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One More Day of BWELA 2011: How to Rock It


Today, thousands of bloggers, brand ambassadors, social media professionals, internet marketers, and all-around good people will come together one last time in (this year at least) for a finally day of networking and learning. BlogWorld LA 2011 is winding down, though I hate to use that phrase. It’s actually winding up; although we’ll all soon be boarding planes and jumping into cars to go back to our separate lives, we’re leaving with more ideas – and friends – than ever. It’s a good feeling, right?

So on this, the last day of BlogWorld (until next year at least), how can you totally rock it?

  • Take pictures.

You never get home and think “Woah, I took way too many pictures.” You can always delete the ones you don’t want! Several times, however, I’ve come home from events wishing that I would have remembered to pull out my camera. You’ve probably seen some awesome professional photographers roaming the event, but don’t rely on them to capture the images that mean the most to you. Snap pictures with the new friends you meet, the speakers you adore, the expo floor…anything and everything. You won’t regret having those pictures as memories.

  • Attend sessions.

At BlogWorld, it is easy to get distracted in the halls and never make it to sessions. Networking is uber important, but try to sit in on some sessions today too. They’ve been pretty freaking amazing so far, and today’s are going to be great too. Even if you think you don’t need more education, I guarantee that you will walk away with new tips and tricks. Heck, I even saw Darren Rowse and John Chow attending sessions this weekend. If popular a-list bloggers can get value from our sessions, so can you.

  • Blog.

We get so busy with education and parties and awesomeness that most of us don’t actually blog while at BlogWorld. Don’t forget about your readers back home, though. I’m living proof that you can attend BlogWorld and keep your blog updated while there. You don’t have to write a 2000-word killer post. Just do a quick status update, report on one of the sessions you attended, post some pictures, etc. Or, at the very least, get some posts outlined as drafts so you can clean them and post them rather quickly when you get home.

  • Say hello to the BlogWorld staff.

We don’t bite; I promise! Everyone on the staff is super friendly and we roam the halls regularly. You can catch some of us in sessions (I intend to check out as many as possible tomorrow), and if all else fails, follow us on Twitter to find out where we are. We’ll all definitely be at the party afterward, so if you don’t see us during the day, hunt us down there!

  • Make plans with new friends and partners.

Saying “I’ll tweet you when I get home” or “we should definitely do a project together” is great, but it’s rare that people follow through. If you really want to make a lasting connection with people, make more solid plans before you leave. Set up a time to talk via Skype, come up with some tasks that you can both work on developing, or otherwise come up with a definite plan instead of just a wishy-washy “see you around the internets!”

BlogWorld may be coming to a close today, but there’s still time to enjoy the conference and the company. What are you doing today to totally rock it before you leave LA?


  • JudyHelfand

    Where are you?  I agree with all of your points, but I want the Blog World staff to where big signs!! I saw Deb running through the hall (wouldn’t have stopped her, she was on a mission), and I did talk to Rick. Even got a photo with Rick! But you and Lara …LOL. I will seriously look harder today.

    The photo suggestion is so important. I once had a serendipitous encounter with Jimmy Carter. I was all alone with him in the Alaska Airlines first class lounge in Anchorage, AK. I wasn’t really alone, the Secret Service and my two toddler sons were with The President and me..  President Carter invited me to sit with him and the children to have breakfast. We chatted for more than 20 minutes…and when the Secret Service told him his flight was ready we said good-bye.  Five minutes I looked at the stroller and realized the camera bag was in sight and reach the whole time! But I have no photo…

    Can you wear a big sign today?  I keep saying we need racing BIBS with our photos and Twitter handles.


    • Deb Ng

      Hi Judy – 

      I’m so sorry I missed you. I wish you did stop me – I would have loved to say hello. Hopefully I’ll find you today so we can chat for a bit.

      Enjoy your day!

    • Allison Boyer

      Judy! Don’t you dare leave LA before I get a hug! I have my hair in a pony tail today and am wearing black and gray. Perhaps I’ll see you at live Blogchat?

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