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New Twitter Data Shows Where You Put Your Link in Your Tweet Matters


If you’ve done any kind of research when it comes to those all-important tweets on your Twitter stream, you know that when you tweet and how you word your tweet matters. But did you know that according to some new data, where you put your link within your tweet might make a difference as well?

I’ve always put my link at the end of my tweet, how about you? I’ve never actually thought about where to put it or noticed if I am more likely to click on a link in a tweet, if it’s placed in a certain spot.

Dan Zarrella, the social media scientist at HubSpot made some discoveries on Twitter link placement. After having been asked many times where the best spot to place a link within a tweet was (beginning, middle, end?), he decided to take a look at the data.

You can read all of the nuts and bolts of how he gathered this data on his post here, but his findings revealed the best place to put a link within your tweet is about 25% of the way through the tweet. Interesting.

I think I just might put this into practice today, beginning with this post. How about you?



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