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Did These Top Five 2012 New Media Predictions Come True?


As 2012 comes to a close, I think we can call the biggest prediction (that the world would end) a bust. But what about predictions about blogging, social networking, and other parts of the new media world? Let’s take a look at 2012 predictions and whether or not they came true.

Prediction #1: Photo and video social networks will blossom

Who said it? Jay Baer (who will be speaking at NMX 2013)

Where he said it: this post from Social Media Examiner

Did it come true: Yes

I think we can all agree that Jay was right on the money with this prediction. During 2012, both Pinterest and Instagram grew rapidly, and more and more people started experimenting with creating videos to publish online. Even on established social networks like Facebook, we saw a boost in people using images and video.

The post on Social Media Examiner contains a number of 2012 predictions, as well; some right on the money and others a little off the mark.

Prediction #2: Social television converging with traditional television

Who said it: Elise Moreau

Where she said it: an About.com blog post

Did it come true: Somewhat

While some of her other predictions definitely came true, I think this one is a little farther from what really happened. Social television is still lagging a bit, though it is definitely growing. What we are seeing are apps and websites like Get Glue expanding rapidly, but we still aren’t seeing widespread adoption of smart TVs. Second screen apps like those offered by AMC are also growing, and according to reports, more people are using tablets, computers, and smartphones to browse while watching TV.

So, I’ll say that this prediction came true…somewhat. But I think we still have a pretty far way to go when it comes to social television.

Prediction #3: Google+ becoming a force in 2012

Who said it: Content Marketing Institute

Where it was said: their 2012 predictions slide show

Did it come true: No

It’s not like nobody uses Google+. In fact, lots of people use Google+. But a force? No way. There’s little mainstream adoption; people have stuck to Facebook for the most part. But having a Google+ profile does have other benefits. Namely, Google has remained a search engine powerhouse, so Google+ posts regularly show up in search results. The information you provide also helps Google connect the dots to figure out who you are.

You can definitely be successful on Google+, though. Amanda Blain is going to speak at NMX 2013 about this very topic, in fact. It’s quite a stretch to call this network a force, though.

Prediction #4: Every brand becoming social

Who said it: Eric Wheeler

Where he said it: a blog post for Venture Beat

Did it come true? Yes (for the most part)

While there might be a few holdouts, it’s rare to find a brand that doesn’t have at least one social profile (usually Facebook), and many are on several networks. One of the other points he makes is that social data will become more important to brands, and I definitely think this has come true. While in the past, companies were using social media just because they “had” to, the question today on everyone’s mind is, “Why?” Brands want to see ROI, and without data, it’s impossible to show that.

Prediction #5: Social sharing options everywhere

Who said it: David Armano

Where he said it: a blog post for Harvard Business Review

Did it come true: Yes

It seems like I can’t do anything online without an option popping up inviting me to share. Buy this product? Share it. Sign up for an account? Share it. I’m waiting for the days when they start asking us to share that we’ve just shared something!

But all joking aside, I like it that the Internet is becoming more social. Writes David, “We probably don’t know what we are willing to share until we see the option to do it.” How true is that? I find social sharing notices helpful as reminders to share my activities when they might interest others.

Did you make any social media predictions for 2012? Did they come true or were you surprised? Leave a comment below!

Afrobella’s Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Fashion


My path in life has always been creative and non-conventional, so when it comes to events that require a professional, reserved, business-like appearance, I feel completely at a loss. Professional I can do. Reserved and business-like? Corporate? Not so much. Even before I quit my job to blog full time, I worked in laid back, jeans-and-a-cute-top office environments.

When the dress code for an event asks for business formal or even business casual, I feel a flash of fear because I know my closet doesn’t contain anything that fits that description. I don’t fit into the professional fashion box, but I am frequently invited to, and asked to speak at professional events. I’ve had to find ways to rise to the occasion.

Here’s the thing about attending and participating in conferences – you are your own best representative. You want to look like you on a really good day. You want to make an immediately great first impression.

Here’s what this non-corporate blogger has learned along the way. Here are the do’s and don’ts of conference fashion:

Do be yourself.

The reason most people attend blogging conferences is to network. You’re there to meet, greet, and get to know people you’ve probably only seen as an avatar before. This isn’t the time to develop a new fashion persona or come as someone other than who you are. It IS the time to put your best face forward and let your unique personality shine.

Do rock a power blazer.

The easiest go-to conference outfit for men and women has to be the winning combination of a nice pair of pants (or jeans), a cool shirt and a sports coat or blazer. It gives you a tailored, professional, together kind of look. And blazer doesn’t have to mean boring. At conferences I love to wear what I call my “power blazers,” meaning a blazer in a color or pattern others might not wear. Just about everyone else can wear black. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone else in a bright orange or leopard print blazer.

