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PostPost Helps You Find Relevant Information on Twitter


Have you ever been putting together a blog post and find yourself thinking “Who wrote that tweet about ……?”

Whether you follow a few hundred or a few hundred thousand people on Twitter, trying to find relevant information can be tough. I have definitely found myself wasting valuable time searching through my Twitter stream for that one tweet I remember seeing.

This is where PostPost, the new Twitter strip search tool, can come in handy. If you are searching for a certain tweet or just looking for some awesome content on a particular subject mater, PostPost can help.

With PostPost, you can search Twitter for photos, links, hashtags or trending topics you want to follow and stay up to date on.

The problem with Twitter’s search tool is when you type in, let’s say “blogging”, you’ll find hundreds of different tweets from all over Twitterville. With PostPost, it only searches those you follow.

To stay up to date with PostPost news, follow them on Twitter and of course, try it our for yourself here. It’s a one-time super easy process to get started.

Can you think of ways you might find PostPost useful?

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