessions will be happening at once…pretty much all the time. Even if it were feasible to live-stream the entire conference to our virtual attendees, we wouldn’t want to.


Because if we did, then virtual attendees would face the same problem that live attendees face: They’d have to choose one session to watch at a time and would, hence, be physically unable to view 90% of the conference due to most people’s pesky inability to be in ten places at once.

The content in the Virtual Ticket isn’t live. You wouldn’t want it to be live. In fact, a huge number of people who sign up for the Virtual Ticket are people who will be there at the actual event. They get the Virtual Ticket to fill the gaps in their live conference experience, so that after they come home from BlogWorld, they can watch that 90+% of the content that they missed.

(NOTE: If you already signed up to attend BlogWorld in New York and would like to add the Virtual Ticket to your registration, you can do so for only $97. Just email us and ask us to add the VT to your registration. If you haven’t yet signed up for the live event, you can add the VT during the registration process.)

But because the Virtual Ticket’s main content is 100+ hours of non-live video recordings (and the accompanying MP3 downloads), that dilemma comes right back at us. How can we best convey the BlogWorld experience? How can we make it “almost like being there live” for people who can’t be there live if most of our Virtual Ticket content is not live?

And the answer, of course, is that we can’t. But we can come close.

See, there’s nothing like attending a conference. If you’re actually there in person, you’ll get the networking and handshaking and hanging out and the strange “inspiration osmosis” that comes from being in the live atmosphere. We can’t replace that, and it’d be insulting to suggest that we could.

But I asked myself…what would be close? What would help simulate an in-person experience as much as possible?

And the solution came back loud and clear: Provide daily content.

The recordings — which you can play, pause, and replay at will for a full six months on the website (or forever if you download them) — will show up about a week after BlogWorld ends. For the Los Angeles 2011 Virtual Ticket, we did a bunch of video interviews — behind the scenes stuff, intended to give that “at the conference feel” — and we provided those about a week after the event, too. And that was cool.

But this year, in addition to all of that (and with an upgrade in video and audio quality for the bonus interviews), we’re going to give Virtual Ticketholders content every day.

There’s something different about daily updates. If you get daily updates, then you can learn about Day 1 stuff while it’s still Day 1. And if you learn about something on Day 1, then you can see what happens with it on Day 2 and follow along.

In other words, daily content gets you immersed in the experience so you don’t feel like you’re just watching from the sidelines.

So, in addition to the 100+ recorded sessions, in addition to the bonus video interviews that are exclusive to the Virtual Ticket, and in addition to our prolific social media activity and picture-sharing from the conference floor, we’re adding two things to this year’s Virtual Ticket:

  1. Every day, we’re going to record a handful of audio interviews and behind-the-scenes segments. And every evening, we’re going to post those files on the Virtual Ticket site for attendees to listen to.
  2. Every evening, we’re going to write up a daily recap. We’ll tell VT attendees who we captured on video that they’ll be able to watch later, we’ll tell them about big happenings, and we’ll tell them if we spot The Bloggess eating a burrito for lunch. (Or if she brought her giant metal chicken “Beyonce” with her.)

Will this content make the Virtual Ticket “just like being in New York”? Of course not. But will it bring Virtual Ticketholders into the fold, finally making them a PART of BlogWorld as it unfolds instead of sitting on the sidelines, waiting patiently for the event to end and for the session content to be delivered to the private Virtual Ticket website.

If you can’t make it to New York this year, check out this year’s BlogWorld Virtual Ticket if you haven’t done so already. The price is only $347, and you won’t have to book a flight or a hotel room. Good luck finding this insane amount of content for that price anywhere else.

And if you’re attending live in New York, definitely consider adding the Virtual Ticket when you register for BlogWorld so that you can go back after the event and review the huge amount of content you missed while you were there live. It’s only $97, and will be the best conference bang-for-your-buck you ever spend. (NOTE: If you’ve already registered and want to add the VT now, you can’t do that through the website. Please email us and let us know you want to add the VT and we’ll add it for you.)

Book Review: Click Millionaires by Scott Fox (Plus a Giveaway!)


Click Millionaires by Scott Fox is the latest book for people hoping to make money online. I don’t know about you, but whenever someone makes the promise to teach you how to quit your job and become an Internet millionaire, I get a little suspicious. As someone who earns a living through virtual work, I know just how much time, dedication, and hard work it takes to be successful. I find that many of the books out there on this topic are nothing more than a step above scams.

