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How People Are Traveling This Holiday Season, Winter Travel Infographic


Are you packing up for your Holiday travels? Or maybe you are already on the road, at the airport or waiting at the train station. Twitter is on fire with Holiday travel tweets, from complaints about plane delays (what’s new?) to how people are booking their flights and hotels.

The people at Mashwork were curious about how people are traveling, how they are booking their travel, where they are staying and just Holiday travel in general. They put together this handy Winter Travel Infographic after analyzing over 20,000 travel tweets.

The top states tweeting about travel are New York, California, Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania. Priceline is the top way people are booking their hotels, with Orbitz topping the list of airplane travel booking. The top train company being tweeted about is Amtrak with Delta snagging the top spot for airlines.

Are you traveling this Holiday season? If so, safe travels from the BlogWorld team!


  • ianonline

    If we assume the world revolves around the UK, then British Airways and National Express would be in there, but it is instead wrongly assumed that the world revolves around America ignoring the fact there are over 475m user of the internet in Europe alone, that’s over 150m more people than the entire United States population, and the U.S. does not have the most English speakers either – China does. I imagine most readers of this site are in America, I wonder why that is having read this and similar infographics every day on various sites all – of them American and all assuming only America matters.

  • ianonline

    Sorry… it’s just a pet hate of mine, really annoys me!

    • blogworld


      You raise a very interesting point, but why does this bother you so much? I get to travel quite a bit for work and I watch the news and read web sites in foreign countries when I am abroad.

      There content is primarily based around their local area as well. This is not unique to content creators based in the USA.

      We certainly do cover international events, and news here on our site, but for the moment our two physical events are based in the USA so that is our primary audience. I am going to look into this and see just how much international news we cover. You have me thinking.

      • ianonline

        @blogworld It only really bothers me when the content is consistently all about one specific country but where the readership is global. Unfortunately I find infographic posts (without looking) on a specific country every week, and it’s almost always the same country as though the world beyond that one country does not exist.

        Wouldn’t it be better to write about other countries and other cultures too so we can find out more about them? It’s ok if you don’t visit another country, you can outsource the work to someone local.

        • blogworld

          @ianonline I take it you live here in the US yes? If you have a global audience it completely makes sense that your content is global. Kinda like CNN international. But if your audience is overwhelmingly from a specific local it makes sense to me your content reflects that.

        • ianonline

          @blogworld No I am in the UK, but I take an interest in how other countries are doing on things like internet users per capita relative to how my country is doing, so infographics like the one above but for other countries too would make for an interesting comparison, but it always is only ever about the U.S. To build more of an international following, I think it makes sense to publish content relevant to those in specific countries, it need only be five other countries per year as the data doesn’t change that fast.

          A great place to get the data for these infographics is the one and literally only website I’ve found to provide such content and that is http://www.internetworldstats.com/

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