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Social Media for Small Businesses with “No Time”


I completely understand why small business owners are worried about the time factor when it comes to social media. If you aren’t careful, networks like Facebook and Twitter can suck away several hours from your day, and few small businesses have the resources to allow that to happen. But don’t feel so overwhelmed with the demands of social media that you don’t give it any time at all. Even if you only have a few hours a week for you or your employees to spend on social media, you can get your company online and reap the benefits of these new platforms. Here are a few tips to help you get started with social media, even if you aren’t ready to devote you entire day to it:

  • Pick one to three sites and do them well.

New social networks and bookmarking sites are popping up every day, so it’s easy to get frustrated with the time it takes to be active on all of them. Instead of joining ten of them and doing a bad job at staying up-to-date on all of them, pick one to three sites to join and do them well. I think all small businesses should have a page on Facebook, so that should be a top priority for you, and beyond that, you can also join Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Foursquare…the list goes on and on. Pick the networks that make sense for you – go where your customers are.

  • Make checking your social media sites part of your daily routine.

Every morning when you check your email, check your social media profiles as well. Respond to any complaints, thank people for compliments, and make announcements. Do this again mid-afternoon. You don’t have to live on social media; you just have to check it once or twice a day. If you make it part of your routine, it won’t seem like such a big hassle.

  • Share something new once per day.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on social media, don’t sweat it. Simply share something new once per day, whether that is an announcement about your company (“Hey guys, we started dipping our new chocolate-covered strawberries today!”), an interesting article you read relating to your industry (“Men’s Health has an awesome article about the health benefits of chocolate on their site right now.”), or a poll/question for your readers to answer (“Out of all the candies we make, what’s your all-time favorite?”). Stuck on what to share? Post a picture (“Here’s a snapshot of our test kitchen.”) or share “insider” information (“Today at the office, we’re testing out new lollipops. Yum!”). People love behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite companies.

  • Streamline your response to complaints.

Customer complaints are one of the biggest challenges in any business, and social media makes it extremely easy for people to take their complaints public. Instead of responding to all of them in such a public setting, streamline the process and take it private. People want to know that you’re listening, but a lengthy back-and-forth on Twitter probably isn’t how you want to spend your afternoon. Instead, make your response, “I’m sorry for *insert issue here*. Can you email *insert email address here* so I can help you?” or something similar. That way, any of your employees with access to social media can respond to the complaint while allowing you to handle the individual responses privately.

  • Hire employees you trust – and give them all access to social media.

Many of your employees probably already use social media. Give them access to your profiles or allow them to speak on behalf of the company so that you have more of a presence online. Of course, you’ll need to set some policies in place (what to talk about or not talk about, how to distinguish who is updating if multiple people have access to one account, etc.), and you definitely need to trust your employees if they’re going to be using social media on your behalf. But if you don’t have a lot of time, getting the entire company involved is a great way to make sure your company is represented online as much as possible.


  • SaraVBMPro

    @JulianaP16 Thank you for the RT!

  • Brandon1ee

    @JulianaP16 – thank you for RT Juliana. Hope it was beneficial to you.

  • gmurran

    The problem for allot of small businesses is that they dont know how to get started in social media or on the web in general. They just ignore it. 

    • allison_boyer

       @gmurran That’s definitely a problem. I think it pays to hire a SM consultant for a day to come in and get ya started…but a lot of small businesses don’t even know that’s an option – or, if they do, they don’t see it as a justifiable cost.

      • gmurran

         @allison_boyer Yes I agree consultants are good to give people a kick start but  when people have to schedule the time themselves interest can drop off, especially if they dont get the expected results and lets face it most campaigns rarely meet expectations the first time out. 

      • Ari Herzog

         @allison_boyer And yet they have no problem designing (or hiring a designer) for flyers and printed ads.

  • ITBulletinSMB

    @sarahsantacroce Especially agree with #1.Don’t want to spread yourself too thin and be ineffective at everything! http://t.co/xAQl9XF5 #smb

  • sarahsantacroce

    @Erin_Standing thanks for the mention, Erin. Have a great evening

  • enloop

    @sfbeautiful Read the bullets! @enloop: Social Media for Small Businesses with “No Time” http://t.co/6FqGBKRI

    • SFBeautiful

      @enloop snerk! …we did! and it was super handy! thx!

  • OneTakeDigMedia

    @JulianaP16 Thanks for the RT!

  • ifafinder

    Hard to find something to say that is positive bout personal finance.

  • RmcTech

    It’s funny, I’m reading two articles today (this and a post on Kristi Hines’ website) that talk about the time spent on these channels. For my business, I found exactly what you’re saying, certain channels work (and that’s where I put my time). For me it’s Twitter for sure. 

    • allison_boyer

       @RMCTECH It will be different depending on your business, but you hit the nail on the head – find what works and spend your time there!

    • Rick

      Thanks for sharing RMC. Everyone gets so busy “engaging” everywhere, they sometimes forget to measure whats working and whats not.

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