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New Test Shows Amazon’s Browser Silk is Slow


I’m not sure if this test really shows anything we didn’t already suspect, but nevertheless, a new test shows that Amazon’s browser “Silk” is slower than the iPad’s browser “Safari”. The new Kindle Fire runs off the Silk browser and some are saying it’s slower loading than they had hoped or expected.

Google employee and Web performance expert Steve Souders decided to do a little test on Silk to see how its performance stood up to Safari. He used a tool he built called Loadtimer, which measures page load times. His results? Silk is slow.

You can see all of his detailed data on load times for Silk, iPad and Galaxy here.

The test might have shown that Silk is slow, but it also shows Silk is faster when acceleration is turned off on the Kindle Fire. He does have this to say about Silk, which is a positive: “The browser is sound. It holds its own compared to other tablet browsers. Once the acceleration gets sorted out I expect it’ll do even better.”

For those of you who have a Kindle Fire, what have your experiences been with the Silk browser?

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  • LauLau81

    I think I should try this loadtimer tools… Maybe this is a great way to know the timing of loading pages. Thanks for the info.

  • fergusonsarah

    It’s really nice to read such an informative post here, now I have a new tool to try.

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