Don’t be a walking billboard.

We’ve all seen this person at a conference – the one who’s wearing a tee shirt and a hat and everything but a blinking sign advertising their website, or the website of the brand who sponsored their trip. Too many logos and too much self-advertising can be a turnoff. When it comes to dressing the part, play it cool. You’ll make connections by actually connecting with people! Don’t be your own sandwich board.

Do dress like you plan to be photographed.  

This is what social media is all about, right? Every event must be chronicled for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – and let’s not forget for the follow up event recap blog posts. You’ll probably be taking lots of photos, so dress accordingly. Think of adding a pop of color so you stand out!

Do consider comfort.

Many conferences are in large spaces, and at conference events there can be multiple venues, requiring fast paced walking from place to place. Ladies, now isn’t the time to don your sexiest sky high heels. It’s a time to consider the fact that you might be on your feet a lot and walking more than you plan to. Good sense and comfort should come first. Always.

Don’t overthink it or stress yourself out.

We’re all here to get to know each other, make some new connections, learn from each other and have FUN. Most of the time when I get all stressed out about what to wear, it turns out all my stress was in vain. Ladies if you find yourself in doubt, wear a simple dress, or your coolest blazer and pants combo, and make the look special and unique with your hair, jewelry and makeup. And never forget – the best accessory you can wear to a conference (or anywhere) is a bright, welcoming smile!

Editor’s Note: Want to hear more from Afrobella (a.k.a. Patrice Yursik) and see what she wears to NMX this month? Be sure to come see her session, “How To Actually Grow A BIG Brand And Community With Just A Simple Blog.”

Photo Credit: Bigstock

Last Few Days to Get Our 12 Days of Giveaways Gifts!


Have you picked up NMX’s 12 Days of Giveaways holiday gifts yet? If not, time is running out to do so!

We have some great gifts from which to choose, all available for free to NMX University members. Download the individual gifts that interest you or get them all!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Our brand new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Using Links to Build Relationships and Drive Traffic
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  • Farnoosh Brock’s career-building email course
  • Britt Michaelian’s positive mindset daily meditation
  • John Mierau’s anthology, Walk The Fire
  • Andy Hayes’s ebook, Creating Websites that Convert
  • Aaron Hockley’s Picture This! new media photography guide
  • Bob Dunn’s 5-part WordPress training video series
  • Stephanie Piche’s “Go-To-Market” planning sessions

That’s quite the haul! But these gifts are only available until January 1, 2013. You only have a few more days to get these offers before they disappear.

How to get any (or all) of the above offers:

  1. Register for our new membership community, NMX University (it’s free!).
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  3. Head to our main 12 Days of Giveaways page to get all the gifts!

So what are you waiting for? Download our giveaways today before they’re gone.


Zach Logan talks about Fan Podcasts


Fan podcasts are growing in popularity. How do you start one? Where do you find listeners?

In this exclusive NMX video interview, past NMX speaker Zach Logan of One Piece Podcast shares his thoughts on finding a topic, getting involved with the community, the importance of consistency, and promoting your podcast.

Interested in learning how to podcast or trying to take your efforts to the next level? Check out our podcasting track at NMX this January.

Army Workout at NMX – Free for Attendees


Get ready to work – push-ups, jumping jacks, planks and more! This is your chance to work out with the real deal. Add to your New Media Expo conference experience with a PT-inspired workout with U.S. Army soldiers that will make you sweat and feel Army Strong.

This unique opportunity will give you a taste of what it’s like to work out with the best of the best. These dedicated Soldiers will take participants through a one-hour Army PT-inspired fitness routine with calisthenics and interval training and will leave you feeling energized for the day (modifications will be available and all fitness levels are welcome).

Monday, Jan. 7 from 7 – 8 a.m.

  • 7 a.m. – Group gathers, soldier introductions and instructions
  • 7:05 a.m. – Stretches
  • 7:10 a.m. – Workout kicks off – Hooah!
  • 7:50 a.m. – Cool down and stretching
  • 8 a.m. – You’ve just kicked-off your day with a great workout under your belt! Congratulations!

Where: Rio Hotel – Rio Pavillion 2

How to sign up: Please sign up using via this Eventbrite link.

There are a limited number of spots available for this event – so don’t wait and miss your chance to challenge yourself and see if you’ve got what it takes Army Strong!

