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How to Quickly Watermark Every Photo for Your Blog


One of the struggles for bloggers who like using their own photographs is that people aren’t afraid to steal them for use on their own blog. Watermarking your photos won’t stop everyone, of course, but it is a measure you can take to deter others as well as ensure that you’re still getting credit, even when your picture is taken without your consent.

I personally never watermarked pictures in the past because…well…it always seemed like such a hassle. Then, I found this video on how to set up a action in Photoshop to add a watermark quickly and to batches of photos, rather than going through the steps of doing each one individually. Genius! Hope it helps you guys too:


Of course, it should go without saying, but don’t watermark images you don’t own. Also, if you want the picture without the watermark as well, make sure you also save a copy in another folder – once that image is on there, it can be difficult to remove.

Thanks to Bethany Gilbert from Capturing Your Market for posting this video on YouTube and making my life so much easier in less than four minutes.


  • WordsDoneWrite

    Great resource, Allison! Thank you for this 😉

  • JoshuaMonesson

    allison thanks for the wonderful source of information

  • rainbow9

    By using this approch,you are wasting your time and effort there are automated tools like Mass Watermark http://www.masswatermark.com that can process 100s of Images with few clicks.It also can add EXIF Info,Resize,Optimize and even Share your Images to Picasa/Flickr webalbums after watermarking

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  • sunnyleone_

    i am blogger user how to watermark my pics in blogger

  • Lene

    Awesome! That’ll save so much time.

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