This is not the case with Click Millionaires, but that said, make sure you read this entire review before pulling out your credit card. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book to review.

“The traditional American dream centered on individual financial achievement–where becoming a ‘millionaire’ allowed you to control your own life, afford anything you want, and live on your own terms. But today the phrase ‘Click Millionaire’ captures the revolutionary idea that lifestyle benefits like independence, security, and self-confidence–formerly only available to the wealthy–are now available to anyone who chooses to build a successful lifestyle business online. As you can see from the definition above, money is important to Click Millionaires, but it’s not the only thing that matters to the ‘new rich.’ Money is not the destination on your life’s road trip; it’s just the gas to help you enjoy the journey.” – Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

First, before purchasing any book, I think it’s important to understand the target audience. In the case of Click Millionaires, you’ll find this book helpful if you are a beginner. Click Millionaires gives a great overview of all the ways you can get started making money online. He covers blogging, podcasting, creating videos, freelancing and more – all good options for people unhappy at their office jobs and hoping to get started earning money online.If you are already well-versed in the world of making money online, though, Click Millionaires is not going to be as useful to you.

Scott’s book is great about giving you brief looks at all the avenues you can take for success online, but whatever you choose, you’re going to have to do more research to find out exactly how to optimize your time online. If Scott went into that kind of detail in his book, it would be  be thousands and thousands of pages! So be warned – if you decide, for example, that podcasting is the right route for you, you’re going to have to become more educated about it. You can’t simply read Scott’s book and turn into a podcasting millionaire. What is great, however, is that Scott gives readers tons of resources for finding more information. He sets you up for success.

The most valuable part of Click Millionaires is Part Five: How to Find Your Niche on the Internet. Choosing a niche is super important to making money online, and I believe that Scott explains how to do this very well. I also love all the interviews he includes in this book. It’s great to hear about stories straight from the people who’ve found success online.

I don’t agree with every piece of advice in this book. In fact, I think that Click Millionaires makes the same mistake that make “make money online” books and information products make – it sounds too easy. Making money online is anything but easy. Can you do it? Can you become a millionaire online?

Yes, I think you can. But it takes years of hard work and most people will never get there. The people who have become overnight successes online caught lightening in a bottle. They won the Internet business lottery. So be wary of anyone selling you hope. Don’t buy Scott’s book if you think you’ll be lounging on your own private island this time next year. Buy Scott’s book because you realize there is potential to earn money online and you want to learn about some of the paths you can take to do this.

Want to come to your own conclusions about Click Millionaires? This is your chance! Scott has graciously offered THREE copies of Click Millionaires to lucky BlogWorld readers.

How to Win:

Scott talks about making money in niche markets in his book, giving examples that range from a flight attendant who tells work stories via her podcast to a man who runs a message board about raising chickens. He’s also on the Making Money from Your Favorite Niche Market panel for BlogWorld New York. So, to win a copy of Scott’s book, leave a comment telling us: What is your favorite niche site?

Do you have a favorite fashion blogger who inspires you? Are you in awe of the videos your local baker posts about how to decorate cakes? Would you love to be as successful online as a friend who runs a forum for novice gardeners? Tell us about this site and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Scott’s book! Hurry, the entry deadline is May 25, 2012!

(Fine print: Winner will be drawn using Random.org and notified via email. Winner must respond within five business days to claim this prize. You may comment as often as you like, but only one comment per person will count as an entry. Commenting from multiple accounts and other attempts to cheat the system will result in disqualification. Only comments answering the above question will count as entries, though other comments are welcome. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. All decisions made by BlogWorld are final. Void where prohibited.)

007 The Podcast Report – Tips For Getting The Most From Your Conference Experience


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report.

Tips For Getting The Most From Your Conference Experience
It’s hard to believe, but there are only two and a half weeks until #BWENY. In this week’s episode, I decided that I would share some tips on how to get the most value from your conference experience. I will list the tips below. I talk about each of these items in more detail within the episode.

– Look at the schedule ahead of time to find out what sessions you want to attend.

– Look at the list of speakers – Make a list of all those people you want to meet face to face.

– Take a digital recorder (even a smart phone with recording app) to record interviews for your show.

– Have lunch with someone you don’t already know.

– The person you are talking to is always worth your time. You can learn something from everyone you meet!

– Take people notes. Who did you meet? What intrigued you about them? What did you discuss? How did the topic come up? Initiate next steps?

