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BlogWorld & New Media Expo: We’re Heading Back to Las Vegas, Baby!


For the past 24 hours, the BlogWorld Expo team has been hinting on social media about a secret announcement…and the time has finally come to tell you what that big announcement is:

We’re packing our bags and heading back to Las Vegas!

You called for us to move back to Vegas, and we listened! Last year, we moved our West Coast event to Los Angeles, and while sunny California served us well, our community – you guys and gals – made the decision to move back an easy one. So our next West Coast convention will be held at the beautiful Rio Convention Center, which has enough space to continue to accommodate us as we grow each year.

But I have a second super-secret piggy-back announcement to make as well: Not only are we heading back to Las Vegas, but our West Coast show is moving from the fall to January 6-8, 2013.

Now, we know you’re accustomed to seeing us in the Fall, but this new schedule keeps our East Coast and West Coast shows six months apart for those of you who like to attend both. Even better, the last day of BlogWorld coincides with the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the International Academy of Web Television Awards (IAWTV) – which means you can cut your travel costs and attend multiple shows instead having to choose between them!

For the next few months, we’ll be talking a lot about our New York show, which is happening June 5 – 7, 2012, but we couldn’t help but tell you all about our exciting move back to Las Vegas. Hope to see you all there!

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  • kristinB

    January in Vegas beats January in Illinois any day of the week.  Count me in!

  • CarleenPruessCoulter

    Good side: Back in Vegas! I was hoping to see it move back there!
    Bad side: More pricey and harder to get rooms when close to CES. Affiliate Summit (a few weeks later) changed their similar dates for next year after many attendees requested that they move their conference dates away from CES. It might also impact people who might go to both Blogworld and Affiliate Summit if they were further apart. 

    • blogworld

       @CarleenPruessCoulter Great points Carleen! We have a $99 a night rate at the RIO during BlogWorld. (thats cheaper than last year in LA and our 2010 rates in Vegas) I talked to Shawn and Missy about this before we made the decision. We think there is a lot more cross over for most BlogWorld attendees with Both CES and the IAWTV awards than there was with Affiliate Summit.

      • CarleenPruessCoulter

         @blogworld Glad you spoke with the Affiliate Summit people. I never cared all that much personally either way about proximity to CES, but there were a lot of people at Affiliate Summit the past two years who seemed to dislike it (but also some who loved it). Mostly, people should be encouraged to get in on your good rate, because once they miss that they may find hotels to be extra pricey!  

        • blogworld

           @CarleenPruessCoulter Something else to think about, there are a couple thousand bloggers who already attend CES. There are thousands more bloggers who would love to go to CES and we thought by timing it this way, it would give them the excuse they finally needed to get there. Last year there were about 800 attendees to the IAWTV awards. All of those folks would also like to come to BlogWorld as well.
          I went to their inaugural awards last year and it was awesome! It was like going to the first Oscars. No doubt it will be even bigger this year.

  • LynetteRadio

    FINALLY I get to go to CES. I don’t get out to the Left Coast but 2x a year and adding CES is always impossible for me. Way to go BWE! THANKS!!!!

    • blogworld

       @LynetteRadio We did it just for you Lynette 8)

  • LucretiaPruitt

    Thrilled we will be back in Vegas! Not sure about the time move (right after the holidays?) but woot!

  • YukariP

    WOW! Although I loved attending BWELA last year, this is a great, smart move for you guys to do it in Vegas – who doesn’t like Vegas? – and do it in January in time for CES. I’ll be there for sure! xo

  • bobWP

    Vegas is a bit surreal for me when it comes to conferences, but again, I love BWE. So where you go I will go : )

  • Katherine_Salt

    Excellent news!! I may even stay for the CES! I may have Blogworld withdrawal symptoms as I am missing NY this year.

    • allison_boyer

       @Katherine_Salt We’ll miss you in NY, Katherine! I think this is going to be super beneficial especially for international travelers since you’ll only have to buy one plane ticket to attend both BlogWorld and CES. (And the inexpensive hotels definitely don’t hurt either!)

  • andrewghayes

    Great news!

  • mikestenger

    Good excuse for people to take it easy on New Year’s Eve and just wait until they get to Vegas? 🙂

  • UnMarketing


  • andywhitedc

    Yes to Vegas, but no to the Rio. The Rio is totally disconnected from everything and makes you reliant on cabs to get out of that aging, depressing hulk. 

    • blogworld

       @andywhitedc Understand your complaint Andy. But at $99 a night during CES week, I don’t think you are going to find anything close to the quality of the RIO. Their convention space is pretty awesome and again when you have a city wide event in town, its actually more convenient to catch a cab and get where you are going off the strip.

  • AssuranceAgency

    Fantastic news!

  • BarryBirkett

    Thank you! Great to hear you’re moving back! Wonderful timing, too, letting us take that in while we’re going already for CES. 

    • blogworld

       @BarryBirkett Glad you liked the timing Barry. I am guessing you are not the only one.

  • Sonia (Sunnnee)

    Yeah I get to go. I love just being one state away and a 45 min play ride there. Can’t wait!

    • blogworld

       @Sonia (Sunnnee) Glad to hear it Sonia! See you in Vegas. Are you in CA, AZ,or UT? Those are the states bordering NV right?

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