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Maria Bailey Talks Podcasting for Parent Bloggers


Session: Podcasting for Parent Bloggers
Speaker: Maria Bailey

As I put the finishing touches on my BlogWorld presentation, I’m excited to offer valuable insight and takeaways, along with my co-speaker, Tamara Walker. As two talk show hosts can tell you, podcasts offer a largely untapped opportunity for companies and brands. From my perspective in marketing to moms, I can tell you that they are listening!

Recently, my firm conducted a survey to gauge how technology and social media are changing the way parents search and receive information. This research, with a few highlights below, shows that Moms (Dads and caregivers, too) are looking to podcasts for content that is relevant to their lives.

Consider these numbers: 93% of Moms spend 1 to 5 hours listening to podcasts, with most women listening live or via online streaming. Podcast consumers are more involved in social networking, which can provide resources and ideas for integrated programs.

Make a point to implement podcasting as part of your outreach, and visit us at BlogWorld to learn how to make the most of your efforts.

Hear what else Maria has to say:

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