Business Cards

– Plan your own meetup! – Wednesday, June 6th

– Talk with the venders on the expo floor. Could be the beginning of a great relationship.

– Enjoy the city! Make a list of things you want to do and see while in NYC! Invite a friend or group to join you!

Travel The World With Your Podcast
Also in this episode, I talk with Chef Mark Tafoya about the session that he’s created for the podcasting track. In the Bon Voyage: Travel the world with your blog or podcast session, Mark and his guest panelists will share with you how they started out taking advantage of “fam trips” (free travel to destinations that were interested in media coverage) for cultural and culinary exploration, and after nearly two dozen of these trips, how they built a whole new type of business model.

Stitcher Radio Podcast Pavilion
I’m very excited to announce that Stitcher Radio is sponsoring the Podcast Pavilion at the NYC event. Because of their generous sponsorship, there is a unique opportunity that exists for any of you that has a company or brand that have products or services that you want to market to the Podcasting community on the Expo Floor. If you are interested in reserving one of these kiosks at the NYC event, please email me at Cliff@PodcastAnswerMan.com and I’ll get you in touch with the right person.

Did you know that you can earn cash while promoting the event?
BlogWorld has an affiliate program that can allow you to potentially earn enough commissions to pay for your entire trip to the conference. If you would like to learn more, please click here to sign up.

Register For BlogWorld Today!
If you are serious about your podcasting efforts, I highly recommend that you attend the leading podcast industry conference. If you haven’t registered yet, click here to get registered today. Use promo code GSPN10 for 10% off!

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BlogWorld and OverBlog Team Up to Collect Data on How You Blog


Have you ever wondered about the blogging habits of others? If you’re like me, you often wonder if you’re doing it right.

  • Do I post often enough?
  • Am I promoting my blog and blog posts the right way?
  • Do I comment enough on blogs?
  • What social networks should I be hanging out on for maximum exposure.

While the short answer to that is there really isn’t a right or wrong way to blog,  the truth is, it’s interesting to learn how other people are blogging, using their blogs and sharing on the social networks.

For the next week, BlogWorld and Overblog are encouraging the blogosphere to take part in a  survey so we can provide a definitive report on how we all, blog. This results of this survey are going to be revealed to the BlogWorld community during a special session with Frédéric Montagnon, co founder of OverBlog,  Jason Falls, and Keenan Cahill,  at BlogWorld NY, on Thursday, June 7th at 3:45 pm, room 1A08.

This session will also be part of the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket and we’re sharing the information with our community on the social channels for those who can’t make it.

We hope you’ll help us with our survey, and share our survey with other bloggers. If you have a blog, no matter how big or small, no matter how often you update or what it’s about, please take a few minutes to tell us how you blog. The results are sure to be fascinating.

Five Questions with C.C. Chapman – Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft – BlogWorld TV


C.C. Chapman will be at BlogWorld & New Media Expo signing his book, Content Rules.

Today, C.C. Chapman is our featured “Five Questions with” guest in the latest episode of BlogWorld TV. We’ll find out what C.C. is looking forward to at BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York (he’ll be signing his book, Content Rules, there!) and his plans to visit Book Expo America (BEA), which is co-located with BlogWorld.

Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft talks about putting together the Podcasting Track at BlogWorld & New Media Expo

In this installment of BlogWorld TV, Jeffrey also talks with Cliff Ravenscraft about his involvement in BlogWorld & New Media Expo, his revamp of the podcasting track, and the new podcast he is producing for BlogWorld, called The Podcast Report. Finally, we’ll hear from Rick Calvert (CEO, BlogWorld & New Media Expo) and Scott Monty (Head of Social Media for Ford). All within this BlogWorld TV episode.




Chris Brogan Interview


Murray Newlands interviewed Chris Brogan, marketing consultant and author of Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust, at BlogWorld 2011. In the interview, the duo talked about how to create content especially for social media and the web. Unlike television content, which is usually a one-way street, online marketing video content needs to engage with the audience and really reach out to them to be effective. Watch the interview below:

Editor’s Note: To see Chris live and in person, come check out his keynote presentation at BlogWorld New York, “Power Up Your Blog: Lessons Learned Over 11 Years of Blogging.”

Future of Publishing is sponsored by VigLink.

Building Community Around Your Podcast


podcast community As June approaches, I’m getting excited to travel to New York City for BlogWorld to lead a session on building community around your podcast. If you’re there, be sure to introduce yourself.

