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Glenn Beck Proves Content Creators Can Earn Huge Dollars On The Web


Love him or hate him Glenn Beck is proving just how huge the possibilities are for Internet TV.

GBTV, which jumped on the scene in September, is expected to bring in at least $40 million in revenue this year,

That $40 million dollar figure was originally reported in the Wall Street Journal. The full story is behind the pay wall.

Yes he has a national talk radio program to build off of. Yes he has the huge advantage of having had a prime time cable news program for a decade but this is significant:

More than 300,000 subscribers have already signed up, a number that, as WSJ notes, already exceeds the average audience of many cable channels, including CNBC and Fox Business Network.

The fact that Beck has more subscribers than the 4th largest cable news network in the United States (CNBC) shows that Web TV can be every bit as big and lucrative as cable.  If Beck can build 300,000 subscribers paying $9.95 a month in less than two years, what does that mean for other talented TV broadcasters even if they lack his huge promotional advantages?

It also attracts new advertisers to the space. Again love him or hate him Beck’s success is very good news for digital content creators. Do you agree?


  • CAL_Living

    Perhaps Glenn Beck, love him or hate him knows how to nurture an Online Relationship, with a ROI, we should all take note…. 

  • zaneology

    Absolutely! Glenn Beck and those just like the closing keynote panel you had at BWELA 11 are proving to all of the world, musicians, content creators, etc. that if you create something people want see & hear/can easily consume and then continue to make it valuable, they will pay. 
    BTW, not sure if you new this Mr. Rick, but I am with CRM Studios (We produce GBTV for Glenn Beck since he moved his show to Texas).  Let me know if you would like me to look into connecting you to a contact in his Mercury organization and/or perhaps arranging a more in-depth conversation.
    Anything for my BWE Fam a Lam!  Looking forward to seeing you in June or BWENY!  (I’m registering today!)
    Zane Aveton

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