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Daria Musk to Perform at BlogWorld


If you’re on Google+, and even if you aren’t, you know the name Daria Musk.  Daria is a musician, singer, songwriter and Google+ sensation.

Less than a year ago, Daria wasn’t very well known, but now her story is famous. Tired of lugging her amps through the rain to play small gigs in Upstate New York, Daria began giving concerts via hangout on Google+. Now, with over one  million international G+ fans, affectionately known to Daria as G+niuses, she’s also a case study for using social media in a fun, unique way.

We’re pleased to announce Daria will be a guest on New Media Live!, BlogWorld NY’s closing keynote talk show. Daria will perform and sit in on a discussion panel moderated by Mark Malkoff. Others in the discussion include Jenny “The Blogess” Lawson, Chad Vader and blogger/author David Thorne.  Comedian Jordan Cooper will once again warm up the crowd.

New Media Live! takes place Thursday, June 7th at 5:30 p.m.


  • piercingmetal

    That was really cool.  Awesome to see this kind of technology used in this fashion. 

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