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How to Attend BlogWorld Even if You Can’t Make it to New York (or get much more out of it even if you do attend)


The 2012 New York BlogWorld & New Media Expo (June 5-7) is going to be one of the coolest BlogWorlds yet.

I’m not just saying that, either. From listening to The Podcast Report, it’s clear that BlogWorld is becoming the center of the entire new media industry.

But what if you realize how cool this year’s event is going to be… but you’re bummed out because you can’t be there?

Well, with the Virtual Ticket, you can still “attend” from home! Just like we did for last year’s Los Angeles event, we’ll be recording pretty much all of the conference sessions and providing them to Virtual Ticket attendees about a week after BlogWorld ends so that they can watch and re-watch (or listen and re-listen) from home, on their own timetable. But unlike last year, we’re adding and enhancing some new, very cool bonuses that will ONLY be available to Virtual Ticket attendees.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Virtual Ticket:

Over 100 hours of session content from BlogWorld

We have over 100 sessions at the live event, but you’ll never be able to attend all of them. Science (which continues to fail us on the whole “flying cars” issue) has yet to give us the ability to be in two places at once, so if Session A and Session B are being held at the same time, live attendees will have to choose between them. Not so with the Virtual Ticket. Thanks to the magic of recordings, VT attendees won’t have to choose. You’ll have access to pretty much all of the sessions, regardless of when they were held.

SPOILER: This means you might want to add the Virtual Ticket to your registration if you’re going to be there in-person, so that you can “attend” the sessions you missed while you were in New York. The add-on price is only $97, and you can add it during the registration process. (NOTE: If you’ve already registered and want to add the VT now, just email us at registration@blogworldexpo.com to request it.)


More in-depth speaker bonus interviews

Last year, we got a bunch of interviews with speakers who gave us more depth and more behind-the-scenes insight on their areas of expertise, but this year we’re taking it up a notch. We’re setting aside a dedicated space, with nicer, cleaner audio and video, and will be doing even more speaker interview sessions that are only available in the Virtual Ticket. (Think of these like “bonus features” on a DVD. The Virtual Ticket is like the “extended collector’s edition” of BlogWorld.)


More interaction on social media

We’ll be covering what’s happening at BlogWorld, sharing wisdom, and sending you photos as we snap them. It won’t be quite like being there live, but you’ll be the first to know if anyone famous is walking around with their fly unzipped.


New “audio dailies” delivered every night during the event

Don’t want to wait until BWE ends to hear from our speakers? People asked and we’re delivering! Throughout each day, we’ll be pulling speakers aside (in the halls, after their sessions, and while they’re attempting to eat and pushing us away with one hand) to conduct audio interviews that we’ll post that evening. You’ll get new interviews every day, hot off the metaphorical press.


So what’s this all mean?

Well, not only can you get the great content of BlogWorld from home, but you’ll also get a ton of stuff that even people who are there live won’t get. The Virtual Ticket isn’t simply “BlogWorld on tape.” Our goal is to give you more content than you’d ever be able to get live, while bringing you as much of the experience of being there in-person as possible.


Want to get yours? Just go here to sign up for the Virtual Ticket. But hurry — the price goes up on May 15th!


(Psst! If you’re going to be there in New York, you can add the Virtual Ticket to your registration for only $97 to get access to all the sessions you’ll inevitably miss live. If you haven’t yet registered, just add the Virtual Ticket during the registration process. If you’ve already purchased your event pass and would like to add the Virtual Ticket, just email us at registration@blogworldexpo.com.)

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