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2012: The Year of BlogWorld Community


As we close out 2011 and plan ahead for 2012, the most important conversation we’re having is about the BlogWorld community.  Without getting too sappy about it, we know we’d be nothing without our attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and the folks who engage with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ and the BlogWorld blog.  All of these different groups make up the BlogWorld community and without you there’d be no us. That’s why for 2012 you’ll see an even more community-focused BlogWorld.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in the upcoming year:

  • Community Member of the Week:  We’re calling out the most positive, productive members of our community each week to thank them for their support. Each Member of the Week will receive enternal glory and a BlogWorld Los Angeles ’11 T-shirt designed by Hugh MacLeod.
  • Community Member of the Month: One lucky commnunity member each month will receeive access to our Virtual Ticket from BlogWorld Los Angeles. Speaker interviews, over  one hundred educational sessions and the best conference learning around will be awarded to  one of our most active, positive and productive community member each month.
  • Community Member of the Year: In the fall, we’re going to choose one active community member to win a full access pass for BlogWorld Los Angeles ’12.
  • Headline of the Week: We’re going to scan the niches to roundup each week’s blog, podcast, and video headlines to bring them to you here.  The members of our community are doing some incredible things online and we’re going to highlight the best of each niche each week on the blog. Feel free to contact me at the address listed below for more details as to how to submit your content for headline of the week.
  • Comment of the week: Each week, we’re going to highlight the best comments on the BlogWorld blog, with a link back to each chosen commenter.
  • Revamped community efforts: Look for more focused and ramped up community efforts in 2012. We’re going to be rejeuvenating all  our channels in 2012 and we hope you’ll be a part of it all.
  • Networking events: The best communities flourish offline as well. Look for more community networking events at BlogWorld and other conferences.
  • More community focused #BWEChats: Instead of all guests all the time, we’re going to mix up our #BWEChats so there’s more community participation. In addition to special guests, we will also have weeks where you, the BlogWorld community, are our guests in a more “town hall” type format.


What does it mean to be a postive, productive member of the BlogWorld community?

It simply means you participate in our discussion across the channels.  If you’re a familiar face at our blog discussions, Twitter, #BWEChat, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and you’re contributing positively  to the conversation,  we’ll keep you in mind for eternal glory. We don’t mean every waking spare moment should be spent hanging out with us, but if you’re a regular, we’d like to give you a shout out.

Stay tuned to this blog for a look at all the places to connect with us online, so we can help our community connect with you online.

For more information about any of our community efforts or how you or your brand can work with us on a community campaign, please contact  Community Director Deb Ng at deb@blogworldexpo.com



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    Great plans! Looking forward to it all. Thanks!

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