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10 Top List Ideas For Blogging The End Of The Year


It happens every year, we feel the need to sum up the year. I find that it makes blogging easier during the holiday season which is why I like to do it. It is also interesting to look back at past years and see how much has changed.

Here are 10 ideas for a top 10 list on your blog.

  1. Top 10 Posts With The Most Comments – Look at the posts with the most comments. Were they controversial topics?
  2. 10 Posts With The Least Comments – Maybe you can update these posts and they might make it to your most commented posts next year.
  3. 10 Posts You Wish You had Written – Sometimes I read a post and I think, “Gee I wish I had written that post.” Make a list of those posts.
  4. 10 Posts With the Most Retweets – Looking at these posts each year might give you a good idea of the type of posts your readers want to hear more about. It also may be the 10 posts on your blog with the best headlines that year.
  5. 10 Ideas You Had, But Never Did Anything About – We all have ideas that we never get around to doing. Write down all your ideas and then make a list of 10 that you didn’t get around to yet. Writing them down may help you turn those ideas into reality.
  6. 10 Posts That Are In Draft Mode – I currently have 121 posts in draft mode. I would be interested to see what others have in draft mode. Maybe swap lists with someone and complete each other’s posts.
  7. 10 Silly Keywords Searched To Find Your Blog – Some of the keywords that people use to find my blog make no sense. Those would make a fun list.
  8. 10 Pictures That Didn’t Make Your Blog – I have taken thousands of pictures when I’m working on a post and some of them are horrible. Show me your worst pictures so I won’t feel so bad about mine.
  9. 10 Reasons Why You Blog – As my blog grows, my reasons for blogging change. Why do you blog?
  10. 10 More Ideas for Top 10 Posts – I’m sure you can come up with another 10 ideas to add to mine. Link to it in the comments. I’m always looking for more ideas to add to my drafts.

Happy new year!


  • allison_boyer

    I love the silly keyword idea! I often look at my keyword analysis and not only think, “how did that bring people to my blog?” but also, “WHY WOULD ANYONE SEARCH FOR THAT???” :-p

  • thecatholiccoup

    I love this! I don’t feel so bad for having 20 posts in Draft Mode!

  • JoHarris0n

    I think this will be more relevant for me next year as I’ve only been going a few months… good post though, I’ll try and remember it for next Christmas! 🙂

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