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YouTube Debuts Their New Look


There’s no more need to try and get the new YouTube look by inserting code and all that jazz because it’s officially here for all to see.

YouTube announced and debuted their new look yesterday. The announcement was made via the Google blog with the title “Get more into what you love on YouTube with our new look”.

The new look consists of a new home page, channel design and more. YouTube listed three ways these updates will improve your life on YouTube:

  1. A new homepage
  2. Simpler, customizable Channels
  3. A new overall design

The look is definitely very clean and of course integrates Google+ into the mix. Google’s goal with the new redesign is to help “you discover a broader range of entertainment on YouTube”.

Google has created both a video (see below) and an instruction manual to walk you through the new YouTube. So, take a look around and tell us what you think of their new design.


  • fergusonsarah

    I really find the new look “cute”.. I like it, their trying to make it look like a social network now.

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