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How to Easily Create a Custom “Add to Cart” Button that Converts


If you’re selling digital products, you know that a good sales page is important. Your sales page is what convinces people to buy whatever it is you’re selling, be it a an email course or an ebook or something else entirely. A great sales page converts, while a not-so-great sales page has people clicking the back button.

Now, most companies that allow you to upload and sell digital products (like E-Junie) give you “add to cart” buttons to include on your sales page. The problem? These buttons aren’t really that great. They aren’t attention-grabbing and they’re pretty generic, rather than matching your site. You can hire someone to design buttons for you, but in the following tutorial video, BlogWorld speaker Pat Flynn teaches you how to quickly and easily create your own custom add to cart button. Even if you have no design experience or graphics skills, this is something you can do to start making more sales immediately!

I absolutely love this tutorial. What a great tip – and so easy! I highly recommend the other videos on Pat’s channel as well; you’ll find a lot of gold there.



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