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How Will You Use Open Google+ Hangouts?


Recently, Google opened up Google+ Hangouts so everyone can broadcast on air (previously, this function was only available to a select few). Hangouts are the best Google+ function in my opinion, so I’m excited to see this change. When you’re hanging out, you can also embed to stream on your site, and it will record and post to YouTube automatically. Here’s a video showing what people are doing with Google+ On Air Hangouts:

So the question is…how will you use this new function? Here are just a few ideas for online content creators:

  • Run weekly online course
  • Broadcast a webinar to promote a product
  • Hold a Q&A session with fans
  • Hold weekly meetings for a virtual club or group.
  • Record podcasts live

And of course…you can just hang out with friends and fans online this way, allowing others to join or just watch if they are too shy.

How will you be using Google+ On Air Hangouts? Leave a comment below!

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  • SusiQMcHugh

    I agree:  Hangouts are by far the best feature of G+.  Google needs to amass users and one way to do that would be through a gigantic giveaway of some type.  Not sure what it would be but people like contests!   How about a trip to the ‘secretive’ areas of the Google SF offices (i.e. those not allowed on tours) and lunch with Larry Page?  

    • allison_boyer

       @SusiQMcHugh That would be really cool, Susi! And other companies can use on air hangouts in the same ways – lunch with the CEO, virtual tours, etc. Great ideas!

  • piercingmetal

    Since I use my Google+ primarily for my website brand, I think it might be fun to do some kind of themed show related to the genre and the kind of things I do as a music journalist. 

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