Since starting my first show on an AM radio station in 2008, I’ve been very focused on building community. Podcasting was fairly new back then, but connecting with people and making them feel cared for certainly was not.

As bloggers, we throw the word community around quite a bit, don’t we? For a while, if you wanted a solid business, all you had to do was build community. But what does the word community really mean?

A few months ago I was hanging with a few guys who helped define community as intimate friendship, shared context, and joint mission. Wow, is that even possible to build around a podcast? I think it is, and so do my friends who are joining me for the BlogWorld panel.

One of the most important things I’ve done to build community is to step away from the microphone and meet people in person. As a listener, it’s easy to place a podcaster into celebrity status and think you can’t have a relationship with them. That’s obviously a barrier to community and something that will impede the growth of your show.

So, why not come to out to BlogWorld to get out from behind your microphone and learn what you can do to build more community around your show? I’m leading a session in the afternoon on June 7th about building community. It’s the best thing you can do for your own show if you want to see fast growth.

New Media News Break: Google’s Knowledge Base, Student Hoaxes, and More


Every week, we post a New Media News Break to help catch you up with what’s going on in the world of new media and get you through the work week. Here are this week’s top stories:

Google Begins Rolling Out Major Search Changes

This week, Google began rolling out “Knowledge Base,” which will drastically change the way we search and use other Google tools. If you search for an ambiguous term, Google will now ask you which term you really meant. The hope is that people searching for cats the animal will no longer see results for Cats the musical. Basically, it’s a way to filter your results. Google will also show you related results (if you like Cats you might also like Fiddler on the Roof). They’re also incorporating an error reporting system, in part because this new web of knowledge will draw from sources like Wikipedia, which are user-generated and often include subjective opinions or misinformation. Check out this video to learn more about Google’s Knowledge Base will work.

46% of Americans Believe Facebook is a “Passing Fad”

For those of us working in the new media industry, Facebook is a part of our daily lives, almost second nature. But not all Americans like this site – and a new study has revealed that nearly half of them believe Facebook is a passing fad. About half also believe that the company’s stock market value is overvalued and only 18% said they were “extremely confident” in the ability of Mark Zuckerberg as CEO. You can read the entire study from Associated Press and CNBC here (PDF). It’s eye-opening, especially if you’re in a niche other than social media/blogging. It’s not that Facebook isn’t important, but remember that it might not be the best place to connect with your target market.

Twitter Introduces Top Stories Emails

Twitter announced this week that users will soon have the option to receive a weekly email with a digest of top stories. This digest will include the “most engaging” tweets from your friends, tweets you’ve liked or retweeted, links that are important based on what your followers are sharing, and more. These emails aren’t yet available for everyone, but will be rolling out over the next several weeks. For content creators, this can be a great tool to see how your tweets are performing, what kind of content your followers want, and how you can make changes in your tweeting activity to better connect with others.

Verizon Kills Unlimited Data Plans, Even for Older Customers

Verizon customers used to enjoy unlimited data, but recently the company has moved away from this model. Still, users who had previously purchased this unlimited plan were not made to change, so many (myself included) have been clinging to their old contract. Verizon, however, has put their foot down and will be killing the unlimited plan altogether in the coming months, forcing data users to change to a limited plan. Why should you care? Well, as a content creator, it is important to ensure that you’re taking these limitations into consideration. If users have to “spend” a lot of data to view your content, they likely won’t come back, at least on this mobile devices. It’s important to at least have a mobile version of your site, keeping in mind that you been to be optimized for these users.

Reddit Catches Student Hoax

A few years ago, Professor T. Mills Kelly and one of his classes pulled the wool over the Internet’s eyes by planning an elaborate hoax complete with fake Wikipedia pages, videos, and expert interviews. He’s at it again, teaching a class where he encourages students to form groups and attempt to fool the Internet. It’s a social experiment of sorts, and one that many, including Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, detest. This year, though, Reddit users shut down the hoax in a matter of minutes. That should be a lesson to anyone even thinking about lying online. People will find out, so it’s better to always be 100% honest from the start.

In Case You Missed It

Here’s what you might have missed on the BlogWorld blog in the past week:

Awesome from the Archives

There are some golden posts in the post hidden in the BlogWorld archives. Here are three of my favorites that I think you should check out:

Check back every Wednesday for a New Media News Break just when you need it!

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