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October 2011

2 Minutes of Jay Baer: How Much Do You Open Your Kimono?


Session: How Much Do You Open Your Kimono? Does “Thought Leadership” Cannibalize Your Ability to Monetize What You Know?
Speaker: Jay Baer

At BlogWorld LA, Jay Baer will be presenting on his topic in a kimono and hopes to have free laser pointers for all who attend his session. Definitely a reason to go!

Jay says he loves BlogWorld. Pick any hour of any day and you’ll find a dozen sessions, all worth going to. “If you want to learn a lot about a lot in our space, there really is no better place to go.”

Hear what else he has to say:

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BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket Gets an Octane Boost & Makes Attendance Possible For All!


BlogWorld is about to get a lot more accessible and a whole lot cooler.

You’ve heard of BlogWorld & New Media Expo, of course — the first and only industry-wide conference and tradeshow for all new media, now offering twice as much yearly fun as a bicoastal event that hits Los Angeles in November and New York in June.

And what does BlogWorld offer? Well, it boasts more than 250 presenters and keynotes who teach attendees the tips and secrets of the best in the blogging and new media biz. It offers learning tracks in content creation, monetization, and social media (to name a few), which show you how to get more traffic, improve your writing and podcasting, expand your presence, and turn your blog into a source of income. You meet like minds (and minds you aspire to be like) and you get to pick their brains. All great stuff.

But what if you can’t attend? What if you can’t quite find the time, can’t get a sitter for the kids, or (let’s face it… times are tough) simply can’t afford it right now?

Ah. That’s where the Virtual Ticket comes in.

Forget travel and hotel expenses. Forget sending the dogs to the kennel and the kids to grandma’s. Forget putting on your pants in the morning. Attending BlogWorld through the Virtual Ticket lets you go to sessions in your pajamas, for a tiny fraction of what live attendance would cost you.

And we know what you’re thinking — but this isn’t your father’s virtual event.

BlogWorld has partnered with popular big-personality blogger Johnny B. Truant to coordinate and host the Virtual Ticket starting with this year’s BlogWorld West conference, which empties Los Angeles stores of pointy party hats this November 3rd through 5th. In the past, the Virtual Ticket has been the “take-home version” of BlogWorld Live, but this year’s VT will be an event in and of itself — something that is bigger and better and brighter than the sum of its parts.

So yes, you’ll receive recorded access more than 100 sessions at BlogWorld, but you’ll also get exclusive interviews and access to behind-the-scenes shenanigans, plus other goodies we’re keeping secret and won’t announce just yet.

(Think of the Oscars, but remove the tuxedos, the awards, and the giant gold statue of the guy on stage, and you’ll be in the ballpark. Instead of seeing Russell Crowe reacting unimpressively to jokes, you might get Peter Shankman reacting to a surprise flash mob. Instead of Lady Gaga arriving in a giant egg, maybe Liz Strauss arrives in a giant egg. You get the idea.)

The awesomeifying of the Virtual Ticket means that apart from being a “BlogWorld Live substitute” for people unable to attend, the VT also becomes a must-have add-on for anyone who attends BWE in person.

Given that there are many sessions presented at the same time in the conference hall, attendees can never see all of the speakers and panels they’d like to see due to that disturbing inability to be in multiple places at once. But with the Virtual Ticket, you’ll be able to see sessions you missed once you return home, as well as revisit sessions that were particularly engaging. Essentially, a 100+ hour incredibly practical information library becomes yours for a very low cost.

The new and improved Virtual Ticket — featuring Johnny B. Truant as “Virtual MC” and his largely-behind-the-scenes mastermind, henchwoman and “Keg Girl” Jessica Commins — debuts this year for the BlogWorld West event being held this November 3rd through 5th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. You can find more information and can purchase tickets for the Virtual Ticket here.

Authors: Where Your Blog Lives


It’s a huge consideration!

Last time we discussed why aspiring authors need a blog in order to build a solid social platform  that will sell their books.

Today let’s take a closer look at how to create your very own blog.

There are 2 basic options: Hosted or Self-Hosted

Hosted Blogs:


  • Are easy to maintain
  • Are free
  • Are becoming easier to customize


  • Less design creativity
  • Less commenting control
  • No advertising allowed on WordPress.com
  • One influential, disgruntled reader could get you banned.

Self-Hosted Blogs:


  • Control: You own this virtual “real estate” and get to decide on the infinite variety of     plugins that suits you and change it as much as you like.
  • Money: Yes, you can make money via your blogging efforts if you self-host
  • Commenting: You get more control over this process and can customize it with any number of enticing, community building plugins that will spread the word about your site.
  • Ownership: You’re free to publish whatever photos, videos, and written content your heart desires without the risk of becoming banned because somebody got offended.


  • Are more trouble to maintain
  • Involve cost ($150 – $5000, on average)
  • All the choices can be overwhelming and incite analysis paralysis!

NOTE: There are many blogging platforms, but I’m going to stick with WordPress and Blogger for this series because it’s they’re easiest to use and most popular platforms worldwide.

This is the second in a series of posts targeted at helping aspiring authors to get published by building an awesome blog that will serve as the foundation for their social platform. Are you a writer or do you know one? Please share! This series will put writers on the fast track to getting published.

Are you an aspiring author or have you already published a book? Please share your best advice and experiences down below.

Public Launch of Facebook’s Timeline Has Been Delayed


The first date we heard, September 30th, for the public launch of the new Facebook Timeline has come and gone. Why the delay? Have you heard of Timelines.com?

You might have seen or read about the small Chicago-based company Timelines.com who have asked for a restraining order against the new Facebook Timeline, saying that it threatens their business.

The judge denied the order, but has asked Facebook to report how many users have signed on for the new Facebook Timeline under the developer access.

As of now it looks like that number may be around 1.1 million.

Representatives from Facebook and Timeline.com will meet again in front of a judge, which is delaying the public launch of the new Timeline until at least Tuesday, sources say.

Facebook has not issued a statement as of now.

Did you sign on  for the Facebook Timeline under the developer’s access? I know a lot of my FB friends did.

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