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Effie Trinket’s Guide to Blogging


Are you caught up in The Hunger Games Craze just like I am? I remember picking up the first book on a whim back in 2008 before the hype started, and I stayed up all night reading it. Although I love the books, I am no less obsessed with the movies; I saw the movie opening day, and am unashamed to admit I’m already planning to go again.

One of my favorite characters is Effie Trinket. For those of you who haven’t read the books or seen the movies, Effie is a character who lives in the well-off “capitol” which is surrounded by starving “districts.” She’s a comic relief of sorts, saying outlandishly trivial things when the kids in her care are preparing to fight to the death for all to see. It’s not that she doesn’t care. Effie just doesn’t understand.

I feel like the same can be said of bloggers to an extent – most bloggers have good intentions, but. So I thought today it would be really fun to write a guide to blogging as if from the world of Panem by Effie Trinket. And okay, maybe I have a few things to say myself, which I put in italics.


Effie says: As a blogger, you are a public figure and it is important to always act with perfect social grace. When writing posts, be sure not to offend, get personal, or act in a way unbecoming of your position. Furthermore, bloggers should always remember that their poor behavior will not only reflect on them, but also on those around you. Manners are important, above all!

Allison says: Okay, manners might be a little important, but as a blogger, one of your roles is to write posts that truly help your readers, whether that “help” comes from teaching them how to do something or showing them a new way of looking at something. Don’t be controversial for the sake of traffic, but don’t shy away from the tough topics because you’re afraid of offended someone. Manners will only get you so far as a blogger, so respect those around you, but don’t be so PC that your blog is boring.

“I just love that.”

Effie says: Be emotional and blog about things that are personal to you. Your readers don’t know what’s good for them, so it’s up to you to tell them. Create what sings in your heart; then, just sit back and wait for the praise of your adoring followers.

Allison says: The line above, “I just love that,” is from a scene where Effie shows a movie to the poor people of the outlying district that talks about how great the Capitol is and how important the Hunger Games are to their heritage. She’s emotional about it, but what she doesn’t realize is that it’s a slap in the audience’s face. They’re getting ready to sacrifice two of their children. Now, it’s not that I don’t think you should avoid being personal on your blog. On the contrary, I think you should tell your story. Evoking emotions is a good thing! But make sure your audience can relate to the story you’re telling. Know your audience, rather than just barreling ahead and doing whatever you want. Your readers matter.

“I don’t even think they can have dessert…and you can!”

Effie says: Look on the bright side of everything! No matter how unfair a situation might seem, there are good things happening. You should be happy! As a blogger, focus on these good things, rather than dwelling on the bad things happening on your blog. If you look hard enough, you can find positivity in the most dire of situations.

Allison says: I’m all for positive thinking, but focusing on dessert when you’re facing an upcoming battle to the grave is just silly. Bloggers sometimes get wrapped up the things that are going well, but ignoring your blog’s problems isn’t the way to go. You have to discover these problems and attack them full force. Even if you think your blog is pretty great, there’s probably *something* you could be doing better. Don’t be complacent.

Happy Hunger Blogging Games, everyone! May the odds stats be ever in your favor!”

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