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Marketers Need to Have a Social Media Plan


Because social media is new, hip, and fun, it’s easy for marketers to get excited about it. However, when it comes to measuring social media results, the excitement isn’t so apparent. Why is it that measuring social media activities has such a bad taste associated to it?

According to Dave Fleet, the Vice President of Digital at Edelman in Toronto, marketers often make it harder than it is. In a recent interview with WebProNews, he explained that marketers need to have a social media plan in place that includes business objectives before they start a social media campaign. From this point, they should find tactics that are measureable against the objectives.

“If you set business objectives properly and the way that a lot of marketers have become accustomed to over the years, [then] it’s not that difficult to tie social media activity back to the business objective,” said Fleet.

“That’s the piece that’s really missing from a lot of the campaigns nowadays,” he added.

Dave Fleet will be speaking about this and other related topics at BlogWorld LA November 3-5. Don’t miss it!

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