Don’t forget to stop by the U.S. Army booth while in the exhibit hall to talk with Army Strong Soldiers, take your photo rappelling out of a helicopter and more. For updates leading up to New Media Expo and throughout the conference, “like” the U.S. Army on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

NMX Attendees: Visit Goretorium for Free


NMX attendees, are you looking for something fun to do while in Las Vegas? Well if you’re a horror fan like I am, consider checking out Goretorium! They’re offering free attendance for all NMX pass holders in exchange for an honest review of the experience (just show your conference badge and I.D.).

Goretorium is a year-round haunted house from horror movie director Eli Roth. You might know Eli from movies such as Hostel and Cabin Fever, and if you’ve seen either of these gory flicks, you know what to expect at Goretorium! This self-guided tour features live actors, animatronics, and of course, tons of special effects that will send shivers down your spine.

After your tour, you can relax at the ’60s-inspired Baby Dolls Lounge, which features a complete horror-inspired cocktail list and the occasional zombie feeding.

Take a look at some scenes from Goretorium, and then check it out live while you’re in Vegas!

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]http://youtu.be/P2VGkL9x1UA[/youtube]

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Ask the NMX Experts a Question


Is there something about blogging you’ve always wanted to know? Do you have a burning question about podcasting or video/web series? Is there a social media professional or business owner whose brain you’d love to pick?

Now’s your chance to get all of your questions answered!

Here at NMX, we’re introducing a brand new program called Ask the Experts, giving you the opportunity to ask our speakers questions–regardless of whether or not you’re at the show.

Simply fill out this form with your information, your question, and the speaker you want us to ask (or, if you don’t have a speaker in mind, we’ll pair your questions withe a relevant speaker). We’ll hunt down the speakers at NMX and record videos answering as many of your questions as possible.

This is your opportunity to speak to some of the top thought leaders in the new media industry – without having to awkwardly hunt them down at an NMX party, wait in line after their session, or pay for consulting. Don’t miss out; fill out our Ask the Experts form today!

Finding Sponsors: Where Do I Start?


Finding and attracting sponsors to your podcast, blog or web show is one of the most difficult, yet potentially most lucrative, aspects of your business. Business? Yes. If you’re looking to make money doing what you love, your content is a business.

To that point, it’s important to treat your content creation that way from the very beginning – professionally. You never know who may be listenin/watching/reading, and you won’t get another chance to make an initial impression on someone… especially someone who may be willing to spend their money to work with you.

But if you are thinking about working directly with advertisers and sponsors, here are a few things you’ll need to do to get ready and get started:

