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Shuffler.fm Launches an iPad App


Shuffler.fm, the audio magazine made up of music blogs, has launched an app for the iPad. The site received quite a bit of buzz this summer. For those of you not familiar with the site, it basically turns music blogs into streaming music. It plays a continuous stream of songs directly from the blogs.

Shuffler.fm iPad screenshot

Music blogs are an incredibly popular way for music lovers to discover new music. Shuffler.fm calls their iPad app a “flipboard for music”.

Shuffler.fm made the announcement today via their blog:

Shuffler.fm was made for tablets and today it’s finally here on the iPad. It’s the world’s first real audio magazine, one which compiles itself and changes by the hour, giving you the latest, hottest, newest music from around the globe. Sit back, relax, listen, and read.

Shuffler.fm is a free download from the App Store. Find out more about the app on their site.


  • Dragon Blogger

    Very, interesting. It is like a StumbleUpon for music blogs, I will have to test it out on my iPad later.

  • Brian Johnson

    This app would be useful for people who used to love listening to radio but don’t have time to do that anymore, even though they can listen to radio with their smartphones or tablets. But i’m just wondering, is this app only works when we visit music blogs or we can start listening to music from this app whenever we visit some non-music blogs? I mean, if we love soccer maybe, and then we visit FIFA or other soccer websites, i think it would be cool if this app could find some official soundtracks for the next world cup.

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