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008 The Podcast Report – Interview With Stitcher Radio’s CEO Noah Shanok


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report.

Interview With Noah Shanok of Stitcher Radio
I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Stitcher Radio’s CEO, Noah Shanok. Noah will be speaking on one of the panels for the Podcasting Track at #BWENY. The title of the panel that he will be on is “The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content Strategies.” You can attend this session on Wednesday, June 6th at 2:30pm Eastern Time.

In this interview with Noah, I asked the following questions. Be sure to have a listen to hear the answers to each of the following:

01. When, how, and why did Stitcher Radio get started?
02. How does Stitcher separates itself from apps like Downcast that allow users to create their own channels for podcasts?
03. Do you have any guidelines when it comes to the shows that you do add to your directory?
04. What car manufacturers are including radio systems in their cars that include or allow for the use of Stitcher Radio today?
05. How does that work? Do they have to install an app or does it come built into the radio?
06. How does your affiliate program work?
07. Do you have a plan for advertising and shared revenu in the future?
08. Tough question about re-compressing already compressed files.
09. Do you have custom Stitcher Radio Shows?
10. What are you working for the future of Stitcher Radio?

Cali Lewis Will Be Broadcasting Live From Stitcher Radio Podcast Pavilion
I’m very excited to announce that Stitcher Radio is sponsoring the Podcast Pavilion at the NYC event. I’m also very excited to announce that Cali Lewis of GeekBeat.tv will be broadcasting live from the Podcast Pavilion on Wednesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 7th. Be sure to check out her live broadcast at http://GeekBeat.tv/live.

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