  1. Be Prepared… for when opportunity knocks –  “Do as I say, and not as I do.” Believe it or not, you don’t always have to seek out sponsors. Sometimes they’ll come to you. And if (and when) they do, you need to be ready. When a potential sponsor called me in 2005 about advertising on my show, I had no idea about what I could offer, or what I should charge. It’s (almost) 2013, and times, opinions and the economy has changed, so you need to be ready. Put together a simple media kit (read the NMX article “38 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Media Kits” by Allison Boyer to find out how to create one. Be sure and know your audience – not just the stats and numbers, but who they are, what they want, and what may appeal to them.
  2. Be Careful – Speaking of your audience, don’t take money from anyone that is willing to throw it at you. Be prepared to say “No.” Why? Because anyone who sponsors you must be one that is organic and relevant. Your audience TRUSTS you. That is paramount, and if it’s lost, it’s often lost forever. Be sure who you partner with brings value to your listener/reader/viewer. They believe in what you say and who you endorse, and remember that anyone that advertises with you is ultimately a reflection on you. If something goes bad, your audience will turn to you.
  3. Be Creative – Podcasting and blogging is not enough. You need to be everywhere. Always. It’s work. REAL work. But but doing more in multiple mediums, including videos, livestreaming, events, newsletters, etc., you are creating more opportunities for your potential sponsors. More opportunities gives you more creativity to share and spread the sponsor’s messages, and thus ultimately more income.
  4. Be Convincing – Podcast advertising just works. Plain and simple. But you may need to convince a potential sponsor and back it up with real data. How? Don’t worry – some of the heavy lifting has been done for you already. You’ll need to gather your own listener statistics (your hosting provider, such as Blubrry.com or Libsyn.com, can provide this for you). Overall, though, podcast advertising is very effective. For example, according to Edison Research in a study conducted in 2009: 80% of surveyed podcast consumers surveyed agreed that they “prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on or sponsor” the podcasts they regularly enjoy. Ninety-percent of respondents had taken some kind of action as a result of podcast advertising or sponsorship, and over 40% reported purchasing behaviors, which indicates that they are receptive to the right message, in the right context,” according to Edison Research Vice President Tom Webster. Survey Methodology: Respondents in this online survey were recruited using audio/video messages embedded in podcasts from some of the leading aggregators of downloadable media, including NPR, Wizzard, RawVoice and Revison3, during the 4th quarter of 2009. Source: The 2012 State of Podcasting Report.
  5. Be Confident– But remember that you must convince them to buy into YOU. So you need to be prepared to show them what your value is to their brand, why your endorsement to your loyal, very targeted audience is so valuable, and why you being an influencer to that audience helps determine your rate.
    • Determining what to charge is often the most difficult question of all. And because most of us are coming from a background where we’re not salesmen (unless you really were a salesman), determining and standing by what you value your sponsorship opportunities to be worth can be extremely challenging. So, where so you start? I suggest looking at the sponsorship opportunities you’ve established and looking at what you can deliver in terms of not only traffic, but conversions. Your sponsor is not just looking to potentially build their brand, but sell a product or service. Some ways to help determine your value and sponsorship costs:
      • Get comps – Look at other sites and shows and see what their rates are and for what they are offering. How do you compare in terms of traffic, reach and audience loyalty? Now look to other mediums in your niche, especially ones that a potential sponsor may already be advertising in. Research the costs of magazine ads, TV and radio spots, and even billboards. Find out where else the sponsor is already spending their money. And be confident in being able to convince the sponsor that what you can deliver is not only much more targeted and valuable, but trackable, changeable, unique and proven.
      • Be confident in who YOU are – Keep in mind that when you have built a loyal audience of listeners, viewers, or readers (hopefully all three), that the trust your audience has placed in you carries a huge value. A brand may broadcast a message about why their restaurant is great, but when your audience hears a review and endorsement from you, it carries a much different and powerful weight to it.
  6. Be Patient– Being patient means not just being patient in terms of waiting to attract, find and sign a sponsor, but with the sponsor themselves. For many brands, advertising in online media is a new venture for them, and very much outside their comfort zone. You will undoubtedly have to teach (and convince) them about the mediums, their opportunities and benefits, and why THEY need to be patient as well. Why? Because often times, advertising is a marathon and not a sprint, and they may not see their returns on the first day, or even for the first few weeks or months. So be patient while waiting for them, then while working with them, and why they may need to be patient but confident as well.
  7. Be Amazing– When you do come to an agreement with a sponsor, you need to set reasonable expectations on both ends. You need to outline what you can provide, and what the sponsor expects in return. Then do more. My belief is simple – Underpromise and Overdeliver. WOW your sponsor and they will remain a loyal partner.The most important part of finding and working with sponsors is to continue to be true to yourself, your mission and your audience. Keep them in mind first and always, as you begin to move your content creation and monetization in a new direction. Be prepared for many learning opportunities along the way, as well as some disappointments. But also be ready to invest a great deal of time and effort, and for the benefits that sponsorship can bring you and your audience. For more help, check out some previous NMX posts and articles:

Working with Sponsors for your Podcast [Video Series] 

Introducing Our Brand New Free Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Blog and Podcast Sponsorship

3 Ways to Monetize a Podcast

The Number One Mistake You’re Making if You Want Sponsors

What are YOUR biggest challenges in finding and/or working with sponsors? Please leave your comments below, and I look forward to meeting you at New Media Expo in January!

Editor’s Note: If you want to learn more from Lou about getting sponsors, check out his session “7 Ways to Find, Sign and Profit from Sponsors for your Brand” at NMX in Las Vegas.

020 The Podcast Report – Leslie Samuel


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report with my co-host, Megan Enloe.

Leslie Samuel’s Online Content Paves Way For Dream Job!

In this episode of The Podcast Report, Megan and I talk with Leslie Samuel from LearningWithLeslie.com and Interactive-Biology.com. Leslie’s story is full of so much valuable insight and inspiration.

Leslie is going to be doing a session titled “How To Podcast Like A Pro And Never Edit – Say Goodbye To Post Production.” His session will be on Tuesday, January 8th, at 10:30am. I highly encourage you to find Leslie in the conference halls to ask him for more insights about how he’s generating income from his online efforts.

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Anne-Sophie Reinhardt talks about Global Podcast Audiences


You may record your podcast in your own little corner of the world, but your audience can be anywhere. Your podcast can have fans in any country and it’s important to keep in mind the global audience that you may attract.

In this exclusive NMX video interview, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt (past NMX speaker) of A Mind Media talks about dealing with time zones, cultural differences, language choices, and building community.

Want to learn more about podcasting? Check out the podcasting track at NMX in Las Vegas! There’s still time to register.

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