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Facebook Game “WeTopia” Links Fun and Philanthropy


What if you could play a Facebook game for fun and do good at the same time? I know. It sounds too good to be true.

Sojo Studios announced the preview launch of WeTopia, a community-building game where players can develop a better world for children on both Facebook and in real life.

Ellen DeGeneres and The Ellen DeGeneres Show are the first partners for the game. If you watch Ellen, you know how much she is personally involved in Social Good, so this partnership just makes sense.

“I am so proud to be involved with WeTopia,” said DeGeneres.  “You know when you hear about an idea and you instantly fall in love with it?  That’s how I felt when I heard about WeTopia spreading joy to people around the world.  It’s kinda the same way I felt about Pajama Jeans, only more so.”

Here’s more information about WeTopia from their official announcement:

As players build and grow their WeTopia villages and help their neighbors, they earn currency called “Joy” which they can apply toward real-world projects: whether food, healthcare, education or other programs assisting children, both in the U.S. and other nations.  Players can choose specific beneficiaries to receive their Joy and track their contributions through pictures, videos and in-game messages.  WeTopia is free to play – players can also buy Facebook credits to spend in-game – but everyone can have a real-world impact simply by earning and spending Joy through game play.

Money on the game will be made through advertising, with 50% of the net profits going to charity.

Here’s a video introduction to WeTopia.

What are your thoughts on combining social good with Facebook gaming?


  • fergusonsarah

    I never heard about this games on Facebook, after I finish my work I’ll try this out.

  • paul779

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  • Brian Johnson

    i think this is such a great idea. I mean, there are many Facebook users that are active using their Facebook accounts up until now. thanks to Facebook games. So if we can keep doing thing that we already love, while at the same time, do good deeds to other people, then i believe this kind of programmed should be implemented on any other platform, like console, tablet gaming or smartphone gaming maybe.

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