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BlogWorld NY 2012 Call for Speakers Announced


As announced during our regular #BWEChat last Wednesday night,  BlogWorld New York 2012 is taking place at the Jacob Javits Center during  BookExpo NY, from June 5th through 7th, 2012.

Long before we made our announcement regarding BWENY, folks were asking about our call for speakers for this event and when it would happen.

It’s happening.

We’re pleased to open our call for speakers today. Last year, we received great feedbback regarding our inaugural NYC event due, in large part, to our educational content. We don’t expect anything less this year. And that’s where you come in. Though we do invite many speakers to participate at BlogWorld, we also like to choose submitted proposals. We especially love highlighting new and up and coming speakers, so don’t think you’re too “new” to speak at BWENY.

Now, before submitting your proposal we’d like for you to keep a few things in mind:

  • Brevity is a virtue. We know you have a lot to say about yourself, but when your bio is the size of a telephone book and your proposal is longer than a George R.R. Martin novel it gets a bit cumbersome to read.  Though we set character limits this time around, I hope you’ll be mindful of our desire to keep things brief and, well, keep things brief. Give us the most important points while leaving out the fluffy stuff. If we feel we need more information we’ll ask.
  • Our call for speakers ends January 9, 2012.  In order to give us time to go over proposals and make some decisions, please give us until at least February 28th before asking for status checks.
  • If you are a P.R. person, publicist, manager or any other type of speaker representative please don’t submit proposals in your name. Proposals must be submitted with the speaker’s name and contact details or they’ll receive an automatic rejection.
  • Also note, sales and product pitches are not allowed in our sessions. If you are interested in talking about a new product release, or educating attendees on how your product or service works please contact patti@blogworldexpo.com to talk about an exhibit space or sponsorship.
  • Please reserve the days between June 5-7, 2012 on your calendars. We understand and appreciate how many of you have limited time, but with so many speakers, it is not always easy to accommodate each individual speaker’s changing availability Please don’t set up appointments and meetings  for your time at BlogWorld until your presentation time is set in stone, since all speaking dates are final.
  • Panels won’t be considered if they consist of more than three panelists + one moderator. There are absolutely no exceptions.  Also,  please make sure all panelists know you’re submitting their name as panelists and they’re available to speak at BWENY. Nothing makes us crankier than to learn we accepted a panel and some of the panelists not only have no clue they’re speaking, but have no intention of speaking. Confirm, confirm, confirm. Lastly if you are submitting a panel every one of your panelists must agree to the terms of our speaker agreement before your panel will be considered.

Here are the tracks we’re hoping to fill in New York:

  • Content Creation
  • Food
  • Monetization
  • Community
  • Social Media
  • Media
  • Publishing
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Platforms and Apps
  • Business of Blogging
  • Traffic and Distribution
  • Mobile
  • Podcasting
  • Web TV
  • YouTube
  • Content Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Internet Radio (Not podcasting)
  • Travel

Now go forth and dazzle us. Please be mindful of your pitch. Make sure your proposal has a title, brief description and lists three brief takeways.  Please don’t ask us to create your speaking proposal for you or say, “whatever you want me to talk about is fine by me.”  Bonus points for originality and creativity.

Questions? Find me on Twitter @blogworldexpo or @debng, or via our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages or community forum, and don’t forget the comments here at the blog.. My email is deb@blogworldexpo.com, but please keep in mind I’m inundated on a daily basis and you may not receive an immediate response.

Well…what are you waiting for? This post is over. Go write up your proposal.


  • JTDabbagian

    Are there any specific guidelines for writing out the proposal?

  • debng

    Hi James,

    We offer some tips here and the proposal form is self explanatory. Let me know if you need assistance in a particular area and I’ll be happy to help.

  • Scott Fox

    Yes! Looking forward to this.

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