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How to be a Great Video Producer

3 Tips to Get Started with Web Video
By Amani Channel

Do you want to create a video for your website or blog, but don’t know exactly how or where to start?  Video production can be a fun experience when things go right.  When things go wrong, it can be simply miserable.

The best way to make sure a video comes out exactly how you want is by hiring a producer.  A producer’s job is to carry out your vision, and s/he will manage every step along the way.

There are all sorts of situations that can affect a production: bad weather conditions, cable shorting out, operator error, unforeseen issues, but a great producer will work through whatever is thrown their way and get it done

With video production tools becoming more affordable by the day, you may be interested in creating a video for yourself, a friend or business associate.  If you’re just getting started, there are numerous pitfalls that could prevent you from reaching the finish line with a smile. But if you follow there three tips, you’ll be starting out on the right path.

1.  Master the three steps of video production. Pre-production is where you will plan, draft the script, find your talent, and find locations.  Production is the actual shoot.  It’s where the “Lights, camera, and action,” happens.  Post-production is where your editor will take all of the elements including: video, graphics, narration, photos, and make some video magic.  If you’re able to learn and complete each step exceptionally, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

2. Learn how to shoot and edit. Even professionals are having to wear many hats these days.  If you have a limited, or no, budget, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to do yourself if you start learning the basics.  When you’re shooting, practice your framing, hold the camera still, and watch your audio and lighting.  As far as editing goes, learn how to use non linear editing software.  There are free programs for the Mac and PC to get started.  They key is practice, get critiques, and keep at it.

3.  Be a strong leader. As a producer, you’ll have to make decisions during a project that will affect the end product. You’ll need to come up with solutions to problems, make logistical and editing decisions.  It always helps to have a team to work with, but at the end of the day, the producer is responsible for everything, and regardless of what happens, the show must go on.

It will be a learning process.  Stand by your decisions, learn from your mistakes, and make an effort to get better.  Your goal should be to have fun (though it is work), and it should get more enjoyable each time you give it a shot.

Amani Channel, MA is an award-winning producer, and a former broadcast journalist who now works in broadcast PR.  You can learn more, at his video production tutorial site, Web Video Chefs. Follow @AmaniChannel


  • peggyduncan

    Thanks, Amani. What you describe in this article is so key, and I’m thankful that I found you and followed your advice.

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