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Brian Gramo Gets Creative with Live Streaming


Session: Producers: Being Creative in Producing a Live Streaming
Speaker: Brian Gramo

Brian Gramo will be speaking at BlogWorld LA about being creative in producing live streaming productions, where he’ll share the wealth of information he’s accumulated over the past five years. While he started off in a small bedroom in Santa Monica, in the video below he walks you through his four thousand square-foot facility in Hollywood!

During his session, Brian will be talking about integrating multiple cameras and also how to interact with your fans while you’re live streaming. Whether you’re streaming from a professional facility or your apartment, he has a lot of advice to share.

Hear what else Brian has to say:

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  • Chumloadio

    Brian Gramo is awesome. But his financial partners don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They forced him to axe two of his most popular and network-defining shows. Booo! They’ve made TheStream just another corporate entity. When will the money people learn that they must trust the creative side of the business to make decisions.

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